College Graduates & Credit Building

Learn why “College Graduates” should “Build their Credit ” in as effective a manner as possible…


With the high school and college graduation season kicking into full bloom the creator of thought that a helpful page to get students who are transitioning from the educational world to the working world a real opportunity to attain success in the management of their credit and finances—was a timely topic to focus on.


In this discussion will present helpful tips and actions that those who are—or will soon be entering into the employment community can do to manage their credit and finances more effectively.


Set Up a Financial Management System


As a new entry into the workplace you must have a financial management system starting with setting up your own checking and savings account if you have not done so already.  You must not overdraw your account by writing checks or spending in a random fashion without knowing your account balances.


You must establish an emergency fund early in your life stage so that you can put yourself in position to manage your credit and finances optimally throughout your lifetime.


You must also get a credit file started  (or continue to improve your current file) if you  anticipate the need to effectively utilize credit now or  in your future.  Establish several credit cards in your own name and/or get added to a card or two on your parents credit card account(s) and within six months or so you will begin generating a credit file.


An auto loan could also help start the process of building your credit file.  Hopefully you graduated without student loan debt, however if you were unable to avoid that debt—that too could help you generate a credit file and help you establish or manage your credit more effectively.


Be sure to use your credit cards responsibly and pay off the balance in a timely manner…


You don’t want to over extend on your credit card usage or have too many credit cards.   The right number depends on your future goals, your current cash flow position and how effectively you manage your credit—and overall finances!


You must have a system (and personality) that allows you to pay off your debt (monthly bills) in a timely and consistent manner.


Whether you set up bill pay or you decide to pay by written checks (or if you do a combination like does) you must know your monthly and annual inflow and outflow of cash.  By knowing this information you can quickly determine if you need to cut expenses, get more income—or do a combination of the two.  In addition, you want to get into a habit of “periodically obtaining a copy of your credit file” to verify the accuracy and see where and if you can make improvements.


How to Order a Credit Report


You may order your credit reports at no cost once per year from the three major credit reporting agencies by going to


In order to see your entire credit history,  you should review the records from “each” of the major credit bureaus or agencies:


Transunion—West and Midwest focus originally but nationwide now

Equifax—South and Eastern focus originally but nationwide now

Experian—Western and Southwestern focus originally but nationwide now


If you live in Los Angeles, Transunion and/or Experian may have a more complete file on you while Equifax  may be missing several accounts that you may have.   If you live in Atlanta, Equifax may have a more complete file on you while Transunion and Experian may be missing several accounts that you may have.


In some cases all three credit agencies may have the same number and type of creditor(s) on file…


However, the only way for you to know “with certainty” is to pull your own file from “each” of the credit agencies!


Don’t do like many who currently manage their credit do–fail to have a consistent plan of action–and more importantly “fail to implement” a consistent plan of action when they do have an effective plan at their disposal.  You want to start off your credit building and life–by displaying the best qualities possible as you pursue your goals.


By reviewing your records from “each” of the major credit bureaus or agencies you get a better CAMERA shot of your overall credit profile.


Get the picture…


Again you can go to to get your file from all three credit agencies.  You can go to to obtain your actual credit score for a stated fee.


Always remember that you are also entitled to a free copy of your credit report within 60 days after being turned down for credit, employment, or insurance because of information supplied by TransUnion, Equifax or Experian.


What to Look for in Your Credit Report


You want to verify that your personal and credit information is correct! 


If errors are discovered you want to immediately report them in writing or do an online dispute to the agency in which you see the error(s).  After that follow up to ensure that the requested action was done by the credit agency  or agencies that you found the errors on.




You want to “enter the workplace” with the knowledge of what you need to do to manage your credit and finances in a proactive manner.  By focusing in at the earliest point in your “life stage” you can get a real jump on effectively managing your credit and finances in a manner that serves your best interest.


You will be in better position for your home purchase, your gym membership, the auto purchase of your dream, the vacation(s) of your dream(s), buying the latest technology products, saving for retirement, weekly entertainment and pursuing and achieving many other goals that will come along as you move along in life.


It is the desire of that you will take a serious look at your future at this time and decide to use a more intelligent, consistent and proactive approach as you journey towards your destiny or purpose for being while here on planet earth.


Congratulations on your graduate success…

Now is the time that you give it your best–since you have just passed your final test…


Use what you have learned in this discussion to forge a great future ahead…

By graduating this year knows that you are well read…


Go out into the world and change it for the better…

You now possess the tools that are necessary for doing so in any kind of weather…


All the best to your credit building and life success…


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Credit Management & Wealth Building

Learn why now is the time to take a fresh new look at your “credit management” from a different CAMERA lens…


Did you know that Credit Management is a vital step when it comes to Wealth Building?


Did you also know that effective credit management is a major part of reaching your overall financial and wealth building goals?


In this discussion will present what is significant as you embark on managing your credit and show you proven ways that you could possibly manage your credit better in the current economy.


A change in your attitude or a change in your money management personality can lead to a change in your financial behavior and take you toward your goals in a more effective and efficient manner.


You must expect success  and you must take the necessary action to attain that success whether it be managing your credit—or finances!


You can ENHANCE your future credit outcomes by seeing your future goals with more clarity and by “taking a picture” of your future with the right CAMERA lens.




You must realize that you have control over your daily habits and you can change them for the better if you make a serious commitment to do so.  You control the amount of borrowing that you do, the number of creditors that you decide to engage with and many other factors related to your credit management.


You must leave excuses behind and start where you now are.  If you are new to credit you can learn how to do it right.  If you are not new to credit but would like more empowering tools to help you manage your credit more wisely—you too are on the right page.


Determine where you now are—credit wise—TODAY!  Put yourself in control—as that is the best WAY!




Your wise management of your credit and  debt management activity is critical for your future success.  It is critical that you effectively utilize personal financial statements so that you can gain the added clarity and realistic expectations that are needed to take you where you desire to go.  It is “you” who must take action if you desire to manage your credit effectively throughout your lifetime.


You must activate debt management strategies that are proven and will get you the results that you desire.




You must effectively monitor your debt payoff and debt pay-down efforts and make improvements and adjustments when necessary.  Whether you meet with a financial advisor or you manage your credit yourself you must have an effective and foolproof monitoring system that allows you to stay on track—or get back on track when your situation calls for that.


You may have to pull your credit report at designated intervals, use “credit resources” appropriately and challenge mistakes and errors on your credit reports and have them corrected—depending on where you now are.


Expect Success


You must have a thorough understanding of the Wealth Building Basics and you must have a positive mental attitude while you manage your credit and finances!


You must have the mental focus and clarity of vision so that you can achieve your goal(s) with precision.


By expecting success you open up your mind to more creative ways of reaching the success that you see—thereby increasing your odds of reaching “your destiny” or who you were truly meant to be.


Realistic Expectations


You must have a working knowledge of the 5 credit factors and know that a low score generally means you are irresponsible in your credit management while a high score generally means you have been responsible in your use of credit.


You must realize that once you get your first loan or credit card (or possibly added to another account as an authorized user) the clock starts as far as your credit management career goes.  After 6 months of activity your FICO score will be calculated—generally speaking.


By knowing and applying the “5 credit factors” you can control your outcomes (your FICO score) and get a “realistic picture” of how you will effectively manage your credit throughout your lifetime.




Your attitude or how you see your future (including your financial future) and how you see and interact with others (including how you interact with your finances) is critical for your future success.  It is important that you have the right mindset as you manage your credit as by doing so you create the right environment for credit success and life success.


Take a picture of “your attitude” at this time and put in concerted effort (work) to move toward a better picture angle (a better personality and attitude) that exudes success in all that you do!




Don’t be financially limited during your lifetime if you have a need or desire to utilize credit.


By looking at your future through “the right” CAMERA lens you can put yourself in position to manage your credit wisely throughout your lifetime and you can also put yourself in position to help others improve their credit as well.





Expect Success

Realistic Expectations



Doing all of the above as it relates to “your” CREDIT MANAGEMENT future will put you on a serious path to success in all areas of your finances throughout your lifetime.


Your retirement goals can be attained, your membership at your favorite fitness center can be achieved, your funding for your kids or grand-kids college tuition can be attained, your yearly vacation to the destination of “your” choice can be attained, that home purchase that you desire can be attained, however it all starts (or continues) with your effective management of your finances–including your credit management!


Effective credit management depends on you taking the time now to master the 5 credit factors so that you can achieve your goals throughout your lifetime.


You must optimally manage your monthly cash flow and make good choices by determining now whether you want to appropriately spend, appropriately save and appropriately manage (or consciously or sub-consciously inappropriately mismanage) your disposable and discretionary cash flow.


You can also take your credit knowledge as high as you want to by visiting “All About Credit” and really put yourself and your family in position for major success.  You can now choose how high—or low you want to take your credit knowledge—and your application of that knowledge!


Once you get your credit to where you desire that it be, effective management is rather easy as long as you pay on time and you keep your usage under 10%.  At that point you could look into reward cards and other perks that are offered by credit card issuers. 


A properly funded emergency fund will help ensure that you are in position “throughout your lifetime” to effectively keep your credit card debt at a minimal (or manageable) level.  In life, unexpected turns often occur when you are least prepared.  A properly funded emergency fund will put you in better position for success as you strive to give it your best!


This page and the links on this page will provide you with what you need to effectively manage your credit throughout your lifetime.


However, it is up to you to apply and take the necessary action on a consistent basis so that you can optimize your credit score and manage your credit in real time at a very high level.


All the best to your credit management success…


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Wealth Building Basics


Learn why the “TIME” is now to start Wealth Building in a more “Thought Provoking” manner…


Did you know that how you look at or see your future in large part determines if what you see will materialize in your future?  In this discussion will discuss how your mental focus and thought process is critical for your future Wealth Building success.


It is important that you act on your future goals that you want to see in your life and it all starts with a thought, imagining that “your” future goals that you create and want to see in real time will actually occur and having the “mental presence of mind and the right knowledge” that allows you to apply what you know consistently.


You must also realize that it will take major effort on your part to bring into existence a new and more rewarding future as you journey toward building wealth for yourself and your family!


Thoughts & Wealth Building


Your daily or recurring thoughts about what you desire to occur in your future is the starting point for you putting in place something big that can get you on a path to building wealth more efficiently.


You must think about your monthly income and expenses, think about whether you can save more effectively, think about whether you can manage your credit more effectively and think about whether you can manage all areas of your finances more effectively!


Your daily thoughts or dominant thoughts must be positive and uplifting—and by transferring your thoughts about your finances into a “written plan of action” you can activate your mind to achieve much more throughout your lifetime.


Imagination & Wealth Building


You must imagine a brighter future and you must see it happening!  It is imperative that you “dream big” and have every intention on reaching “your big dream.


You cannot limit yourself by letting the thoughts of others, the opinion of others or the actions of others deter you from the future outcomes that you desire.

You have all of the tools (or you will soon have the tools) that are needed for you to achieve at a higher level and you must dream big to activate those tools at this time—or once you acquire the necessary tools that are now at this time “not in” your toolbox—or are at this time lying dormant in your toolbox.


Imagine a brighter future, put in the work to make it happen and build your wealth to a level that allows you to do what you really like to do (your life purpose) during your lifetime—starting today!


Mental Working Knowledge & Wealth Building


In’s opinion nothing is as disheartening as when empowering advice is presented in an empowering format—yet the person receiving the information fails to act when it is in their best interest to act.


There are varying reasons why those who choose not to act—fail to act!


Having seen this occur all too frequently over a number of years the creator of had to come up with a way that visitors could actually process meaningful personal finance and wealth building advice, easily carry it within their mind and more importantly—provide them the ability to apply what they had learned in a manner and at a time that served their best interest—not the best interest of creditors or others who had no real concern about their future.


If you desire to achieve “much more” throughout your lifetime it is imperative that you gain the “mental working knowledge” that will allow you to operate at a higher level on a daily basis!


Effort & Wealth Building


It is important that you realize at this time that effort will be required of you if you are sincere in making your wealth building dreams come true.


Your daily thoughts, your big imagination and your knowledge and understanding of “mental working knowledge” serves no real purpose if you have decided deep within your heart and mind (either consciously or sub-consciously) that you are not willing to put in the required effort—regardless of the roadblocks or adversity that you are now facing—will face or have faced in your past.


You must leave excuses behind and look forward and understand fully that it will take increased effort on your part as you venture on your fresh start.




The T I M E is now for you to successfully change your habits for the better so that you and your family can achieve the dreams that you desire in any kind of weather (regardless of the season in your life).


You must plant seed (create powerful thoughts inside of your heart and mind), water (gain the preparation that is needed) and bear fruit (reach the powerful thoughts that you imagined inside of your heart and mind) in real time—by taking the necessary action on a consistent basis!


You must “intelligently look at your wealth building goals” on the front end (prior to making the wrong moves) so that you can proactively gain the knowledge that can make your wealth building efforts happen in a more stress-free environment.


It all begins with a “serious thought” within your mind that you can build wealth more effectively, your willingness to put in the required effort and your real belief within your mind that you will have the endurance to see it through!


It is critical that you dream big—and have every intention on reaching that big dream!


The environment “that you create within your mind” will determine if you are in a fertile or a desert environment. 


By planting in fertile soil at this time you are starting on a path to obtaining the “mental working knowledge” that is needed for major success and you are intelligently planning your future, thereby enhancing your likelihood of success throughout your lifetime when it comes to wealth building.


Effective WEALTH BUILDING is very important and your success depends on how you manage your monthly cash flow and how you choose to handle or manage your overall  finances (spend more, save less and not effectively manage the rest or spend less, save more and effectively manage the rest).


You may need to get more income, cut expenses or do a combination of the two—if you are truly dedicated to making your dreams come true!


In short, you must know how you handle your discretionary income on a monthly and annual basis and you must know if you have the discipline—or you are really willing to put in the effort that is required that will put you in position to effectively manage your credit and finances throughout your lifetime.


You must not underestimate the power of your thoughts on a daily basis, the importance of dreaming big, the importance of having the mental working knowledge and the importance of knowing the expended effort that is required to tie it all together so that you can achieve at your highest level on a consistent basis.


Although the task may look daunting at this time you can ease the process considerably if you make the decision to get started!


Once you get momentum rolling and you get into the habit of taking the right action at the right time Wealth Building will occur—in large part because you decided to look at (and act) on your finances in a more thought-provoking manner.


This page and the corresponding links in this discussion will provide you all that you need—and more, to effectively and efficiently manage your finances optimally from “this day” forward.


All the best to your wealth building success…



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Learn how mastering the 5 credit factors can lead to more success for you and your family…


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Estate Planning/Wills & Wealth Building



Estate Planning/Wills is often a difficult topic for most (including the creator of ) to confront.  However, we all have a “time stamp” on how long we will navigate this planet called earth.  Estate Planning is an effective tool for building and transferring wealth and you must know at least the basics of how utilizing effective estate planning can ease your burden while you enjoy life to the fullest.


Learn how you can master the “5 credit factors ” and achieve your dreams…


Unfortunately the creator of has a lot of experience in this area and in this discussion will try to share tips that could be helpful if you are now ready to confront this difficult area of Wealth Building.


As you put an estate plan together it is imperative that you have an insurance policy in place at the various points of your life stage.  By doing so you protect your family in a number of ways. Insurance is often the first and cheapest line of defense for doing just that.  It is also important that you realize that you must protect your family in the case of your early demise in other ways as well.  However, estate planning is an area of personal finance and wealth building that must not be overlooked!


It is also important that you manage your finances responsibly throughout your lifetime in all areas—comprehensively!


You must have a mental system that allows you to manage all areas of your credit and finances at all times!


You must have an effective understanding of how you can manage your estate more effectively and it is imperative that you gain that understanding and take action as soon as possible.


Speaking of life insurance—did you know that a trust can be the beneficiary of your life insurance policy if it is set up correctly and that could be an effective strategy for you—depending on your net worth and future goals?


Did you know that probate in many states average 12 to 18 months to complete?  If you or a loved one were to make your transition and you had a will (or even if you did not have a will in some states) that could be a grueling time for you or your loved ones due to the probate process and the grief that you would experience during that  same period!


Did you know that Probate using a will—will be made public—while a “living trust” will not?


If you were to transition “Intestate”—state laws rule.  If you transition while having a will—or you transition with no will—then probate could be in your or your loved ones future.


Benefits of a Trust


With a Trust—you can control distribution of your assets to your heirs or other causes that are dear to your heart.  For example, you could leave 1/3rd, 1/3rd to your 2 children and 1/3rd to your favorite charity—or you could do a 50—50 split to each child.  You can leave what you desire to the church(s) that you choose, the college(s) that you choose or the charity(s) that you choose in a more appropriate and definitive manner in most cases!  The limitations are only limited by your (and/or your attorneys imagination) and the constraints of the laws in your state.


You can specify how your child will receive income or distributions—or if they will receive any income at all, you can specify how your adult children will receive income and at what intervals, you can specify that your loved ones receive income at retirement age and thereafter, you can specify they receive no income until they are off drugs and verified along the way that they are off drugs by having trust beneficiaries take scheduled drug or alcohol tests—you name it a trust attorney can draft it in your living trust if it is allowable by law in your state.


You can help protect your heirs from creditors with a “drip release” if your heirs are facing divorce or other life challenges—NOW OR IN THEIR FUTURE.


In short, your Living Trust can be set up to spell out your wishes!  You must always realize that a trust is more difficult to contest than a will or having no will at all!  That is a major advantage—plus a trust will not be made public!


Always realize that your life insurance is part of your estate for estate tax purposes in virtually every state.


With a Living Revocable Trust—you can add assets (the trust owns your assets) and avoid probate.   You would be the “trustee” while you are alive and a “successor trustee” (that you could choose now) would take over upon your transition.


Even a will that leaves everything to your spouse may not be effective as a living trust—it depends on your situation.  In many instances a living trust is better than a deed transfer for real property when estate planning.


Why go through probate in your state when a living trust could be a better option for you and your family?  Grieving is hard enough without the headache of probate.


If you have a will—an executor of your estate will be needed!  Even if you feel you have modest income a living trust and/or a will may be effective tools for building wealth for either you or your loved ones.


Now that you understand estate planning/wills better—it is the desire of that you will do better as it relates to transferring your estate or assisting your loved ones who will potentially transfer their estate to you.  Share your knowledge and realize that for several thousand dollars you could possibly set up the transfer of your estate in a manner that you not only agree with—but more importantly carries out your intended wishes.


Your heirs and others will not have to squabble and distance themselves from each other after you are gone.  Because you have intelligently looked ahead—and planned effectively while you were of sound mind for what lies ahead as best you could while you were here on planet earth—peace of mind happens as a matter of course on a daily basis in your life!


Avoid uncomfortable conversations and confrontations with your children, siblings and other family members in the future—have peace of mind now—a consultation with a highly competent living trust attorney may be able to show you how.




If you are single three-thousand and up—if you are married five-thousand and up generally speaking, but depends on your state and how complex your situation is.  Every situation for estate planning is different and will require a legally crafted solution based on your income, assets, future goals and many other factors.


A Durable Power of Attorney and Advanced Directive with Power of Attorney for Medical Purposes can also be included inside a living trust for an additional fee.


NOTE: It is important that you realize that the above discussion is not intended to be legal advice but is provided in an effort to get you thinking at a higher level about a topic that is difficult for most to confront!


Even so, it is better to confront on the front end what you desire to happen after your transition (no pun intended) if you desire to live more abundantly and have peace of mind by knowing what lies in the future for your family, your heirs and other causes that are dear to your heart.


It is the desire of that this discussion has forced or inspired you to look at your estate in a more comprehensive and all-encompassing manner and will lead to you taking the necessary action to responsibly leave your finances and your estate after your transition to those who you love (along with the causes that you love) in a manner that serves your desires and wishes.


Now is not the time to rest…

Now is the time that you give it your best…

CHEERS to your future success…


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Homeowner Tax Breaks & Strategies

Learn how you can save on your personal taxes by using the tax codes and strategic maneuvering…


In the current economy it is important that you use the personal income tax laws to your best advantage.  With the tax season roughly at the mid-point and the home buying season just months away thought that Homeowner Tax Breaks & Strategies was an appropriate topic to focus on at this time.


In the following paragraphs you will learn what you can do to lighten your tax burden and possibly achieve your goals in a timely manner if you are now a homeowner or you anticipate becoming a homeowner in the future!


If you are like most—focusing on your taxes is not a pleasant experience.


However, by focusing on and comprehending what lies ahead in your tax future you can possibly put yourself in position to experience more pleasurable moments in your and your family’s future. 


Be sure to choose among the following strategies (if you see the benefit of doing so) and lighten your tax burden and achieve your future goals in a more efficient manner.


It is important that you find an approach to effectively manage your personal taxes in the current economy that works for you and it is important that you have some ideas—and knowledge about how you can lighten your tax burden that will move you toward your future goals in a more efficient manner.


Be sure to retain and utilize what you feel can help you achieve your dreams in a timely manner and run what you feel might work for you by your tax professional to see if any of the following tax strategies can benefit you and your family.


OK enough fluff—be sure to analyze how you can utilize the following strategies if you are now a homeowner—or you intend on being a homeowner in the future:


  • Mortgage Related Tax Breaks

You can deduct mortgage interest, points, PMI/MIP  (a reduction in MIP of $500 for the average homeowner was expected this year in the United States but was abruptly cancelled with the change of Administrations) and your property taxes while you are a homeowner and have a mortgage and possibly property taxes even if you are not a mortgage holder.


You must itemize your taxes in order to claim the deductions and by doing so you will save in taxes on your federal and state returns.  In some cases it may be to your benefit to itemize on your federal tax return even though you will get less back on your federal return by doing so.


The reason for doing so would be that you would get more on your state tax refund but less on your federal—but your overall total (overall tax refund of state and federal) would be more by itemizing.  Many taxpayers take the quick way out and lose financially by not doing this analysis, thereby overlooking this potential option when it could possibly be to their benefit.


For example, if you will get $500 back on your federal taxes using the “standard deduction” as opposed to “itemizing” and $400 back in refund on your state tax refund using the “standard deduction” —your grand total is $900.


If you will get only $300 back on your federal taxes using the “itemized deduction” as opposed to utilizing the “standard deduction” and $800 back in refund on your state tax refund by itemizing—your grand total is $1,100.


Simple math tells you that you are better off electing to itemize—$1,100 minus $900 equals $200 more dollars in your pocket!  It can be difficult to determine in many cases without actually “running the numbers” as state tax laws vary and all tax returns are unique.   However “electing to itemize” might be something that applies to your situation and their could be potential advantages (primarily more cash in your pocket) for you.


  • Improvements in your Home (Targeted)

By purchasing solar panels, dual-paned windows, low flow plumbing, tank-less water heaters, and other energy improvements spelled out in the tax code you can possibly deduct them on your taxes if you itemize your deductions on form 1040.

Many home improvement energy related deductions are scheduled to expire in 2020 and who knows what will happen after that time.  However, at this time you can get a tax credit (applied directly against your taxes) of varying amounts up until the 2020 tax filing season.


  • Tax Exclusion from the Sale of Your Personal Residence

Did you know that you can possibly exclude the sale of your personal residence from taxes if you utilized your home as your primary residence in 2 of the 5 previous years?  If you are single you can exclude up to $250,000 of the gain and if filing as married filing jointly—$500,000 of the gain from the sale.


Therefore, if you purchase right—get a substantial appreciation in the price of your home and you decide that the time is right to move in a few years or so after the value of your home has appreciated—you could pocket a nice tax-free gain (be sure to run your plans by your tax advisor to ensure that you qualify).


The creator of has utilized this approach personally and with many past clients and there is some risk that is involved.  However, if you are of the personality type that doesn’t mind moving frequently, or you plan on moving frequently for other purposes—this could be a great strategy that could work for you.


Be sure to purchase in a neighborhood that has an upward trend in home appreciation.  Be sure that you know the risks and you have a properly funded emergency fund in place and little or no revolving debt so that you can reduce the risks involved for you and your family.  Even so, there is no guarantee that after your home purchase—the value of your home will appreciate.  Hopefully, you get the point and you can clearly see the potential of how you could actually use this strategy to build wealth.


  • Cancellation of Debt

Although not a pleasant use of the tax code or even an effective strategy for most (you probably lost your home) the “cancellation of debt provision in the tax code for mortgages” does lighten the sting of losing your home some as it could be even worse.  If you are one who can use the 2007 Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act to reduce or eliminate your tax burden—you must do so.


The 2007 Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act was extended through the 2016 tax year, however future extensions are uncertain at the time of this post.   If your mortgage debt was cancelled and the 2007 Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act applies to your debt forgiveness you could legally avoid paying tax on the debt that was forgiven.  Time limits apply for using this strategy so be sure you fall within the timeline of the act to take advantage of this strategy if you have received or anticipate receiving mortgage debt forgiveness in your future.


  • Homeowner Exemptions at the Local, County & State Levels

Did you know that many jurisdictions offer various “homeowner exemptions” that have the real effect of reducing or possibly eliminating your real estate taxes?


The exemptions vary from state to state—county to county—and in many cases city to city.  However, they are available and it is your responsibility to search them out in your area and take full advantage of them.


Basic Homeowner Exemptions, Age Homeowner Exemptions, Military Homeowner Exemptions and many others are available.  Again it is up to you to find and enroll in them as they are in many cases—not highly advertised.  Most have filing deadlines, so immediately after your home purchase be sure to inquire.  If you used a real estate agent in the purchase of your home, your agent should be aware of the filing procedure in your area.




Be sure you are aware of what you can deduct or utilize in other ways (tax strategies) at the local, county, state and federal level.  Be sure to take advantage of all homeowner exemptions that are allowed in your jurisdiction that you are entitled to.  All of the strategies or options discussed in this post require that you own your property as an owner (personal residence) and the strategies are not designed for rental or other non-owner occupied properties.


You must always realize that you have a unique tax filing position and what may be effective and work for someone else may not work for you!


For example, if your AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) is $70,000 and someone else’s AGI is $40,000 and you go out and purchase $20,000 worth of solar panels and the person with $40,000 AGI does the same—you may be in position to utilize the credit either partially or in full, while the person with $40,000 of income might not be able to utilize the credit at all.


This type of scenario can play out in many areas of the tax code—therefore effective planning with experienced tax professionals may be to your advantage. 


Your income, family size, deductions, exemptions, education expenses, number of jobs, tax with-holdings, tax payments etcetera are uniquely your own—therefore effective analysis must be performed.


Be sure to put into action your new found knowledge about the Homeowner Tax Breaks & Strategies that you can possibly take—or make to ensure a more prosperous and productive future for yourself and your family.


As you move forward be sure to make a sincere effort to give it your best at all times and it is the desire of that this page has played some small part in empowering you to look at your tax situation in a more critical manner whether you are now a homeowner or you anticipate becoming one in the future.


It is important that you proactively look at your tax situation (you must get out in front of your taxes) and not look back “for answers” after you have encountered a difficult situation.  If you do not take the initiative to proactively attack your tax situation or any other area of your finances–you are making life on earth much more difficult than it should be for yourself and your family.


Don’t be afraid to get planning advice on the front end (even if you have to pay as it can be money well spent) as most planners (or those who operate at the top of their profession) are aware of strategies that you may not be aware of.


It is the hope of that this page has sparked something within you to make you look at your taxes and finances in a different way, so that you can start on a serious path to achieving your dreams—starting today!


All the best…


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Learn about more “Tax Moves” that you can make…


Learn more about the Tax Benefits of Homeownership… 


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Credit Resources

Learn how you can access personal credit and other helpful resources and more efficiently reach your future goals…


On this page you will find personal credit resources that you can use throughout your lifetime to achieve at a higher level and reach your credit and financial goals more effectively and more efficiently.


It is important that you have an “understanding of how you manage your credit” and you pursue ways that you can possibly manage your credit better.


On this page you will find credit resources that have helped many who were committed to living more abundantly do just that as they reached higher to improve their credit and finances.


It is the desire of that this page will help you as well and make your journey of credit and finance management less taxing (painful).


Credit Scores:



Get a free credit report every 6 months along with your Vantage Score…

Vantage Score—jointly produced by TransUnion, Equifax and Experian—scored from 501 to 990—widely used by lenders—uses shorter credit history than FICO—credit comparison—credit timeline—credit trending—and score analysis available on this site


Credit Karma

Best of the 3  free sites in’s opinion—quick access to reports and scores—other alerts that you can sign up for—home debt, loan and amortization calculators—uses Vantage Score or New Account Score—2015 added Equifax score

Uses TransUnion and Equifax in Scoring Models


Credit Sesame

Get free Experian National Equivalency Score and get suggestions and advice to help you improve your score over time…free ID theft protection, mobile apps, where to find the best interest rates and credit card suggestions


ChexSystems Score


Your ChexSystems score is based on a consumer reporting agency that tracks “your history” with deposit accounts such as savings and checking accounts.  The score ranges from 100 to 899 (the higher the better) and uses your credit report, public records, payday loan history and possibly other factors to calculate a numeric score that is called your QualiFile score or more commonly called your ChexSystems score.  

Your ChexSystems score is primarily used to predict or anticipate your future banking activity and the likelihood that you will mismanage your account.  You are reducing your likelihood of mismanaging your account(s) tremendously by visiting this page and site.  However, thought that it was important that you know what ChexSystems is–and the effect that it could play in your future if you do not have a proactive and comprehensive approach as you manage your credit and finances.

Keep in mind that all banks do not use ChexSystems to determine if you are a good banking risk–some use other sources such as Early Warning Systems or TeleCheck and some banking institutions may not use any checking system at all!  Your CheckSystems report requires that you pay a fee to get the score–however if you know your banking history is clean–purchasing a report serves no purpose unless you would like to make a non-deductible donation to ChexSystems.

However if you know that you have blemishes on your banking activity in the past, it may be wise to purchase the score and see where your blemishes are so that you can make improvements.  Visit the above ChexSystems link to learn more.

Also consider 2nd chance Banks that do not use ChexSystems if you have past banking blemishes…


Get your actual FICO score on this site for a stated fee.  If accuracy is a concern or you want to get a better feel for your actual FICO score—be sure to visit the above link. has seen actual scores vary from as much as 50 points from the scores that were stated on the 3 free credit scoring sites listed above.




By going to the above sites you can see how well you are managing your credit from a numerical perspective.  The number that you get or the range in which you fall is usually an accurate indication of how you are managing your credit.  There is nothing that prevents you from utilizing all three of the free credit scoring sites as none of the sites require that you use your credit card to use the service.


Your credit score mainly indicates “your risk” of not repaying a loan!  However, you must always realize that different lenders using the same score may charge you different rates, therefore it is important for you to know this up-front and it is very important that you “shop for the best loan” based on your current credit profile and credit score.


Always realize that when loan shopping (particularly for your home or auto loan) you must do “multiple hard inquiries” within a short window (14 days or preferably less) so that they are treated as a single inquiry by FICO, VantageScore credit scoring models and possibly other scoring models.


Anything outside of a 2 week window could lower your credit score.   Multiple inquiries will not do as much damage to your  credit score as  just “one missed loan payment” and the damage from multiple inquiries are considered mild when compared to a missed loan payment (possibly 50 to 100 point drop in your credit score).


If you find issues of concern on your credit report and you cannot satisfactorily resolve a complaint to a credit bureau or lender about your credit report or credit score, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will help you resolve many types of complaints that you have about your credit reports and your credit scores.  Before you file a complaint at, the bureau recommends that you file your  complaint and obtain a response from the credit bureau or other company that you are dealing with first.


After your “Mastery of the 5 Credit Factors”  and other material on this page you can  “Test Your Knowledge” of your understanding of credit scoring and see if you are in position to effectively manage your credit throughout your lifetime.   Excellence must be your goal—and 100% understanding from “testing of your credit score knowledge” must reside inside your soul!


Also, be aware that many credit card issuer’s are now starting to provide monthly credit scores and in some cases your actual FICO credit score.  Therefore you have many options (paid and free sources) for effectively managing your credit and credit score.


All of the above credit scoring sites are free (with the exception of and they give you varying scores that may correlate with your FICO score, however none of the free sites will provide your actual FICO score.  To get that go to, however—you will have to pay a fee.


Always realize that personal credit scoring models change from year to year and there are many versions on the market at any particular time.  At any given time some lenders may use an older model while others will use a newer model.  In addition, be aware of industry-specific credit scoring models such as auto related scoring models, housing related scoring models, insurance related scoring models and possibly other industry specific scoring models.


Whether FICO, VantageScore or any other scoring model is used, the key point to remember is that as long as you consistently apply your mastery of the 5 credit factors effectively based on your credit profile from this day forward—you will succeed throughout your lifetime regardless of the current scoring model or future advancements in the scoring models.


The ChexSystems score is somewhat separate from the other credit scoring sites and it too requires that you pay a fee,  however the ChexSystems score is related to your banking activity.  Again if you know that you have a stellar banking history–purchasing a ChexSystems score serves no real purpose.


A non-traditional way to build credit for those who have credit challenges is an alternative payment history company that allows payments other than credit cards and other revolving, open and installment debt to build your credit file and credit score.   Payment Reporting Builds Credit or PRBC may be worth looking at as an alternative credit building and credit scoring resource as it uses your cell phone, utility bills, rental payments and other non-traditional sources to build your credit file and credit score (100-850 range with 600 to 750 the goal to aim for to get realistic acceptance by potential creditor’s) and it is absolutely free to set up.

Although not all lenders will accept the score–it could help you get the credit that you need in some cases.   In addition, many traditional lenders will also use alternative scoring models to get you a loan in many instances.  Therefore, if traditional credit is not working for you at this time due to a limited or non-existent traditional credit history–you still have options.

However, building your credit by utilizing the 3 credit bureaus listed below is normally the best way to go if you have time and you are–or desire to be proactive in the management of your credit and finances.  Visit the following link to learn more about PRBC if you feel they can be of benefit.


Credit Reports:







or call 877-322-8228




Always realize that there are many credit bureaus, however the three listed above are the major players and the ones who you should really be aware of.  By going to the above sites you can see how well you are managing your credit in a written format.  The information on the reports will show if you have a positive payment history, whether negative marks are on your report and will also show how you are using your credit.


You can also see your outstanding loan balances and the type of credit (revolving, open or installment) that you have and how long your accounts have been open or active.  The hard pull of your credit file for the past 12 months and possibly longer will also be on your credit reports. is a site that you can go to and get “all 3” of your credit reports from one site for FREE once per year.


By analyzing your credit report(s) you can make corrections on your report(s) and see what you need to do to move toward achieving your future goals—thereby providing you more clarity.


If you have a need to improve your credit be sure to visit our Credit Improvement page that is on this site, before you do anything else.


Also realize that all three of the credit bureaus listed above have credit monitoring and credit scoring services where they charge you a monthly fee.  Use your better judgment to see if utilizing their service can be of benefit to you.  Most require a monthly subscription fee.  Be sure to read the fine print to ensure that you are aware of your financial and non-financial obligations.   By going to the links below you will find credit monitoring and credit reporting sites that are offered by the 3 major credit bureaus.






Credit Card Comparison Sites:


The following sites can help you compare credit cards if you need to build your credit or pay off your credit card or other debt.  You can find many 0% cards (many up to 15 months at zero percent interest) that you can use to transfer debt in an effort to pay off your debt in a timely manner (or use to build up your credit at zero percent interest by utilizing zero percent interest on purchases and consistently making timely payments) and possibly save thousands in your interest charges.


There are many strategies that you can use to pay off or pay down your credit card and other debt.


If you already have an effective handle on your credit and you have a properly funded emergency fund you can find “reward cards” that could possibly be of benefit to you and your family by also going to the credit card comparison sites listed below.




Value Penquin


Be sure to use caution when going to any credit card comparison site as the potential for inaccurate or misleading data is always possible.


It may be of great benefit to review this Wall Street Journal article that was written in 2014 to get a feel for the pitfalls that you may need to avoid prior to going to any of the above sites.


As part of your research efforts you may also want to visit the site of the credit card issuer directly and compare or crosscheck what is on the comparison sites.  In some cases you may find a better or more up-to-date offer on the credit card issuer’s site.  In addition many credit card issuer’s may have a relationship with the credit card rating company, so again use caution.




Value Penquin

All in one site that can help you make budgeting, credit card, insurance, investing and banking decisions along with providing other financial news.


Lexis/Nexis Full File Disclosure

Get your complete file for free—includes CLUE Report, Background Check etc…

Get interest rates and research 1000’s of banks and credit unions in the United States


Insurance—CLUE Report

Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange


Consumer Finance Protection Bureau

Tools for your success, educational resources, complaint procedures, research and much more…


FTC Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Know your credit rights…


Karl’s Calculator

Great mortgage calculator for those who are considering refinancing or purchasing their home


Personal Capital

Finance & Wealth Management Site


Realty 1 Strategic Advisors

Real Estate & Personal Finance Advice with a unique twist—created by the same publisher of the site that you are now on

Type in your state in the search area  and learn how you can compare insurance quotes (apples to apples) in your state by knowing your state’s minimum requirements and possibly save on your car insurance.  You can also learn about other automobile related activity in your state.  Keep in mind that this is not an official government site but has valuable information that could help you as you move forward…


More Helpful Financial Websites…


Helpful Educational Websites…


Learn why you must obtain a “Financially Alert Mind”…


NOTE: does not receive compensation or advertising revenue of any kind from the above sites.  They are provided as a courtesy to help you save valuable time.


Although operates from a biased position in favor of consumers, you must still come to your own conclusion as to which of the above sites will work better for you or if the site(s) will be of benefit to you at all.


Credit Resources created by the creator of


Do I have a Financially Alert Mind or am I just Financially Literate?  Visit this page to find out…


The above page is one of the most groundbreaking pages that can be found in personal finance, visit this page to see where you stand as far as your financial approach is concerned.


Do you know an Efficient Way to Achieve Financial Success?

Learn how 5 Steps to Financial Success can show you the way toward your success–today…

A visitor favorite, the above page was featured on Yahoo Finance and also as a guest post on Boostsuite and visitors have responded favorably to this post since it was created.


The 3 Step Structured Approach…

Learn how you can use a comprehensive approach to manage your credit and finances throughout your lifetime.

The 3 Step Structured Approach is simply one of the most effective and easy-to-apply comprehensive financial management system that can be found in personal finance. 

Many visitors have found this approach to work for them after being unsuccessful in managing their finances with other approaches.


Mastering the 5 Credit Factors so that You Can Achieve Your Dreams…

Even though this page was created approximately 2 months ago (December 2016) from the time of this posting, this page has fast become a visitor favorite as it addresses your need to know the 5 credit factors and most importantly shows you how you can effectively utilize that knowledge throughout your lifetime to achieve your goals.

Although’s opinion of this page is biased (this page was created by the creator of, truly believes that Mastering the 5 Credit Factors so that You Can Achieve Your Dreams is the best page on the web for helping you gain the mental working knowledge to effectively master the 5 Credit Factors and manage your credit optimally throughout your lifetime.

However, if you disagree and you know of a better page that addresses the “5 Credit Factors” be sure to email at and if after review that page is determined to address the “5 Credit Factors” more effectively—that site link will be featured on this page and  visitors will have the opportunity to decide which page works better for them.




It is up to you to find better ways of managing your credit and finances and “applying” what you learn to improve your (and your family’s) living conditions throughout your lifetime.


The “above links” or credit resources have proven to be of benefit to many visitors who have frequented and it is the belief of that the “real potential” that you have inside of you will be “tapped into by you” and will lead to you achieving at a higher level in the management of your credit and finances as a result of visiting this page.


All the best to your future success…


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Encouragement & Wealth Building

Encouragement & Wealth Building—Learn how you can use encouragement to achieve more and build your wealth more efficiently…


In a world where people tend to move forward cautiously it is important that you are around those who offer encouragement and those who want success for you and your family.  You must move to action in a consistent manner towards your goals and an encouraging word or action by others could be what will propel you throughout your lifetime.


A smile at the right time, someone affirming that they believe in you and your abilities, someone showing you a better way to do something that is new to you and many other encouraging thoughts and actions can get you started on the road to success in many areas of concern in your life! knows that an encouraging word by someone at a particular time in your life is usually what will stick with you and will help you achieve at a higher level.


The belief in you by others along with encouragement along the way is what can separate you from those who go through life discouraged and falling short of living in their life purpose.


You can also gain the right preparation and the right knowledge and encourage yourself along the way as you pursue your financial goals and objectives–and life purpose.


In this discussion will show you how you can use encouragement to achieve more and build your wealth more efficiently.


Furthermore, it is the goal of to encourage you and inspire you  to do more throughout your life.  Hopefully this discussion will achieve both objectives and will help you build your wealth in a more concise and lasting manner.


Even though the creator of is under the weather and suffering from a sinus headache at the time of this discussion—it is the desire of that the following paragraphs will provide life-changing encouragement for you throughout your lifetime!


How Can I Use Encouragement to Achieve More in My Life?


It is important that you either encourage yourself and/or you get encouragement (or the right advice) from others in the following areas of your financial life if you desire to achieve more throughout your lifetime.


By formulating a time period for achieving your goals you are activating (encouraging) your mind at a higher and more urgent level of thought to take the necessary action on a more consistent basis.


You and/or your financial planner must put together a plan that will allow you the opportunity to achieve your goals and objectives in an agreed upon time frame based on your current inflow and outflow of cash on a monthly basis.


If your goals are not financial you still want to have a timetable for achievement so that you can activate your mind at a higher level on a daily basis.



You and/or your financial planner must put together a written plan that will meet or exceed your goals and objectives in an agreed upon time frame based on your current inflow and outflow of cash on a monthly basis.


A written plan of action is a far more scientific (and proven) way of achieving success and is far superior to just thinking (or dreaming) about your goals or what you want to do in your future and then pursuing your goals.  After thinking and dreaming, take the additional step and put it all in writing–to improve your vision–or future sighting!



You and/or your financial planner must set goals that are significant and meaningful and will really help you move the needle in your life toward the success that you desire or toward the success that you need to achieve.  Don’t be afraid to “dream big” and have every intention on “achieving” that big dream!



You must use your current knowledge about credit and finance and “what you will soon learn by navigating this site” to really go after your goals with passion and zeal!


You must not half-heartedly pursue your goals!  


You must use your past experiences, your current expertise and you must exercise the right approach on a consistent basis to achieve at a higher level of excellence! 


If you possess powerful knowledge about how to manage your credit and finances and you don’t effectively utilize that knowledge—is that really powerful knowledge.  Knowledge without corresponding action does not serve your best interest.




You must reach deep inside of your heart and mind and determine ways that you can use your mind and heart to achieve more during your lifetime.  You must get the encouragement to do more from within and/or from the outside.  By doing so you can begin (or continue) to move to action in the right manner in an attempt to achieve your goals in a timelier manner!


It is the opinion of that you can find more encouraging ways of reaching your goals by navigating this site on a consistent basis and looking deep inside of your heart and mind and making a sincere effort to see how you can do things better. 


Look deep inside and listen to your inner voice that is speaking to you—when it has the potential to make your dreams come true!


The encouragement and inspiration that you need to succeed will often be found while you are in the process of formulating meaningful and significant goals after you have had an adverse event(s) in your life. has seen tremendous growth from those who faced adversity and responded appropriately to that adversity.   That growth helped them achieve at a level that they had previously thought was unattainable and was out of their reach.


Don’t sell yourself and your family short by being discouraged about your financial future.


You must get to a point in your mind where you will always love, honor and believe in yourself and your future!  If you don’t, why should others?   You must use the encouragement of others or your own encouragement to get to a point in your life where “you” will move to action in the right manner–almost effortlessly.


Set lofty goals and go after them with gusto!


You must never give up hope, know that you can climb any slope and descend properly if you have the right rope.


In short, you can accomplish any goal that you set—if you believe you can—and you possess the necessary tools or you have the “right mindset” to get on a path to obtaining the necessary tools in a sincere manner!


Can you climb high?  Absolutely!  If you believe in yourself—you too can exceed the sky!


One last point, the inspiration that is now inside of you—or that will soon come to you—will provide you the encouragement that you need to achieve at a higher level throughout your lifetime!


All the best…


TheWealthIncreaser.coma serious wealth building blog for those who are serious about their wealth building future…


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Excellence & Wealth Building


Learn why you must operate at your highest level of excellence if you desire to build your wealth more efficiently…


As the month of January 2017 comes to an end thought that the topic of operating at your highest level of excellence was an appropriate topic to focus on.  When it comes to building wealth it is important that you have a workable understanding of what it will take to build wealth at the level that you desire.


It is important that you set lofty goals and you have every intention on reaching those goals.  You must “make it a priority” to know the rules of engagement or the rules of the game when it comes to building wealth and you must know how to apply that knowledge effectively throughout your lifetime.  Due to wealth building being a broad area–with years of proven strategies for building wealth on and off the books, you have a vast array of choices that can take you to where you need or desire to be.


However, to truly reach your highest potential and achieve at your highest level you must pursue your goals with a high level of excellence.


That means that you must know your cash inflows and outflows on a monthly basis and determine where and if you need to make improvements (get more income/cut expenses or do a combination of the two) and take action at your highest level of motivation to do what needs to be done.


You must also make sure that you have an adequately funded emergency fund and you know how to manage credit wisely during the period in your life where you have a need or plan on utilizing credit.


In addition you must review your insurance, investments, taxes, education planning, estate planning/wills and retirement planning to see if there is room for improvement and then determine the best way to make those improvements based on your current finances.


By doing all of the above you are moving toward building your wealth in a comprehensive way and you are helping to ensure that your goals will be achieved on a more definite day.


You are not leaving your finances to chance but you are moving toward your goals in a more excellent way because you are systematically approaching your finances and you have a definite timetable for achieving your goals that are measurable.


By pursuing your goals in a more excellent way you can put yourself in position to achieve lasting goals and give back or contribute to your favorite causes.


In a world that seems to be take–take-take you can become a giver.  However, you must do the “in between” or the “behind the scenes” work at your highest level of excellence if you desire to achieve more throughout your lifetime and operate at a higher level of excellence on a more consistent basis.


In closing, if you put your focus on operating at your highest level of excellence on a consistent basis things will begin to blossom in your life in ways you never imagined.


Stop for a moment and focus on what you want to achieve throughout your life, determine what you would like to do to help yourself, your family and others–and make a serious commitment to start on a path to making it happen in real time!  


In some cases you may have to let go in order to grow!

You must always realize that what separates the best from the rest is their daily thoughts and actions and whether they make the choice to operate daily at their highest level of excellence.

Isn’t it time that you operate at your highest level in a way that makes sense!

You too have that same ability to choose–and act!

You no longer have to lose–or be a hack!

Starting today you can choose to move forward in a better way!

Starting today you can choose excellence and get momentum to stay!

You and your family should have it no other way!

Excellence–it’s inside of you! has the goal of bringing it all out so that you can make your journey towards building wealth come true!


EXCELLENCEtake what you now have and what you will soon learn and do the absolute best that you can with what you have inside–so that you can experience a smoother ride…


All the best…—A serious wealth building blog for those who are serious about their wealth building future…


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Using Your Imagination to Build Wealth in 2016 & Beyond


Learn how you can use your “Imagination” to Build Wealth and live more abundantly…


It is important that you use your imagination while you are in the process of building your wealth or achieving many other goals that you may desire.


You must use the inspiration that you receive to see what you desire or see the direction that you should go.  By using your mind, heart and mental faculties to imagine that what you desire has already occurred you put yourself on a serious path toward success!


However, you must realize that is only the starting point!  Real work will be required of you on a consistent basis to make what you imagine come to realization in real time!


Just as dreamed big (big imagination) and decided to create a site that could help you achieve your financial and wealth building management in a comprehensive manner—and then followed through on that big dream by putting in the required work to create this site—so too must you apply yourself on a consistent basis to make what you desire a reality in the area of your choosing or life purpose.


You must use your imagination to dream big and follow through with action and not pay attention to naysayers or others who may try to talk you out (negative energy) of your big dream.


In the area of personal finance and wealth building you must give deeper, more meaningful thought about your finances and your financial future—and what you can achieve in your financial future.


A vivid active imagination on a consistent basis is the key to your success, using your imagination effectively is not taking your mind to fantasy land—quite the contrary it is formulating a picture in your mind of something that “you believe” your heart and mind can make real and can be of benefit to you, your family and others.


You must have a  “financial mindset of resiliency” and gain the mental toughness along with the “know how” of how to manage your finances effectively for the rest of your life.


Imagination in lay terms is using the power that you have within to make something big happen in your future and then using the energy from that power to form a mental image of something (what your sincerely desire to occur in your future).  What you imagine normally won’t happen in a moment, but is a process!  It may not appear real at this moment to you and others, however within your heart and mind you see it as real and you know that you are truly willing to put in the work to “make it real.”


Even though it is not real or present at this time, you know that you are determined to use your creativity (a major part of your imagination) to bring into existence that which you imagined!


It is important that you realize that “accidental accomplishment” of major goals rarely occur.  You need to have clear vision so that you can stay on course and go after your goal(s) with passion!  If you don’t have a clear picture or vision of the goals in front of you that were formed by your imagination—you lessen the passion that you have inside to accomplish what you imagine in a more effective and efficient manner.


Will you choose to blow with the wind (go to a place that is not for you) or will you choose a proven and definite path to success.  What is your real desire for your life?  Do you have definite goals that you will sincerely pursue?  What is your compass—what is guiding your vision of your future?  Better yet, who is guiding and shaping your vision of your future?


It is imperative that you use your imagination along with sound planning to reach your goals more efficiently.


You must see your goals on the inside first—so they can take place on the outside later!  Don’t choose the easiest route as it is often grounded in many pitfalls!  You won’t ever quit if you have clear vision.  Have you lost your view of your future and what you can really do?  Do you even have a vision?



Do you even desire to have a vision?



Once you get immersed into pursuing you purpose and using your imagination in the right way you will begin to achieve “beyond your imagination.”

You can put yourself in position to learn what needs to be learned to achieve at a higher level on a daily basis in your wealth building effort by navigating this site.



You can put yourself in position to use your imagination in more effective ways on a daily basis by navigating this site.

You can use  your imagination and this site to get your financial future right. serves as your springboard to Financial Success… wishes you all the best…


And always be open to imagining or re-imagining a brighter future with something you already use—your mind and heart

And always be open to using your heart and mind for wealth building—now is the time for your fresh start


Imagine the possibilities for your future in a more inspiring way

Imagine achieving all that you desire—starting today





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Copyright®  2014-2016—The Wealth Increaser—All Rights Reserved

Decisive Action & Wealth Building

Learn why your decisive action is needed if you desire to build wealth effectively in today’s economy


Even if no one else says anything to you about your need to manage your finances more effectively and efficiently—you still have to do it.  Whether one person or one million people will benefit from your decisive action—you must still do what needs to be done at a level that is the absolute best that is within you.


By learning what you need to know and do as it relates to your finances you can get into a habit of doing what needs to be done on a consistent basis.  That repetition within your mind and with your action will put you on the right path towards achieving what you desire or achieving what you need to achieve.  Your thoughts (what you know and intend on doing) will precede your action as you must believe in what you want to accomplish and move to action or put into motion what needs to be done!


By formalizing written plans for action based on your own thoughts you empower your mind and heart to make it happen in a more definitive manner.  You must realize that your mind is an awesome gift from God—and you must believe that with God’s help and an effective plan that you create—you can get to where you need to be.


Are you willing to put in the effort that is required to build your wealth effectively?  You must realize upfront that whether you made bad decisions in the past, bad situations found you through no fault of your own or you are on a good path toward the success that you desire—major success starts and ends with you making good decisions on a consistent basis.


You must realize that if you make the decision at this time to go after your goals and never quit (a made up mind can’t be stopped) you can put in motion what is needed to propel you forward in a more efficient manner and you can get the wind at your back—or momentum (positive energy) to propel you forward.


Likewise, you can make the decision to do nothing and repel or slow down the progress that you could be making.


Your decisive inaction takes away from you accomplishing more.  Even if you make the wrong decision (you can avoid or reduce the possibility of that occurring by navigating you still put yourself in a better position than if you made no decision at all!  


In most cases it will be your decisive (right) action on a consistent basis that will take you where you need to be!


Your goal should be to make the right decision as that is where you want to be.  The worst action you can take is to do nothing and continue on a path that is not well planned or worse yet not planned at all.


If you truly desire to build wealth more efficiently you must make your mind up to make timely decisions and relentlessly pursue your goals!


You also want to have a “financial mindset of resilience®” as you must know or have a feel for how you will hold up when you run into challenges along the way.  A recent history (consistency) of doing what you stated you would do will serve you well if you are now serious about managing your credit and finances.


When difficult stretches occur in your life that seem to stress you to the limit will you have the character to continue on and continue doing what needs to be done to the best of your ability?


Your dilemma within your mind at that time will be: 


*do you desire progress or

* will you choose to make excuses


Stir your creativity within your heart and mind, dream big within your heart and mind, develop a financially alert mind® and start on a continuous path to jumping over the financial hurdles in your life and achieving wealth more efficiently.


Generally, adverse financial predicaments are more likely to occur to those who fail to plan, those who are immature and fail to look at effective ways of managing their finances, those who continue to ignore their finances despite numerous warning signs, those who are indecisive or fail to take action after they make the right decision—and those who are insecure about their financial future.


You must believe in yourself, your future and your written plan of action that will take you to where you desire to go.  You no longer have to cheat your way through life or live idly for the moment!


You were placed on earth to create something unique and be a blessing to others.  You have the power within you to build and create the type of future that you desire if you get started without procrastination.


You must use the strength, character and action mindset that you now have or will soon have to see what you desire with clarity.  You must know what you want to have in your life and you must actively go after what you see—to benefit yourself, your family and society.


You are who you are—embrace who you are and bring something new to the world.  Everything that you need you possess inside.  Now is the time that you learn how to use what you possess on the inside to your best advantage.  Now is the time that you decide to be greater at being you as your goal must not be to do as others do.


Make the decision now to not let your hurt feelings, your past disappointments or any other factor stop you from making the decision to take charge of your finances and build wealth in a more intelligent, consistent and proactive manner.


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