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On this page you will find valuable content that the Creator of has created over a number of years, including with the beginning of it all in January of 2010 with the creation of website and the subsequent creation of website later that year!


Be sure to use your mental focus to hone in on the latest topics of discussion that can make a real difference for you and your family and help propel you and your family forward–toward what you desire to achieve or need to achieve to reach the goals and objectives that will serve your best interest and propel you toward the success that you desire to occur during your lifetime!


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Smart Homes & Wealth Building

Learn how you can build or convert your home and make it smarter—and build wealth more efficiently…

Created on 08/26/2017 by


Financial Planning, Family Planning & Financial Success

Learn how you can use financial planning to achieve financial success for yourself and your family…

Created on 08/05/2017 by


Personal Credit Makeover & Wealth Building

Learn how a Personal Credit Makeover  can help you Build Wealth more efficiently…

Created on 08/01/2017 by


SEP-IRA versus SOLO 401k

Learn what the best choice is for your retirement future if you are a single employee at your company or you are a small company considering whether an SEP-IRA or a SOLO 401k is your best choice

Created on 07/23/2017 by


How to Make Your Home Sell

Learn how the price, look and smell of your home is critical for selling in the current economy…

Created on 07/02/2017 by


Who is Thomas (TJ) Underwood

Learn who Thomas (TJ) Underwood is and why he believes success is in store for you and your family…

Created on 06/18/2017


Timing & Wealth Building

Learn why the time is NOW to start building wealth more effectively…

Created on 06/13/2017 by


2017 Home Buyer Tips

Learn how to achieve success in the purchase of your home this year…

Created on 06/03/2017 by


Ultimate Success & Wealth Building

Learn how to achieve wealth building success with a high level of certainty…

Created on 05/29/2017 by


College Graduates & Wealth Building

Learn why “College Graduates” should “Build their Credit ” in as effective a manner as possible…

Created on 05/21/2017 by


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Wealth Building Basics

 Learn why the “TIME” is now to start Wealth Building in a more “Thought Provoking” manner…


Estate Planning/Wills & Wealth Building–April 2017 Feature Article


Homeowner Tax Breaks–March 2017 Feature Article


Credit Resources–February 2017 Feature Article


Encouragement & Wealth Building…


Excellence & Wealth Building–January 2017 Feature Article


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