Goal Oriented Behavior & Wealth Building

Learn why your behavior on a daily basis will in large part determine your future financial success


Most recently the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com noticed a 4 year old boy wearing a shirt with the inscription “Goal Oriented” and that inspired the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com to create this page.


The creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com found it uplifting to see a young boy (more likely his parents) understand the importance of goal-oriented behavior and it is the desire of TheWealthIncreaser.com that this discussion will inspire you to make positive moves that will lead to your wealth building dreams (goals) coming true!


Set Cash Flow Goals


It is important that you set meaningful and significant goals as you formulate ways that you can build wealth.  In the current economy it is important that you have an effective understanding of your monthly cash flow and also your net worth.


By having that understanding you can work toward your goals with more confidence and self-assurance.  You don’t have to procrastinate or wish for a brighter financial future if you make the decision to do what you need to do–and take the appropriate follow through.


You must know if you have the income that is needed to meet your monthly expenses throughout the year at the earliest time possible (early in your life stage) so that you can plan your future in a more realistic manner.


You can set goals right now and make a serious effort toward reaching those goals by having the preparation and knowledge that will help direct you on where you want to take your future.   By gaining the preparation that you need and  the necessary knowledge –you can direct your steps to a place where  the goals that you set are reached in a timelier manner.


Set Credit Goals


If you have high credit card debt that is making life more difficult for you and your family you must come up with a payoff or pay down plan that will take you toward your goals.


You must also set the goal of understanding how credit works (regardless of your current credit position) so that you can put that understanding at the forefront of your thought process as you manage your credit optimally throughout your lifetime!


Many can explain the 5 credit factors, however very few can explain how the factors affect you in a manner that gives “you” the ability to retain that knowledge for your personal and financial gain—throughout your lifetime!


This  badly needed credit discussion of the 5 credit factors will help you achieve success on both objectives (giving you the understanding and application that is needed for your credit success throughout your lifetime).


TheWealthIncreaser.com asks that you open up your mind to a new and more empowering way of understanding your credit as well as a new way of applying that understanding in a practical way so that you can achieve more throughout your lifetime.


Set Goals to Comprehensively Understand and Manage Your Finances


You must know all areas of your finances that you must address and you must set goals to effectively manage those areas at a level that is the absolute best that is within you.  By having a comprehensive overview of your finances you can avoid financial “blind spots” that seem to hinder so many as they build wealth.


Make sure you look into how you can manage the following in a better and more beneficial way:





Emergency Fund

Education Planning

Estate Planning/Wills

Retirement Planning


By analyzing all of the above areas in a sincere manner you can put yourself in position to achieve more.


Be sure to put your goals in writing (where appropriate) so that you can gain added focus and help ensure that you stay on track toward reaching your goals.


Even though making mistakes is often the greatest teacher for many–your goal should be to get “out in front” of your finances so that you can “avoid” mistakes that many make without even realizing they are making mistakes!




All of the topics discussed above plays a role in your goal-oriented behavior on a daily basis as it relates to your wealth building efforts.


You must always realize that adversity or difficult challenges and stretches will occur during your lifetime.


However, in the midst of it all you must remain confident, focused and committed to the success (goals) that you see and are aiming for!  In addition, always realize that it may at times  appear to you that there are always others who know how to manage their finances more effectively or better than you.


However, you can learn how to do it differently and in a way that works toward achieving real  results as you move toward the goals that “you” desire!


You must understand fully that nothing gainful in your life happens without the right movement on your part!  Now is the time to make the commitment to give your wealth building efforts a fresh start!


Even when your plans are not going as you would like them  to go you must remain flexible with your options and you must realize that you may have to adjust your goals as circumstances changeas adversity can come from what seems like any direction.


Even though things may change in a way that you did not anticipate you must still push on and move toward your goal(s).


You must realize that on occasion when you are pursuing your goals you may feel that the effort that you are expending is out of your control.  However,  you must stick to your plan as best you can even though you will never be able to perceive or see what lies ahead with total certainty.  Even so, you still possess the ability to reach your goals if you stick to your plan as best you can.


You must remain fully committed toward reaching your goals whether you decide to use the information on this site or other sites or medium.   It is important that you realize that it is not how you reach your goals but the fact that you must reach your goals as long as you do so ethically and with a level of determination that is unstoppable!


As you pursue your goals you must have an open mind and  you must be open to the possibility that adversity will occur and you must still have the mindset that you will persevere onward in spite of the adversity that you will undoubtedly face during the various stages in your life.


Be sure to use adversity or things that don’t go your way as an opportunity to  learn more about yourself, others and how to overcome difficult situations (by gaining the mental fortitude) that will come your way when things don’t go as planned or seem to come and hit you blindly and at the wrong time(s).


Always realize that the adversity that you will face as you journey through life on many occasions will occur in order to teach you a lesson and prepare you for the journey that is still in front of you.


It may also occur to help you explain something that has occurred in your past in order to give you added strength to reach higher in your future!


Or another way of looking at it is that bad things may occur to give you added strength to fight your future battles–whether financial or otherwise!


All adversity that you face also creates an opportunity–if you believe it to be true.  The adversity that you face has meaning–but only the meaning that “you” give to it.   How you move forward from this point onward is largely determined by how you view adversity and your future outcomes based on the meaning that you give to what occurs and the effort that you are determined to expend as you press on.


Will you complain, make excuses and think about all of the reasons that you won’t (or can’t) reach your goals or will you create reasons within your mind of how you will move forward in spite of what happens in your life and think about all of the reasons within your mind of how you will move forward in a manner that you know will move you toward achieving your goals.


As you learn and grow financially (whether  by the effective use of this site or any other means) be sure to have your antennae up as to what is happening “within your mind” as you go through “difficult stretches”  in your life.  By understanding what is occurring within your mind you can use that knowledge to provide  added strength and direction as you move toward making your dreams (goals) come true.


Your goal on a daily basis is to show progress and not regress.


Your goal on a daily basis is to give it your best so your finances won’t be a mess.


Your goal on a daily basis is to pass the test as you pursue a new conquest.


Your goal on a daily basis is not to rest but to pursue your goals with more zest.


Your goal on a daily basis is not to guess or do less—but to be a success.


Your goal on a daily basis is to get out of your “comfort” nest and not live in jest.


In a nutshell, when difficult times occur,  you must still remain focused on achieving the goals that you have set, evaluate what is occurring so that you can learn and use what you learn for your future benefit.


You must gain the added strength that difficult situations will often present to you as you journey toward making your dreams come true.


Yes “goal-oriented behavior” encompasses all of the above and more…


Yes now is the time that you truly reach your goals, and open a new door…



All the best toward your goal-oriented wealth building success…



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