Personal Balance Sheet & Wealth Building

Learn why knowing what your “assets and liabilities” are can help determine your net worth and help you build wealth more efficiently in the current economy…   As you build wealth it is important that you have an understanding of the assets that you own and the liabilities that you have incurred so that you … Continue reading

Personal Income Statement & Wealth Building

Learn how you can use your knowledge of what you earn on an annual basis to achieve more…   It is important that you know your income that you earn along with your expenses that you pay out on an annual basis.   In this discussion will discuss the importance of looking at your … Continue reading

Self-Discipline & Wealth Building

Learn why you must really want success and you must put forth the required effort (utilize self-discipline along the way) if you desire to build wealth efficiently and achieve more in your future…   It is important that those who desire lasting success have the self-discipline that is needed to operate at a higher standard … Continue reading

Efficient Money Management & Wealth Building

  Learn why efficient money management is a key aspect toward helping you achieve long-term wealth building success…   It is important that you realize that before you can become efficient at wealth building you must first become effective.   And with the COVID-19 news becoming more depressing by the day, now may be the … Continue reading

Visions of Wealth Building Success for 2021 & Beyond

Learn how you can avoid procrastination and look into your future and see the wealth building success that you desire with more clarity…   As we close out the month of January  2021 with a new administration in the United States and over 440,000 COVID 19 deaths  in the United States alone, entering the the … Continue reading

Turbulence & Wealth Building

Learn why you must press forward when turbulence (adversity) occurs while you are in the process of building wealth… Follow @tfafinancial In the current economic and political environment and especially the events of 2020, many are in a somber mood and are stressed about their future as it  relates to building wealth efficiently.   It … Continue reading

Excuses & Wealth Building

Learn how you can fly higher and build wealth more efficiently if you leave all excuses behind…   In the current economy it can seem difficult to achieve your dreams. With COVID 19 running rampant in many parts of the United States and many areas in the World it can often seem impossible or improbable … Continue reading