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Posted on June 20, 2016 by


Did you know that you must be resilient as you manage your credit and finances? 


After creating my most recent post (Decisive Action & Personal Finance) and the thought of creating “financial mindset of resilience” occurred—on June 8th 2016, the creator of had no inclination at that time that he would have to rely on the creator of this great universe to pull him through as several hours after that post the heartbreaking news of the tragic automobile accident of my niece and great niece (Destini & Londyn Davis) occurred that shook me at my foundation.


Two generations, lost in an instant.  This on top of the untimely transition of one of my closest friends of the past 25 years only a few months earlier.


As painful as it is to create this page I had to muster up the energy to put it all together and find something positive that you could benefit from.  After years of urging visitors to this site, and websites to always respond positively to adversitythe creator of was finding it very difficult to do so despite urging others to do just that for years.


Even so, as  the creator of  I had to pull myself together and create a highly empowering page that could truly provide you with the direction that you need to succeed in the current economy—and at the same time respond positively to adversity in spite of the unfortunate event mentioned above.


This page being the 50th that I created on this site and over 500 pages when you combine and websites has special meaning for many reasons.


It is the desire of the creator of this site that the inspiration will occur in this discussion that will truly take you to where you need to be and will provide you a blueprint of how you can use the power of the words on this page as a starting point to you obtaining a “financial mindset of resiliency” that you can use to effectively guide your future and more efficiently improve your life and that of your family’s! knows from experience that 9 out of 10 who read this page won’t approach the content on this page in a serious manner that will get them real results.


It is imperative that you navigate this site appropriately or in a manner that can truly transform your future by engaging your mind at your highest level.


You must determine at this time to engage your mind at a higher level on a consistent basis!


Whether you fall into the 90% category or the 10% category, it is important that you gear your mind up for continuous success in your future.


It is important that you realize that how you look at your future determines your access to the future success that you desire.  Now is the time to stop, yield and do the right thing—consistently?


If your goal is to live the life that you desire you must realize at this time that putting in motion what you want to occur in your future is the starting point for you achieving the excellence that you deserve in all areas of your life.


If you make up your mind at this time to pursue your goals with zeal and you make up your mind to never give up, you will always defeat the negative forces that may come from the outside.  Positive works on a consistent basis will always defeat negative energy that comes from the outside.


Your negative actions will achieve nothing meaningful, however your positive actions can push you in the right direction—even though they may not be totally consistent over time.  If you give it your absolute best you can still achieve what you desire in a timely manner!


You must decide now if you want a “financial mindset of resiliency” so that you can take off toward your destiny.


Are you using your full potential that God has given you?


As long as you are willing to follow the crowd you will never be able to tap into your full potential.


Whether you move against the wind or have the wind at your back as you pursue your goals, you must equip your mind to make the right decisionsconsistently.  Even a dead fish can flow downstream without any effort, however upstream requires effort as you must take action to get to your destination.  In a like manner we can all feel good and go with the flow when the rhythms of life are flowing in the way that we desirehowever can we do it when the currents are coming our way?


Always realize that adversity will occur in your life and be prepared proactively to still do your best in spite of the adversity that you will undoubtedly face.


A financial mindset of resiliency operates as a “mindset of comfort” as the financial actions that need to be taken is done in a manner that is intelligent, consistent and proactive.


Those who have a financial mindset of resiliency know that if they are to achieve at their highest level they must create a budget or cash flow statement, manage their credit wisely and manage all areas of their finances in a proactive manner.


And more than that “they” know and expect that adversity and the challenges of life will occur, however they do not waver—or waver as much as others who have a less resilient mindset—in the face of adverse situations or life events.


Those who are sincerely willing to put in the work to gain a financial mindset of resiliency will position themselves to do just that!


Those who fail to achieve their goals fall off course for varying reasons (mainly excuses) due to not understanding that intelligently managing their finances requires them to look at their situation on the front end—and determining on the front end that they will not waver as they march toward their goals—regardless of what may occur in their life and around their life!


Those who have a financial mindset of resiliency realize that they may go off course on occasion and delays and detours may occur—yet they still know that their goals will be accomplished.


A financial mindset of resiliency will serve you and your family well in your future—now is the time that you too obtain a financial mindset of resiliency so that you can manage your wealth more efficiently.


All the best,



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