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360 Wealth Building Axioms Designed to Encourage and Inspire You Throughout Your Lifetime…


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Wealth Building Axioms Volume 1 that was created to encourage and inspire you throughout your lifetime is the latest entry into “The Real Estate & Finance 360 Degrees Series of Books” created by THOMAS (TJ) UNDERWOOD (143 pages) that is now available for minimal cost ($9.95 on in e-book and paperback), that allows you to pursue the wealth building success that you desire in a more inspiring and encouraging manner.


In this compact book of 360 Axioms or helpful thoughts that can be of great benefit to you and others that were created to motivate and inspire you and those who desire lasting wealth building success a path toward that success with more clarity!


While pursuing financial excellence you want to do all that you can to make your dreams come true, and by utilizing Wealth Building AXIOMS Volume 1 you can realistically make using your mind more effectively something that “you” can truly do.


The Axioms were assembled in a sincere attempt to provide you added “mental insight and mental energy” as you pursue the goals that are most important to you and your family.


Your building of wealth does not have to be a burdensome and boring process if you choose a more engaging and appropriate path toward the success that you truly desire.


In this helpful guide you will find axioms or wise sayings that have assisted many as they managed their finances and worked toward the building of wealth in a more lasting and permanent manner, and if you are like most–you too will find significant motivation from the axioms that are in this timely book.


Below you will find a sampling of what is included in Wealth Building Axioms Volume 1, so that you can decide if The Real Estate & Finance 360 Degrees Series of Books are the best choice for you to make at this time.  And you will know in a risk-free manner whether this approach is the right approach for you and your family as you will not have a cash outlay!



Wealth Building Axioms Designed to Encourage and Inspire You Throughout Your Lifetime


Sample Axioms:



Do you have a mindset of resilience?

It is important that you realize that how you look at your future determines your access to the future success that you desire.  Now is the time to stop, yield and do the right thing—consistently?

If your goal is to live the life that you desire you must realize at this time that putting in motion what you want to occur in your future is the starting point for you achieving the excellence that you deserve in all areas of your life.

If you make up your mind at this time to pursue your goals with zeal and you make up your mind to never give up, you will always defeat the negative forces that may come from the outside.

Positive works on a consistent basis will always defeat negative energy that comes from the outside.

Your negative actions will achieve nothing meaningful, however your positive actions can push you in the right direction—even though they may not be totally consistent over time. 

If you give it your absolute best, you can still achieve what you desire in a timely manner!


Even if you are new to personal finance you want to find wealth building articles that are engaging and entertaining, but more importantly gets you the results that you desire or the results that you need to achieve to make your life more meaningful.

Your ability to simplify what many in the personal finance industry make complex and confusing could lead to you achieving more in less time.

You want to be particularly passionate about making the right choice on the front end!

By learning the tools and knowledge that you need on the front end you can approach the management of your finances in a more intelligent, consistent and proactive manner.


If you are passionate about your future you will Broaden Your Horizon inside of your mind and have the desire to achieve more in your life!  You can broaden your horizon and achieve much more right now by improving in the following areas:

  • Inside Your Mind

Add value to others and it will provide opportunity for you.

You must obtain a system within your mind that allows you do what needs to be done daily in a more efficient manner—broaden your options and look at new and creative ways of achieving your goals.


Perspiration—broaden your skills—hours –effort—study—practice—pay for above average material when it is in your best interest to do so.

  • Inspiration

Discover what your true purpose for living is and create something new based on your own inspiration and pursue the direction in your life that is uniquely yours.


Even if you feel unnoticed at this time in your life, it is important that you consistently give your best effort (you must passionately pursue what you desire in your life) as by doing so you are properly preparing your mind and heart for future success—all the while proving to yourself that you will be ready when major success occurs.

It is important that you don’t sit by idly during your “waiting period” in your life during the “time period” where you are not where you want or need to be.

Patience is required; however, you must also do more on a daily basis to improve and develop your skills and grow daily.


Don’t get frustrated by adversity that will undoubtedly come your way as it should be expected when you are trying to do something big!

It is important that you walk in excellence on a daily basis and give it your best at all times as you act on the inspiration that you receive—when it is in your best interest to do so!

You must realize that if you give it your best right where you are now at—your passion will come through and your “gifts” will come to the surface and possibly be noticed by others at the right time and the right place.


You must realize that “hidden greatness” resides inside all of us—waiting to be discovered by those who seek to find it—and pursue it!

You already possess many of the tools that are needed for major success inside your mind and you can develop the strength that is needed to achieve even more while you are waiting and discovering your true purpose.

It is important that you set goals in a passionate and timely manner if you desire to achieve at a higher level of success than those who fail to do so.

Time limits help create urgency within your mind and will help you achieve more.


You must have courage as you move forward toward your destiny and putting a time limit for completion will give you the courage that you need to actively do what needs to be done in a more efficient manner!

You must have “passion” if you desire to achieve your financial goals and you must start right now and give it your best in all that you do!

Now is the time that you experience a “brain explosion” where you really look inside your mind and heart to determine in a sincere way what you desire in your future so that you can create more certainty in your future!

You must have the passion on the inside of you—if you really want to make your dreams come true.

You have the ability, capability, and capacity to do much more during your lifetime, however do you have the audacity to passionately go after your dreams at this time?



By positively responding to adversity and creating a powerful vision you can get the minds of many moving in the right direction and get their mind in the right mental environment—where “success” lives.

You must realize that as a result of facing great adversity and then making the decision to respond to that adversity in a powerful and forceful manner you can discover hidden talents and abilities and achieve goals that you never thought possible!


You must have “real insight” on how you can do great things in your life if you “respond to adversity” in the appropriate manner!

Now is the time that you overcome any adversity that you are facing and go on and do great things—so that you can transform your and your family’s future to that of real success on a consistent basis from this day forward!


You must have the attitude that you will use your “mental energy” to search out and find the best system available to improve your credit and finances—whether a cost is involved—or not!

You must be intelligent in your thoughts and think as accurately and analytically as possible!

You must know, believe, and have faith that success is the only possible outcome in your life if you really believe that success lies ahead for you and your family.


It is important that you realize that there are many who are in need of transforming their finances and gaining a better understanding of how to more effectively manage and improve their credit and finances.

However, there are only a select few who actually want to change the direction that they are going  and actually start on a path to significantly improving their credit and finances.

It is your responsibility to bring the proper focus, commitment level, motivational level–and other successful qualities to the table if you desire to achieve at a higher level and sincerely reach the goals that you desire most.


Very few will follow through with the determination and commitment that is necessary to change their situation in a meaningful and significant way to benefit themselves and their family for generations.

There are many who know what to do and still fail to do what needs to be done—or what needs to be done on a consistent basis!

Are you among the few?


Do you have the self-control that is needed for success?

Are you willing to change the way that you approach and manage your finances?

What if you were to discover that there is a more excellent way to do so at this time?

A key component to your future success is knowing what to do and when—and knowing what not to do—and when!


Are you willing to make small adjustments daily in order to pursue something big in your future?

Do you have the perseverance—determination and other qualities that are needed so that you will stand strong during times of adversity or when difficult times come—or are you going to quit?

Are you willing to make every effort and are you doing all that you can to reach your and your family’s written goals and objectives—or are you just kidding yourself?


What do you see in your and your family’s future?   Do you have real faith that you will attain what you see? 

Do you have the perseverance, preparation and knowledge that is needed at this time—or are you in need of further cultivation of those and other qualities in order to reach your and your family’s goals?

You can’t share the right knowledge with others if you don’t have the right preparation and knowledge yourself!


You must realize and know that you were created to succeed and you can attain goals of real significance right now if you are highly motivated to do so!

You can put yourself in position to help others, reach your retirement goals, pay off your outstanding debt and attain many other goals that you may feel are out of reach if you decide now to get the preparation and knowledge that you need to succeed on the front end and not after you make costly mistakes!


You have the gift to bless others and you can grow in your knowledge of managing your finances in an effective and efficient manner—if you choose to do so! You must do so in an energetic and enthusiastic fashion!

Are you growing and producing daily?  Are you challenging your mind daily?  Do you wake up excited or are you dragging your feet to even get out of bed?

Depending on your answer, you may need to learn a better approach, if you sincerely desire to get off the stagecoach (look toward the future and get ahead in life)!


Why look back and wonder if you did all that you could with the gifts and talents that you had?

You already know (or soon will know) that it takes discipline, sacrifice and a sincere determination to reach meaningful and significant goals.

It is important that you also realize that you may have to scale back or spend less time doing what you really like to do in order to achieve the goals that you desire!


Do you have the desire in your personal life to achieve your life purpose and achieve at a high level at this time?

You must know that perfect timing is created by you—the time to do anything meaningful will never be just right—unless you make it just right in your mind even when things are not just right in actuality!

You must use the opportunity that you now have to change your situation and utilize your talents and abilities, and if  you dream big and set big goals—you put in motion what is needed to bring those dreams and goals into existence!


Why wait on others to do what you have the ability within to do yourself?

You must do it yourself!  You can do it yourself!  However, you must take the first step to get the ball rolling. 

You can achieve phenomenal success in your future if you put in the work!  Are you making the sacrifices that are needed and are you doing what you need to do daily?


 Wealth Building AXIOMS Volume 1


Part of The Real Estate & Personal Finance 360 Degrees Series of Books


Be sure to use this guide, along with other books in The Real Estate & Personal Finance 360 Degrees Series of Books to carve out a new future for yourself and your family that “puts you in control” and allows you to move forward at a faster pace, so that you can truly win your race.


Also, make it a priority to dream big, worry less, love yourself, pursue success, give it your best, enjoy life, stress less, live free, love God and be all that you were meant to be!


 All the best, as you no longer have to wonder if you can achieve lasting success…


Thomas (TJ) Underwood





Wealth Building AXIOMS Volume 1: A concise and to the point guide on how you can use empowering axioms to encourage and inspire you to achieve the goals that you desire most in a more efficient and effective manner at the various stages in your life.


Paperback now available on for only  $9.95



Part of The Real Estate & Personal Finance 360 Degrees Series of Books


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