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With the graduation season in full bloom and the vibrancy of youthful enthusiasm sweeping the atmosphere the creator of felt compelled to look back and remember those years and reflect on the graduation period.  At the time of the graduation of the creator of there was no site available that could direct graduates who desired to pursue the successful management of their finances in a comprehensive manner.


Fortunately for the class of 2016 and beyond there is a SITE THAT YOU CAN GO TO AND FIND DIRECTION TO ACHIEVE MAJOR SUCCESS.   You no longer have to make the same mistakes that consumers made in the past.


You can now pursue a major path to success at last!


Congratulations class of 2016 and beyondyou no longer have to rely on a magic wand!


Lay your life on the line and pursue your passion with zeal.  Do all that you can do to climb over that hill!   Go after and declare what you desire in your future and take the necessary action to obtain your college degree.


After doing so do you now feel free?


Now that you have graduated and are on pace to gainful employment, what is it that you must do in order to build wealth effectively throughout your lifetime?


Prepare and search out what you really desire they say.  Set written goals and have every intention on achieving those goals.  However, you can now establish a new way of thought that can propel you forward and help you achieve what you really want in your future.


Change begins with a decision by you to step into a new destiny.  It’s done!  Write it down and work to make it happen.   In this discussion you will learn what you can do now to achieve success and be on a path that is far superior to that of your peers.


What you can do once you become gainfully employed to make your dreams come true…


20-30-40 Plan for success for those who are age 30 or less:


The 20-30-40 Plan to Success—for those who are Age 30 or less® that was created in 2003 continues to propel recent college graduates and others toward success in a major way.


You too can use the above formula to achieve at a very high level.  Keep in mind that it will take discipline as most in the age 30 or less age group lack the discipline and commitment to stick to this plan.  This is a formula that (The Wealth Increaser whoops, The Wealth Increaser was not even created then) I came up with over a decade ago and those who continue to follow it are on a major path to success. believes that Financial Planning is a Must—for those who are Age 20 Plus!


However, if you are one who has the determination and commitment to follow through on this plan, or you follow it relatively close to the guidelines you can put yourself in position to retire early and pursue other life goals or objectives that you may have.


Many of my past clients who followed this plan own their home free and clear or are on path to doing so in an efficient manner and most have not reached the age of 35meaning they are or will soon be in position to live abundantly and enjoy life on their terms for many years!


Keep in mind if you earn enough income and you keep your other monthly expenses reasonable you can still live abundantly and at the same time save according to the success formula.


In a nutshell the formula requires that you do the following:


Save 20% from the time you begin working up to age 30—save 30% from age 30 to age 40—save  40% from age 40 to age 60!




$100,000 in income from age 25 to age 30 at 20% per year equals $100,000 in savings by age 30—if your income is $50,000 per year your savings would be $50,000 by age 30.


$100,000 in income from age 30 to age 40 at 30% per year equals $300,000 in savings  by age 40—if your income is $50,000 per year your savings would be $150,000 by age 40.


$100,000 in income from age 40 to age 60 at 40% per year equals $800,000 in savings by age 60—if your income is $50,000 per year your savings would be $400,000 by age 60.


All combined you would have saved $1.2 million at an annual income of $100,000 over a 35 year period!


At an annual income of $50,000 you would have saved $600,000 over a 35 year period!


All of the above examples do not take compounding, pay raises, bonuses or additional sources of income into the equation.  Therefore your end result will be significantly higher with compounding, marriage where your spouse works—and other variables that are too many to list in this discussion.


Be sure to go to the “Young Investors” page, the  “Life Stages & You” page, the “Income page and the Compounding page” that can be found on the Realty 1 Strategic Advisors Web Site to learn about more helpful advice.


In addition, be sure to frequent this site throughout your adult life—as you can find the right information at the right time so that you can avoid financial strife.


Even if your income at this time is less than the amounts listed above there is no need to panic.  If you make a sincere effort to reach higher and you decide right now to give it your absolute best to improve your incomeand you make it a priority to frequent this siteyou will soon get your money right! wishes you untold success in your future and believes that you are on a path to achieving major success if you are one who are willing to put in the effort and work steadily to achieve what you desire.


All the best to a lifetime of success…


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