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TFA Financial Planning is a financial planning and wealth building company located in Atlanta, Georgia that offers “comprehensive financial planning” for those who have reached a point in their life where they desire to achieve lasting financial success.


TFA Financial Planning has been offering a “client centered approach” to financial planning and wealth building since 2002 where quality of service is paramount—not quantity of service.


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Company History

Whether you are one who desire to come by our office to receive financial planning advice (free one-hour initial consultation) or you are one who frequent the world wide web trying to find a site that can address your financial concerns—TFA Financial Planning has been there for you since 2002—and continues to be a company that can assist you in making your dreams come true.


TFA Financial Planning has been providing “confidential financial advice” since inception and originally opened as a “fee-based” financial planning company at 101 Kenwood Road in Fayetteville, GA in 2002 (along with Realty 1 Strategic Advisors, LLC), and has survived numerous economic cycle downturns along with adversity coming from all angles–and on many occasions simultaneously.


Whether personal or business Thomas (TJ) Underwood (the owner of TFA Financial Planning) has been overcoming obstacles and continues to inspire and “help those who desire real success” put highly effective plans in place to sincerely help direct them in their efforts toward achieving financial freedom.


By having a high level of faith about what was in the future if the required effort was put forth–and deciding from the outset to put “quality over quantity” whether on blog content or when meeting with clients–TFA Financial Planning is now in the ideal position where cutting edge approaches to wealth building that are designed to put the “power of achievement” in your hand as you journey toward financial freedom–can now be implemented  by YOU on a consistent basis.


TFA Financial Planning operates as a “beacon of hope” for those around the world who have searched in vain for a site that could assist them with their finances in a way that they could understand and would lead to them achieving what they really desire—efficiently!  And just as previous visitors to this site have achieved major success–so can you.


In addition to all of the free content that you can find on this site, TFA Financial Planning offers strategic solutions  that can be specifically created for you in a number of areas of your finances that may now be of concern to you—including the following:


*Personal Financial Statements


TFA Financial Planning offers personal financial statements (budget or cash flow statement, income statement, balance sheet and net worth statement) that can help you manage your finances optimally.


By utilizing these statements you will know how you manage your finances on a monthly and annual basis.


You will also know how you are doing financially (you will know your net worth) and know at what level your assets exceed your liabilities.


You can use that knowledge to plan for your future in a way that gives you a more realistic opportunity to achieve the goals that you desire and your vision of what you can achieve will be made more clearer to you.


*Credit & Debt Analysis


TFA Financial Planning provides credit and financial analysis that is designed to get you in position to pay off your debt earlier and save thousands and sometimes tens of thousands in interest payments.


Even if you are managing your credit card debt optimally you still want to select credit cards—and especially reward cards—in a way that fits your lifestyle so that you can maximize your credit usage and get the rewards that will benefit you in the right way!


In most cases that analysis and planning alone—along with your commitment to follow the plan—will pay for the fees that you will pay TFA Financial Planning ($340 per hour) as it normally takes about 1 to 1.5 hours to complete a “debt payoff plan” and 2 to 4 hours to create a “comprehensive financial plan” if all requested information and documents are submitted in a timely manner and you are sincere in your efforts to pay down or pay off your debt.


There is no charge for your “initial one hour consultation” that is designed to give you the opportunity to see if our office is a good fit for you and your family without you having a cash outlay.  Furthermore you can use this meeting to determine if we can assist you in the manner that you expect as far as your financial future is concerned—and you will also have the opportunity to review a sample comprehensive financial plan to see if  what you expect—is what you will get.


You can scroll to the end of this page to see how you can request a sample comprehensive financial plan—or a stand-alone debt payoff plan that you can review prior to making payment for any of the services that we offer.


*Insurance Review


TFA Financial Planning will review your insurance profile and ensure that you have the opportunity to address all of your insurance needs in the most beneficial manner possible.


You must ensure that you are selecting the right products for your auto, life, health, home, liability and disability point of view.


Do you have an understanding of LTC insurance and the potential need for LTC insurance in your future?   With monthly LTC charges over $5,000 per month at this time and with an expected 70% of the population possibly needing that care in the coming years—you can easily see why Long-Term Care insurance is something that you need to consider.


It is important to realize at the earliest time possible that LTC insurance, health care and taxes are critical as you enter your retirement years and the sooner you start planning—the better.


*Investment Review


TFA Financial Planning will determine your risk profile and ensure that you are on track to reach the investment returns that you desire with your current portfolio and level of investment.


Is your allocation of stocks, bonds, cash, and mutual funds the right mix for you based on your risk profile and investment knowledge?


Keep in mind, TFA Financial Planning does not actively manage investment funds nor do we recommend any investment funds as that is outside the scope of what our office does.


*Year Round Tax Planning


It is important that you look at new and more effective ways of managing your taxes and it begins with a thorough review of how you now file your taxes—as well as a look into the future to see how you could make improvements in future year(s).


TFA Financial Planning has on staff a tax professional with over 25 years of tax planning experience and that experience can be of great benefit to you and your family with all of the recent tax changes that occurred over the past few years.


*Real Estate Planning


Whether you are currently renting, are a first time home owner, a move up seller or you hold investment property, it is important to look at ways that you could possibly plan your real estate future in a better—more effective way.


TFA Financial Planning has a licensed on staff real estate broker who has over 25 years of real estate experience in the Atlanta market.


By tapping into his expertise you can start on a path toward achieving greater success in the current economy.  If you desire to purchase or sell real estate in the state of Georgia he can directly assist you in making your home purchase or home sale the right way–and in a manner that is more favorable for you and your family.


Those who desire to use our company to purchase or sell their home can get many of the services on this page as a complimentary service (free) when using our brokerage services.


Also, if you are a real estate investor or desire to become one–you can get income projections and tax projections to help plan your future in a more realistic manner so that you can reach your intended goals.


*Emergency Fund


TFA Financial Planning will create a plan that provides you the opportunity to create an emergency fund that meets your and your family’s needs.


It is important that you have some of your funds in safe account(s) so that you can handle the emergencies that will undoubtedly occur during your lifetime in a manner that puts you in control–not creditors.


*Education Planning


TFA Financial Planning will help you come up with a savings plan that will help you eliminate or reduce the need to borrow in the future when your children become college age or even before that if you desire to fund their primary and secondary education.


Even if you yourself have a dream of going back to school, TFA Financial Planning can show in clear terms how you can do just that—and reduce or eliminate your need to borrow.


*Estate Planning/Wills


TFA Financial Planning will review your will and will also review your finances to see if you have a need for estate planning—such as creating a trust, power of attorney, health care directives and the like.


TFA Financial planning will help determine your net worth and how much your estate is worth so that you can get a feel of how well you are doing financially.


Keep in mind TFA Financial Planning does not practice law or have a lawyer on staff.


*Retirement Planning


TFA Financial Planning offers retirement planning that is designed to help you reach the goals that you desire during your retirement years.


It is important that you reach your “retirement number” and TFA Financial Planning is here to help you design a plan to make sure that you reach that number.


You must ensure that your 401k/pension income, social security, investment returns both inside and outside of your retirement account(s) and any other income or expected financial windfall will provide you the needed funds so that you can live at or above the standard that you lived at during your pre-retirement level for your remaining life expectancy.


*Any Financial Issue of Concern


TFA Financial Planning will assist you in the best way possible and will strive to address any financial concern that you may have.


At the very least TFA Financial Planning will point you in the right direction based on your issue of concern if we are unable to address your concern directly.


If at this time you desire to know more about how our office can assist you in a real way, email us ( and ask for our sample “comprehensive financial plan”  or “debt payoff plan”  or better yet schedule a confidential meeting so that you can see in real-time how our office can assist you in reaching your financial objectives at the various stages of your life.


All the best toward achieving financial success and living daily at a level that is your absolute best…

Thomas (TJ) Underwood  404-952-9284 Direct



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