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Welcome to TheWealthIncreaser.com!


The goal of TheWealthIncreaser.com is to provide quality Wealth Enhancing information and advice, including new and improved ways for you to master your understanding of personal finance and new ways of accumulating wealth that is fresh, powerful, and takes you to where you need or desire to be in an inspiring and uplifting manner.


TheWealthIncreaser.com was created by Thomas (TJ) Underwood in January of 2014. 


Thomas (TJ) Underwood is a former fee only financial planner, former top producing loan processor and is currently an active real estate broker at Realty 1 Strategic Advisors, one of the most creative and highly effective real estate companies in the metropolitan Atlanta area.


Many people who have visited this site are amazed at the quantity and quality of the information and advice that is provided, however once they realize that this site is only one of three created by Thomas (TJ) Underwood, their amazement not only grows, and they not only continue to visit this site, they also visit the other sites on a consistent basis in high numbers as well.


Realty-1-strategic-advisors and the-best-atlanta-real-estate-advice.com websites—along with our timely books and e-books that are available for minimal cost, making TheWealthIncreaser.com a popular wealth building resource and the place to go for some of the most determined and highly driven visitors who sincerely desire to achieve major success in their real estate, financial and wealth building future.


What Is The Purpose of TheWealthIncreaser.com?


Our blog articles highlight the power of showing you a better, more effective way of approaching your financial future, and provide “a dramatic change” from what most people expect from web based wealth building sites.


I wish I could say that the idea of creating this and the above websites happened overnight, but the reality is that these sites were created as a result of over 20 years of insight that I have accumulated as a result of experience gained as a former fee only financial planner, former top producing loan processor and real estate broker.


The idea of creating this particular site occurred in the most unusual of circumstances as the thoughts and inspiration to create this site occurred on my drive home while I was severely delayed in what was later to be known as “snowjam” in Atlanta, Georgia (major winter snowstorm on January 28th of 2014 that shut the city down and had many commuters stranded for hours—and in some cases overnight).


The basic idea of TheWealthIncreaser.com is simple. Our goal is to provide the highest quality Wealth Building information and advice that can be found on the web that can lead to your success—with no strings attached.


We desire that you purchase our products only if you have a need for the product and you see value in the product and you feel the product has the potential to help you achieve your goals more efficiently.


Many visitors achieve success by just navigating this site and possibly our other sites and that is fine by us—as that was the original goal of this site.


The personal finance industry is not what it once was just 10 years ago as the Great Recession of 2008 changed the way markets work, and this site is designed to provide those who desire a more intelligent, consistent and proactive approach toward achieving wealth in today’s economy—the opportunity to do just that.


Unfortunately, there are few quality personal finance sites on the Internet that are designed for you to achieve major success—and conveys understanding that you can readily grasp.


As I formulated the thoughts for this site, I found that there are very few online sites providing a comprehensive approach to wealth building.


While some personal finance sites—scattered across the web are relatively good, they often lack the comprehensive focus or are written by too many different authors to provide you the effective and directed focus that you need to succeed—BIG TIME!


Many other sites provide blatantly incorrect information or have questionable intentions where you can’t tell if their goal is to improve their bottom line at your expense—or to educate you properly on the topic that you are interested in.


My professional and personal experiences have also helped to build this web site.


While an undergraduate student I formed a tax preparation company and that is what fueled my personal finance career.


I have personally used the information on this site to achieve MAJOR success—and you can do the same.


As I’ve grown older and seen the growth of the internet, I’ve also realized that comprehensive and highly effective financial advice should be available to all who truly desire success in their future.


Email messages that I constantly receive have proven that there are thousands upon thousands of people who would like to build their wealth in an intelligent, consistent and proactive manner.


TheWealthIncreaser.com realizes that there are many who cannot afford a financial planner or desire not to use one, but they do have the time to devote to solid advice if it is of high quality, written in a style that they can relate to and understand—and most importantly leads them toward the goals that they desire for themselves and their family in a more efficient and effective manner.


The primary goal of TheWealthIncreaser.com is for this site to provide a springboard for all who visit to achieve major success!


Purchase a product from this site only if you have a need and you know that the product can truly benefit you and your family.  Be sure to “look inside” on the product preview page of any book that you are interested in prior to purchase.


Is all of the information and advice on this site really free?


All of the pages on this site are completely free!


There’s no registration required to view any of the pages, you don’t have to provide your name and email address, and there’s “no requirement” that you have to buy anything as  you navigate this site!


Even the pages on realty-1-strategic-advisors and the-best-atlanta-real-estate-advice.com that visitors worldwide have been utilizing to achieve major success for years—is absolutely free.


Nothing is free. What’s the catch, really?



Even though I have to maintain this site and those listed above (pay for server hosting, other web based fees, and buy the equipment needed to support and create the pages that you are reading), the funds for doing so come from the revenue generated from the sale of a number of books.


I too am very skeptical about anything that is advertised as free!


The financial outlay for this site was projected well in advance and I’ve combined valuable online content along with low cost books and e-books that when combined keeps this site running without requiring a cash outlay from you or advertising revenue from others.


Navigate all of our sites and make your dreams come true.  Navigate all of our sites and make the decision to do all that you can do!


And always realize that more highly empowering pages that can truly transform your financial future—are on the way!  Make the decision to improve your financial future—today!


Always keep in mind that over 95% of the text links that you see in articles on this site and the other sites mentioned above are written by the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com.


By taking this most unusual approach you get articles that are more focused—with the links providing you even more clarity—if you desire more clarity.


Even on the few occasions when we direct you to a site that is not created by TheWealthIncreaser.com it is done so with the primary goal of enhancing your understanding of the current topic that you are reading.


It is not uncommon for many sites to take you in too many different directions where they have links that take you to ads or other links that have no real relevance to the article that you are currently reading.


TheWealthIncreaser.com offers you a welcome departure from those types of articles—and sites!


For people who want more, be sure to consider purchasing Managing & Improving Your Credit & Finances for this MILLENNIUM—if you desire to take control of your financial future in the most forceful, focused and comprehensive manner possible, or for an even more effective approach—purchase The Wealth Increaser bundle for roughly $50 or less and get started on a serious path to wealth building success!


At TheWealthIncreaser.com there is something here for everyone who sincerely desire success in their future.


Can I learn everything that I need to get my personal finances in order in a comprehensive manner on this site?


We’ve tried to incorporate the fundamental topics of personal finance that you need to know to improve your finances in a comprehensive manner.


With personal finance being so broad we could not possibly cover all areas of personal finance at a level of depth in all areas, there’s no possible way for any resource to provide 100% of everything that you may desire.


However,  you will get a comprehensive foundation and empowering overview of personal finance on this site and our companion sites from a point of view that you can’t  find anywhere else (whether paid or free).


We “highly recommend” that anyone visiting this site pursue other areas of financial education including that of books, magazines, audio products, video products, other websites, personal financial planners and other financial professionals.


Be sure to analyze them all (including this site) in an analytical, accurate, careful and critical manner to protect your future interests.


You can then put yourself in position to “come to your own conclusion” as to where you can find the best value!


How long does it take you to create a Blog Post?


As the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com I try to create content as much as possible.  However, because I have other duties (full-time real estate broker) I have to use my time wisely.


Fortunately, I don’t operate on a writing deadline and I am able to write new content when I get the inspiration to do so, thereby providing you higher value content.  Having said all of that I try to create several pages per month among the three sites mentioned above.


Even though writing new content for a number of sites is a process that is incredibly time consuming and takes a lot of personal commitment, focus and determination—I continue to create new content on a consistent basis based on the positive feedback that I receive from consumers from around the world on a constant basis.  In addition, providing highly beneficial credit, finance and real estate advice is part of my purpose for being—while here on planet earth—therefore the creation is effortless in many respects.


By the time a new blog page hits this site—it has usually gone through several hours of thought at a conscious and sub-conscious level, and when the creation, editing and ultimate page is finally ready for the blog universe—the final version, has normally gone through several hours of development.


By having the attitude that an article or blog will not be created just to meet a timeline or certain number of blogs within a certain time frame TheWealthIncreaser.com  is in the ideal position where creating higher quality articles that are designed to move you forward in a more definitive manner can occur on a consistent basis!


How can I contact you?


Please feel free to send TheWealthIncreaser.com  any feedback or comments. We invite you to challenge the material on this site at your highest level.


By doing so we can improve this site even more.


It’s incredibly motivating and inspiring to hear the success stories of how people are using this site to achieve major success in their financial future.


You can always send us a message about any of the content on this site and let us know how this site has impacted you and your family!


Your (and other visitors) success stories inspires TheWealthIncreaser.com to create new content at an even higher level as the success that you achieve is heart-felt by TheWealthIncreaser.com and leads to more creative and highly beneficial articles that have the unique flavor that can only be found on this site.


Although I wish that I could say that I read all emails received from the posts on this site, that would not be an accurate statement as there is simply not enough time in the day for me to look at and respond to the high volume of emails that are received.


However, on occasion I do get the chance to read quite a few and select emails are often posted, responded to—and in some cases lead to the creation of a highly empowering page if it sparks the imagination of TheWealthIncreaser.com!


If you truly desire to reach the creator of  TheWealthIncreaser.com use the contact methods  (CONTACT US BLOCK IS THE BEST APPROACH) listed below to ensure a timely response!



Click here to contact us

email: tj@TheWealthIncreaser.com


It is the desire of TheWealthIncreaser.com that this site will give you everything that you showed up for—including much more…


When people (possibly you) saw consumers all around the world sincerely wanting to improve their personal finances and build wealth intelligently in a comprehensive manner and having no place to go—they often thought—someone should do something about that!


Who is doing something about that?


By frequenting TheWealthIncreaser.com you now have access to over 500 pages of empowering credit and finance topics that can be found on 3 sites that the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com has worked on over a number of years—in a sincere effort to make the world a better place for those who choose to receive the information and advice—and do something with it!


Achieve Your Dreams…




P.S. Once you “set your mind for success” you can prepare your mind for the success that lies ahead.  You can put yourself in position to think more effectively by gaining new and empowering ways of looking at your present and future. You can then put yourself in position to think and act in a proactive manner as you pursue your and your family’s future goals.


By gaining a proactive mindset you can put yourself in position to achieve your dreams!


It is imperative that you have a mental approach where you are determined to gain the necessary skills that can truly lead you toward the goals that you desire!


Your past failures, disappointments, achievements and accomplishments have formed the womb for your future success.  All that you have gone through in your past (whether positive or negative) have prepared you for this particular day.   As this new season in your life comes into focus—make it a point to add dynamic, positive and forward moving  new thoughts to your daily routine.   Don’t let your past disappointments (or successes) confuse or deter you about what you can do in your future!


From this day forward you must no longer sit on the sidelines!  Now is the time that you stand up and march forward toward the dream and purpose that is uniquely your own!


Now is the time that you dominate your thoughts with positive energy so that you will receive a continuous positive charge—so that you can achieve goals that are large!


TheWealthIncreaser.com  has the primary objective of getting you on a fast track path to achieving major success in your financial future—in ways you never imagined!


By doing so, it is the desire of TheWealthIncreaser.com that you will achieve the success that you desire in your wealth building future in a more efficient, enduring and appropriate manner so that your existence on earth will be as rewarding as possible in all areas of your life for you, your family and the broader society that you live in!


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