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by Thomas (TJ) Underwood


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Successfully Selling Your Home Yourself

is Now Possible


Learn How To Sell Your Home Yourself in A Stress-Free Manner



Have you ever thought about selling your home yourself and didn’t know whether you had what it took to do so successfully?  


The FIZBO Manual   is now available for purchase… 


Everything that a For Sale By Owner Seller needs to know if they sincerely desire to get results that will show!

Determining whether to sell your home yourself is a BIG decision—but it no longer has to be a difficult one.

If you are contemplating selling your home yourself in the current market there are some key questions that you must ask and answer appropriately to determine if you are a good candidate for selling your home yourself.


Those key questions that you must ask yourself among others include:


Am I in a position where I feel forced to sell my home?

What do I expect to gain by selling my home myself as opposed to hiring an agent?

Are homes selling in my neighborhood or surrounding area in a timely manner?

Is my home located in a highly desirable area

Are there excellent schools in my neighborhood and school district

Do I have the time that is needed and am I committed to showing, promoting and doing all that is necessary—including the research and other details that are required up to and after closing?

Are there any other special circumstances or details about my property or neighborhood such as environmental or other issues that negatively affect the property and/or area?

Do I know what I “need to net” and what I “want to net” from the sale of my home?


If you answered the above questions appropriately you may be a good candidate for selling your home yourself as a FIZBO or For Sale By Owner!


However, it is important that you are equipped with the right knowledge if you desire to sell your home the right way—and with the least inconvenience and aggravation as possible.


The FIZBO Manual is designed to provide you with the pressing details that you need to know to increase the odds that you will sell your home in a timely manner and at a fair price for both you and the home buyer.


Learn what is inside The Fizbo Manual…


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About the Author


Helping others achieve success is a way of life for the author of “The FIZBO Manual” as he provides new and inspiring ways for those who truly desire financial success a way to achieve success in today’s economy a more efficient way to do just that with a number of books, blogs and websites that are designed to act as a “springboard to success” for all who truly desire success in their future.


Among personal finance blogs on the web, Thomas (TJ) Underwood is known for his totally unique and inspiring writing style on all of his sites (,, and


His uncanny ability to look at and assess the mental aspects of financial planning that he has seen many of his clients go through over the years and integrate that assessment into comprehensive financial management and wealth building strategies sets him apart from others in the personal finance industry.


Even those who are new to personal finance find his articles engaging and entertaining, but more importantly gets them the results that they desire or the results that they need to achieve to make their life more meaningful.


His ability to simplify what many in the personal finance industry make complex and confusing has led to the creation of some of the most impressive personal finance blogs that can be found anywhere in the blogosphere.


He is particularly passionate about helping consumers make the right choice on the front end and his writing style reflects that passion!


By providing you with the tools and knowledge that you need on the front end you can approach the management of your finances in a more intelligent, consistent and proactive manner.


As a former fee-only financial planner, top producing loan processor and current real estate broker you get a rare advantage of over 20 years of experience that he has gained while helping consumers with their financial matters from all walks of life.


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About The Author of The Fizbo Manual:


The Fizbo Manual was written by Thomas (TJ) Underwood.   Thomas (TJ) Underwood is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Georgia and is the writer behind The Wealth Increaser, Home Buyer 411,  Home Seller 411, The 3 Step Structured Approach to Managing Your Finances, Managing & Improving Your Credit & Finances for this MILLENNIUM and CREDIT & FINANCE IMPROVEMENT MADE EASY—FREE GUIDE. 

He is the creator of where he regularly blogs about helping consumers improve their credit, finance and real estate pursuits in an intelligent, consistent and proactive manner.  He’s always looking for ways to make intelligent finance improvement happen for those who “sincerely desire” success in their future.

You can contact him from a number of sources but the most direct way is to contact him through Realty 1 Strategic Advisors Website.  You can also get highly relevant tips on “living your life more abundantly” and possibly earn revenue at the same time by linking to


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