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The Wealth Increaser by Thomas (TJ) Underwood—116 page e-book $9.95—now available on

Paperback version (142 pages) now available on for $19.95 (includes cash flow and sample debt payoff plan in Appendix A)…

Hardback also available (142 pages) for $22.95 (includes cash flow statement and sample debt payoff plan in Appendix A)




Manage Your Time Better.

Manage Your Money Better.

Manage Your Mind Better.



Part of The Real Estate &  Finance 360 Degrees Series of Books®


It’s easy to lose track of your finances and get on the wrong path to managing your credit and finances when you live in a consumer driven society.  As the number of books on the market in personal finance continue to grow we have found that many of these books are missing the major element—giving the consumer the preparation and knowledge that allows THEM to USE THEIR OWN MIND to manage THEIR FINANCES effectively for the rest of their lives….






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By purchasing this e-book you will receive a secure digital download of 116 pages in a matter of minutes…


You have to have a highly effective foolproof plan for achieving your future financial goals.  You can’t truly be successful without a highly effective foolproof plan for achieving your future financial goals.


And patching together bits of financial advice from many different authors and financial gurus are too confusing.  Reading different articles and books that don’t provide you the proper focus and comprehensive working knowledge simply isn’t going to get you there efficiently.


Your plan for success also needs to “stand apart in your mind and heart” and allow you to do what you need to do in your financial life in a comprehensive and well thought out manner in order to provide you the direction that you need so that you can truly succeed!


The Wealth Increaser will show you how to use your mind to successfully reach the financial goals that you desire in a more comprehensive manner.


Yes, understanding personal finance can be difficult, but it no longer has to be.   Understanding how to manage your personal finances is often difficult for many because “they want a quick fix, an easy way out.”    With The Wealth Increaser there simply is no guesswork as to what you need to do to comprehensively manage and improve your finances.


Your road map for major success in the management of your finances is laid out for you in 9 powerful chapters.  You can learn step by step in logical sequence how to effectively manage your finances for the rest of your life.


You get the right knowledge to manage all areas of your finances exactly when you need it!


The marketplace for solid financial advice is huge. We’ve assisted consumers from around the world for years and we know what works in the area of personal finance.   No need to worry about whether you may miss an area of your finances that you need to address.  The Wealth Increaser will take the mystery out of managing your finances in a comprehensive and highly effective manner, so that you can work towards your future goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.


Consumers from around the world have told us about the learning curves that they encountered when trying to manage and improve their finances and that has helped us not only write this book—but our new books that are now on the market as well.


It’s not enough to just address certain areas of your finances and not really know if there are areas that you did not address that really needs to be addressed for your and your family’s greater benefit. Achieving the comprehensive type of success that you need and desire to attain is another matter entirely.


You need a plan that will take you to where you need and desire to go in an efficient manner in the times that we now live in!


Factor in the time and cost that you have paid in the past and you still don’t have a system that you can carry comfortably in your mind and heart that allows you to achieve your financial goals on a consistent basis, and you will get the picture of why other systems lack the “comprehensive approach” that you need to achieve major success in today’s economy!



With The Wealth Increaser, Comprehensively Managing Your Finances Is (Finally) Within Reach



Everything that you need to comprehensively manage your finances is inside, saving you tons of time, money, effort and disappointment.


The Essentials that You Need for Success


20 plus years of personal finance planning knowledge compressed into one empowering book that was created for your success.


Comprehensive Approach to Managing Your Finances


The completely unique, one-of-a-kind approach to managing and improving your finances is provided so that you address all that you need to address.


Direct E-mail for clarification


If you have questions or concerns or a pressing personal finance issue–or if you need clarification or expanded explanation on topics that you have read in the book you can email us and receive a prompt response (usually within 24 hours).


Access by Links to even deeper knowledge of the subject matter


Your “base” for hundreds of pages of financial knowledge and other need-to-know articles covering a variety of personal finance topics written by the author of The Wealth Increaser.


Author has over 20 Years of Financial Planning Knowledge & Experience


Without a serious credit and finance

management system we have seen many

consumers make unwise financial decisions,

switching from one financial management

system to another, wasting money and the most

precious resource of alltheir valuable time.


We’ve spent over 20 years perfecting the science (and art) of determining how consumers can achieve comprehensive financial success at a high level in the most efficient manner possible.


Stop procrastinating and start taking control of your financial future.  Now is the time that you learn and effectively apply a system of credit and finance management that will get you the results that you desire.   You can get on a path of comprehensively managing your credit and finances with 3 highly creative—yet simple steps that you can learn right now in our NEW GUIDE!   Get started on a path to creating the financial success that you’ve only dreamed of in minutes.


If you’ve come to purchase The Wealth Increaser you can do so.   If you’re not sure, look inside this one-of-a-kind book that can truly transform your future to that of major success to learn more.   The Wealth Increaser comes with a full 60 day no questions asked refund if you are unsatisfied for any reason.   We’re confident that The Wealth Increaser will make a HUGE difference for you and your family as you pursue financial freedom and living your life on your terms.


But you don’t have to take our word for it.   Purchase The Wealth Increaser now in e-book, paperback or hardback and you can get a feel for the success that you could be attaining on a consistent basis.


By spending just $9.95 today, major success in the management of your finances can be on the way–as you’ll receive an immediate download from and you can see for yourself what we mean. 


The Wealth Increaser is a part of the real estate and finance 360 degrees series of books and can be purchased as part of the series or as a stand-alone book–and it builds on the empowering information that was included in our debut book as The Wealth Increaser  addresses what you need to do in a more comprehensive manner in the area of your emergency fund, insurance, investments, taxes, education planning, estate planning/wills and retirement planningat the various stages in your life.


It is a book written in the same original, enlightening and encouraging manner that is known and expected by the author—Thomas (TJ) Underwood.


Are you now waiting for who you will become or are you prepared to take the right action at this time and forge the future that serves your best interest?


Learn what others have said about The Wealth Increaser


Now is the time that you really pursue your goals and make an impact on the loved ones in your life by gaining the knowledge that you need to learn and apply on a consistent basis.  You can do so in an intelligent and proactive manner that will provide you the opportunity to achieve the type of consistent success that you will not only feel you deserve, but the type of success that you will come to expect in your future.


Even if your future now looks bleak—you must expect success and you must believe and know that you will achieve the goals that you desire during your lifetime!


Now is the time that you set yourself apart from the crowd and focus on what you need to focus on—intelligently, consistently and proactively to achieve lasting success and make a real difference in the lives of your family and future generations…


Over the years we have found that those who don’t take the right actions—don’t get the right outcomes and that has led to frustration for many as they tried to pursue financial freedom.


Don’t let that be you, as you have an opportunity at this time to start on a serious path toward making your dreams come true!


Read what the critics had to say about our debut book—Managing & Improving Your Credit & Finances for this MILLENNIUM below…



“Underwood’s can-do attitude buoys this guide to financial success. Managing & Improving Your Credit & Finances for This MILLENNIUM, by Thomas (TJ) Underwood, offers foundational tools to help make financial decisions. The author’s wisdom is based on his career as a Realtor—a prime arena in which to watch the causes and effects of financial choices. The overview of topics is great for those who are just beginning to actively engage in their financial future— ForeWord Clarion Reviews”

Managing & Improving Your Credit & Finances for this MILLENNIUM


“A professional real-estate broker presents his thoughts on how to manage and restore one’s credit. As Underwood explains in this debut, there’s no “magic bullet” for credit problems. However, it’s possible for even the most debt-ridden person to dig his way out if he’s motivated, determined and has the right system. The core of the author’s credit restoration system is a three-step process: The first step involves writing up basic personal finance documents to assess one’s current financial situation. The second step explains the factors that can affect credit scores, and how one can improve scores as quickly as possible. The third step is to lay the groundwork for a strong financial future by analyzing one’s plans—KIRKUS REVIEWS ”

Managing & Improving Your Credit & Finances for this MILLENNIUM





Paperback version now available on for $19.95 (includes cash flow and debt payoff plan in Appendix A)

Hardback version now available on for $22.95 (includes cash flow and debt payoff plan in Appendix A)


By purchasing THE WEALTH INCREASER, you will receive a secure digital download of 116 pages in a matter of minutes from in e-book form or 142 pages in paperback or hardback form…



About the Author


Helping others achieve success is a way of life for the author of THE WEALTH INCREASER as he provides new and inspiring ways for those who truly desire financial success a way to achieve success in today’s economy a more efficient way to do just that with a number of books, blogs and websites that are designed to act as a “springboard to success” for all who truly desire success in their future.


Among personal finance blogs on the web, Thomas (TJ) Underwood is known for his totally unique and inspiring writing style on all of his sites (,, and


His uncanny ability to look at and assess the mental aspects of financial planning that he has seen many of his clients go through over the years and integrate that assessment into comprehensive financial management and wealth building strategies sets him apart from others in the personal finance industry.


Even those who are new to personal finance find his articles engaging and entertaining, but more importantly gets them the results that they desire or the results that they need to achieve to make their life more meaningful.


His ability to simplify what many in the personal finance industry make complex and confusing has led to the creation of some of the most impressive personal finance blogs that can be found anywhere in the blogosphere.


He is particularly passionate about helping consumers make the right choice on the front end and his writing style reflects that passion!


By providing you with the tools and knowledge that you need on the front end you can approach the management of your finances in a more intelligent, consistent and proactive manner.


As a former fee-only financial planner, top producing loan processor and current real estate broker you get a rare advantage of over 20 years of experience that he has gained while helping consumers with their financial matters from all walks of life.


You can contact him at




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