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Thomas (TJ) Underwood      President & CEO

IRS registered tax professional


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TFA Financial Planning is confident that we can assist you and offers a “free one hour initial consultation” to see if our office is a good fit for your tax planning and assisting you in your financial future.   TFA Financial Planning offers the following tax and financial services that are designed to put you in a better position for long-term success.


Professional Tax Preparation (over 30 year’s experience)* Financial Education * Comprehensive Financial Planning * Budget & Cash Flow Analysis & Planning * Year-Round Tax Planning * Real Estate Planning * Mobile Pick-Up and Drop Off Service Available in Metro AtlantaElectronic Filing Included in Tax Preparation Fee * No Rapid Refund Filing (only e-file available–ask us why)


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Thomas (TJ) Underwood is an IRS registered tax professional with over 30 years of tax experience.  He holds a B.S. in Business Administration–Marketing/Finance from Wayne State University and has completed the Financial Planner program at Oglethorpe University.


He is also a life member of the Golden Key National Honor Society and is passionate about helping individuals and families from all walks of life achieve major financial success during their lifetime.


His passion is reflected in his writing style and it is his desire that you achieve major success whether by the utilization of this site or any other manner that you feel is appropriate.


It is important that you realize that effective tax planning is a year-round process” and it is you who must “make the decision to plan” in a manner that serves your and your family’s best long-term interests.


It is his desire that you take the necessary steps at this time that will move you toward the success that you deserve–or the success that you need to achieve to make your life more meaningful and significant while you are here on planet earth–and the tax articles below are designed to help you do just that in the most effective and efficient manner possible.


Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this page to learn more about why “now is the time” to seriously confront your taxes and achieve the goals that you desire–or need to achieve.


All the best toward your tax success and fulfilling your dreams at a level that is your absolute best…



New Child Tax Credits available for families starting in July of 2021…


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It is important that you realize that “you must confront your taxes” in a way that puts you in control and not the IRS or other taxing entities and that starts with a decision by you to plan in advance and not respond after the fact where you are in a disadvantageous position and the odds turn against you as far as a successful outcome.


Now is the time to strategize and move toward managing your taxes and finances in a better and more rewarding way so that you and your family can enjoy life at a higher level of comfort from this day forward.


To schedule a free one-hour confidential meeting to improve your taxes and/or finances you can call 404-952-9284 and schedule an appointment with Thomas (TJ) Underwood to get it all started–or if you prefer email, you can email him at


All the best toward your tax success and fulfilling your lifetime dreams in a way that provides you the opportunity to achieve at a level that is your absolute best…


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