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Created by Thomas (TJ) Underwood on 7/26/2015


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Wow, how time flies by, as things have really picked up lately in  real estate and I have been quite busy, however I had to take a moment out of my busy schedule to discuss ways that you can build wealth and achieve the success that you desire in a more intelligent, consistent and proactive manner.


Hopefully this discussion will help you and your family move forward in a real way and play some part in helping you achieve the goals that you desire and put you on a serious path to building wealth in a more efficient manner.


It is important that you utilize your mind in a manner that is of high intensity and is focused on the success that you desire.  Your daily focus must be so strong that the success that you desire is the only “possible” outcome!


You must ask yourself what can I use to help reach my goals more efficiently and effectively and how can I achieve winning success in all areas of my finances?


You must imagine yourself being unstoppable in your pursuit toward the wealth building success that you desire—and using your mind to look at your finances from a fresh new perspective that is not the norm could be what is needed in your life that can turn your current situation into that of greater success.


By asking and answering the “right questions” you can help bring what you visualize and sincerely want in your and your family’s future—into reality!


In this discussion we will analyze what you can do now to work toward building wealth in a responsible and rewarding manner where your and your family’s success is at the forefront!


It is important that you draw up in your mind a realistic outlook of how you will get to where you want to go as you journey toward building your wealth more intelligently.


You no longer have to ask—“Can I” manage my finances and achieve the Wealth that I need and desire—the question soon will be—will I manage my finances more effectively now that I possess the knowledge that is needed to do just that?


Asking and answering the right questions stimulates your thought process and provides your mind with new insight on accomplishing your future goals.  Below you will learn what you can do right now to work toward achieving your future goals and building wealth in a more efficient manner.


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  • Focus On Success By Having A Realistic Plan For Achieving Success


Do you know what your monthly income and expenses are and do you know what you spend on a monthly basis?


Your monthly discretionary income is the starting point to getting you in position to achieve lasting success in your building of wealth.


You cannot have a half-hearted approach or just go through the motions—you must put a solid written plan in place and do your absolute best to follow through with that solid plan by doing what is necessary on a consistent basis.


Even those who currently have a high net worth could achieve far more if only they had an effective system in place that allowed them to manage their monthly income and expenses in a more intelligent, consistent, smarter and more beneficial manner.


By creating a realistic plan for success you will know your monthly income and your monthly expenses and you will have an understanding within your mind of how to manage your income and expenses effectively so that you can reach your desired goals.


By knowing your income and expenses on a monthly basis you can put a plan in place that will allow you to reach your future goals in a realistic way and not just base your future goals on wishful thinking or improper planning.


You want to build wealth in a manner where you have a properly funded emergency fund and little or no credit card debt.



  • Use Proper Wealth Building Strategies to Reach Your Desired Goals


By utilizing a monthly cash flow statement (budget) you can pursue your future goals with more focus and commitment and build wealth in a more effective manner because you will know your “financial numbers” and you will be in a better position to see your future more clearly and reach your desired goals.


Setting meaningful and significant goals and creating a pathway to reaching those goals that are realistic and based on your own unique monthly income and expenses are critical for you and your family if you are sincere in really reaching your goals.


Keep in mind that due to life events or other factors that you may not have control over—you may have to modify your goals and/or the timetable for reaching them.  However you must not be discouraged and you must continue to move toward the goals that you desire to attain.


You must balance your goals and at the same time use wisdom in your approach.   It is important that you look at your finances in a comprehensive manner—even while creating your budget and establishing your emergency fund as it will help immensely in your goal setting efforts.


Insurance Planning, Investment Planning, Tax Planning, Education Planning, Estate Planning/Wills and Retirement Planning will all come into clearer focus once you create a monthly budget and you know the amount of your discretionary income!


  • Build Your  Wealth Intelligently


You must realize that the more diverse your investment mix—the more the odds are that your plan will stand the test of time.  Consider index funds as well as actively managed funds, CD’s, I-bonds and other bonds and money market accounts and be sure that you are comfortable and have a real understanding of how what you are investing in works.


Be sure to use tax-advantaged accounts and tax advantaged contributions to your maximum benefit!


And above all decide right now—and know within your mind and heart that the time to seriously approach your finances and achieve your dreams—will NEVER be just right!


By deciding to take control of your Wealth Building future right now—you can put yourself in position to control your future and increase your returns and do what you really want to do during your lifetime—and at the same time you minimize letting others control your future and enhancing their bottom line at your expense.


Now is the time that you use your creativity (ideas, insight, inspiration, concepts, dreams etc.) and this site—to move forward and get your future right.


By building your wealth in a more thoughtful and intelligent manner you can achieve much more in your future!


You now possess ideas and insight within your mind and heart that puts you within reach of making your and your family’s future a much more prosperous one.


You can now do far more to work toward building your and your family’s wealth and achieve much more during your lifetime.


Always remember that if you desire to build your wealth more effectively you must have a system (within your mind) that allows you to create a personal budget, create a personal income statement and create a personal balance sheet and you must know your personal net worth at this time—so that you can get MOMENTUM rolling—if you are to achieve at your highest levels.


You must then use the information that is derived from those statements as a major tool to help you formulate written goals that can make a real and lasting difference in your life and lead you and your family forward in building wealth in a more efficient manner than if you had not done so.


You must make up your mind at this time to really pursue (take the right action on a daily basis) what you desire in your future with all of your might and every fiber in your body!


Now is the time that you dig deep and stretch your mind and heart further than you’ve ever stretched beforeby doing so the success that you always dreamed of will be just behind the door!


That success will be due in large part to the decision that you made to open your mind up to what was possible and looking at your future in a more engaging and prosperous manner so that you could build your wealth in a more intelligent, consistent and proactive manner.


The Wealth Increaser wishes you and your family a more successful future in all areas…


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