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As a leading financial planning company that has been in existence for over 15 years you should expect a professional approach in the way that we create financial plans that will propel you forward.


You deserve to know what will happen at every stage of engagement with our office and it is important that you know what to expect.


Expectation of services that will be provided to you:


  • Initial Engagement: At the initial meeting (free one hour consultation) we will identify your needs versus wants and your financial objectives and answer any other concerns that you may have, provide you the opportunity to review a sample debt payoff plan, provide you the opportunity to review a comprehensive financial plan and go over our terms of payment.  If after this meeting you are uncomfortable with pursuing our services you are not obligated.  If you choose to utilize our office we would have you sign an engagement letter outlining the services to be provided.


  • Information Gathering: If you agree to work with TFA Financial Planning we will gather your financial data and start the process of putting together a plan that meets your needs and help you reach your objectives in a designated time frame.


  • Plan Creation & Implementation: TFA Financial Planning will put together a comprehensive plan that meets your objectives and we will go over the details of that plan with you in person. We will specify in clear terms how you can achieve your objectives in a specified time frame based on your unique financial position.


  • Plan Review: TFA Financial Planning will review and fine tune your plan as needed at specified time frames so that you can truly reach your objectives. The fine tuning will take into consideration personal changes in your life, changes in the financial markets and changes in the law that will affect your financial plan that you received and implemented.


NOTE: For a more detailed review of the services that we offer visit our home page at TFA Financial Planning/Home

All of your information provided will be confidential and will not be shared with any other person or agency unless required by law.  Thomas (TJ) Underwood has passed the A+, Network+ and Security+ exams and takes confidentiality of data in all forms very seriously.

To book an appointment with Thomas (TJ) Underwood call 404-952-9284 or email tj@TheWealthIncreaser.com


TFA Financial Planning stands apart as a company that strives to “put the power of success” in your hand with the products and services that are offered, and the success that you desire is made a realistic possibility if you follow through on the written plan at a high level of consistency.


TFA Financial Planning (and the owner of this company) uses many of the strategies that are presented on this site and therefore there is no need to use gimmicks or less than optimal promotional techniques to get you utilize our products or services.


However, it is our desire that you see value in what we offer and you see how you can use that value to achieve greater success.  And it is our desire that you come to your own conclusion after doing your “due diligence” as it relates to the products and services that you desire in your financial life that can lead you toward the success that you desire throughout your lifetime.


It is important that you align your mind and heart with a system or approach (and company) that works with your mind—and can lead you toward what you desire or need to achieve to make your life more meaningful while you are here on planet earth.


TFA Financial Planning is a company that is dedicated to providing you an efficient and effective path toward wealth building success in a manner that can assist you in reaching your goals in a real and meaningful way.


Whether you desire to create a debt payoff plan or a comprehensive financial plan that will greatly enhance your financial future, TFA Financial Planning will be there to address your concerns and will be available to assist you in ways that will move you toward your financial goals in an efficient manner.


You no longer have to fear what lies ahead in your financial life and if you are now ready to avoid financial strife TFA Financial Planning can assist you throughout your life.


Be sure to explore how this site and TFA Financial Planning can assist you in making your dreams come true as you move and act daily and do what you need to do!


All the best toward your financial planning success and making your dreams come true as you give it your absolute best…


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Thomas (TJ) Underwood (Founder & CEO)