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Learn why you must be passionate about reaching your future goals…


On this April Fool’s day (April 1st 2015) I was in a no joking mood and I wanted to formulate a page that could really inspire those who desire success in their future to take action in a manner that would better serve their long-term goals.


I then decided upon how those who want to achieve more in their life could do so by pursuing their goals in a more passionate manner.  I then reflected back on how many of my past clients who achieved at a high level used passion to reach their goals more effectively and efficiently.


I then came to the conclusion that those who reached a high level of success always seemed to be more passionate about their future goals than those who were unable to stay the course or those who fell short in reaching their goals.


Usually upon meeting a client and going over their situation, I can determine if they are truly passionate about reaching their financial goals or turning their situation around.


In this discussion I will focus on how you can use passion to achieve more in your life and reach the financial and life success that you desire in a more efficient manner.


If you are passionate about your future you will Broaden Your Horizon inside of your mind and have the desire to achieve more in your life!  You can broaden your horizon and achieve much more right now by improving in the following areas:


  • Inside Your Mind

Add value to others and it will provide opportunity for you.


You must obtain a system within your mind that allows you do do what needs to be done on a daily basis in a more efficient manner—broaden your options and look at new and creative ways of achieving your goals


  • Your Skill Set

Perspiration—broaden your skills—hours –effort—study—practice—pay for above average material when it is in your best interest to do so


  • Inspiration

Discover what your true purpose for living is and create something new based on your own inspiration and pursue the direction in your life that is uniquely yours.


Learn How You Can Use Passion to Achieve More…


Even if you feel unnoticed at this particular time in your life it is important that you consistently give your best effort (you must passionately pursue what you desire in your life) as by doing so you are properly preparing your mind and heart for future success—all the while proving to yourself that you will be ready when major success occurs.


It is important that you don’t sit by idly during your “waiting period” in your life during the “time period” where you are not where you want to be.


Patience is required, however you must also do more on a daily basis to improve and develop your skills and grow daily.


Don’t get frustrated by adversity that will undoubtedly come your way as it should be expected when you are trying to do something big!


It is important that you walk in excellence on a daily basis and give it your best at all times as you act on the inspiration that you receive—when it is in your best interest to do so!


You must realize that if you give it your best right where you are now at—your passion will come through and your “gifts” will come to the surface and possibly be noticed by others at the right time and the right place.


You must realize that “hidden greatness” resides inside all of us—waiting to be discovered by those who seek to find it—and pursue it!


You already possess many of the tools that are needed for major success inside your mind and you can develop the strength that is needed to achieve even more while you are waiting and discovering your true purpose.


It is important that you set goals in a passionate and timely manner if you desire to achieve at a higher level of success than those who fail to do so.


Time limits help create urgency within your mind and will help you achieve more.


You must also have courage as you move forward to meet your destiny and putting a time limit for completion will give you the courage that you need to actively do what needs to be done in a more efficient manner!


Learn Why You Must Have Passion at this Time


You must have “passion” if you desire to achieve your future financial goals and you must start right now and give it your best in all that you do!


Now is the time that you experience a “brain explosion” where you really look inside your mind and heart to determine in a sincere way what you desire in your future so that you can create more certainty in your future!


You must have the passion on the inside of you—if you really want to make your dreams come true.


You have the ability, capability and capacity to do much more during your lifetime, however do you have the audacity to passionately go after your dreams at this time?


It will be a great contribution to humanity when you sincerely decide to pursue your hidden greatness and find your true gift that you need to share with the world!


You must have the mindset that you will do your best and passionately pursue your goals—even on days when you don’t feel like giving it your best.


By passionately pursuing your goals you can make the right things occur in your life!


It is important that you realize that the vast majority of consumers don’t achieve their goals because they don’t really know what they want—therefore, even when they have passion—it is misdirected and won’t lead them toward their true purpose.


You can avoid that mishap by determining what you really want out of life and pursuing what you really want out of life at this time in a passionate manner!


It is important that you know where you are at in your “life stage” and know the moves that you can make to enhance your future and position yourself and your family properly so that you can enjoy life more abundantly and do what you were put on earth to do.


 Passion Must Come From Inside of “YOUR” Heart


It is important that you consistently grow, mature, flourish and find your purpose in your life. You don’t have to let others determine your future.


You don’t have to live in uncertainty and confusion about your future by not knowing if you will reach your goals—both financial and otherwise!


You must have a resolute, secure and stable view of your future and you must have an unwavering passion to put in place and pursue—what needs to be pursued at a level that is the best that is within YOU!


Isn’t it time you embrace something bigger than yourself and pursue it in a passionate manner?


It is important that you have a plan of action to make your future goals happen and you must put that plan into action in a passionate manner.


Passion must come from inside of you and there must be something big that you want to see come true.  Passion and desire must come from inside of your heart, therefore you won’t be afraid to start! was formulated with a high level of passion—as did not wait on getting the OK from others!


The creation of this site occurred as a result of a high level of passion that had to be shared with those who desire to improve their finances in an intelligent, consistent and proactive manner and have decided in a real way to leave all excuses behind them.


It is important that you realize  that started with one small passionate step and not a “giant” going through the motions step!  It is also important that you realize that what you desire or really want to occur in your future can’t be taught—it has to be inside of your heart!


Now is the time that you pursue what you really desire on a daily basis so that you can passionately reach your life purpose and achieve at a much higher level.


You will soon be amazed at the success that you will achieve based on a small step that you decide to take at this time.  By passionately pursuing your goals in your life you can turn something small into something big. asks that you pursue your life purpose and financial goals with a high level of passion on a daily basis—so that your future is enjoyable in the right places!


In addition, you must always realize that who you once were—and who you are now—are not synonymous—and who you will become will be determined by you and how passionately you pursue what you desire in your future—whether it be financial or otherwise!


All the bet as you passionately pursue your success…


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The above article was written by Thomas (TJ) Underwood.  Thomas (TJ) Underwood is a former fee-only financial planner, a former top producing loan processor and is currently a licensed real estate broker in the state of Georgia and he is the writer behind The Wealth Increaser, Home Buyer 411,  Home Seller 411, The 3 Step Structured Approach to Managing Your Finances, Managing & Improving Your Credit & Finances for this MILLENNIUM and CREDIT & FINANCE IMPROVEMENT MADE EASY—FREE GUIDE. 


He is the creator of where he regularly blogs about helping consumers improve their credit, finance and real estate pursuits in an intelligent, consistent and proactive manner.  He’s always looking for ways to make intelligent finance improvement happen for those who “sincerely desire” success in their future.


You can contact him from a number of sources but the most direct way is to contact him through Realty 1 Strategic Advisors Website.    You can also get other highly relevant tips on “living your life more abundantly” and possibly earn revenue at the same time by linking to




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