Goal Setting—Focus, Commitment, Effort—Do You Have What It Takes to Reach Your Goals?

Learn How—Focus, Commitment & Effort—Can Help You Reach Your Goals…


Lay it all on the line, pursue your goals in a spirited manner—with passion, enthusiasm, zeal, energy and the personal magnetism that is all your own!




Personal Magnetism





ZAP ME  you Say…and I hope that it comes


If it was only that simple…we would all have those qualities 

Actually, goal setting and obtaining the above qualities require a concerted effort on your part…


The wrong actions of others should not bother you—however, the wrong actions that you take should bother you!  You control your future and you decide the amount of focus, commitment and effort that you will exert on a daily basis.


You must pursue your goals with zeal and you must pay attention or focus on what is important in your future!  What is motivating you at this time to give it your absolute best?  As the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com just 12 months ago (May 3rd 2015) I utilized that same approach to stretch my mind and achieve more by setting significant goals and doing my best in terms of focus, commitment and effort to reach those goals.


By doing so I was able to meet several significant goals (leaving all excuses behind) that I had set for a twelve month period and accomplished them with 2 days to spare.  By formulating those goals and seeing them already accomplished and putting in the required effort the atmosphere for them to materialize was created—and the actual goals were achieved.


It is imperative that you realize that nothing major occurs until you leave excuses behind! 


Even though TheWealthIncreaser.com is a site that is designed to inspire and encourage you to do more in your life—the focus, commitment and effort that is needed for you to achieve your goals MUST come from inside of you.


Enough about the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com, let’s now discuss how you can improve the focus commitment and effort in your life and achieve the goals that you desire more efficiently.


Don’t continue to hinder what you can accomplish by setting limits within your mind!


You must not let your past circumstances (or current circumstances) put out the light and dim your dreams!  You must AIM high in spite of where your mind and heart currently resides—and reload and fire again in spite of failure or less than desirable outcomes.


Success must be your barometer and guiding principle in your life and you must not let anything—or anyone deter you from moving to action in a manner that takes you toward the success that you desire.


Something big and beyond what you think you can do lies in the horizon.  Don’t lose that vision that you have inside of you to do something big during your lifetime.


Determine right now to set major goals and make the decision to never quit until you achieve them.  Your hope and vision of your future must be made real by you by visualizing it—and taking real steps (focus, commitment and effort) toward truly achieving your vision!


Hope and vision is seeing—action is responding appropriately to what you see.   Actuality is experiencing in real time what you hoped for and visualized!  Unleash the force that is within you!  Give your hopes and vision a real chance to materialize in your life by moving to action on a consistent basis from this day forward.


If you get an “active mindset” and not follow the crowd you can do more in a day than many do in a week—not because you are so great but because you put in motion a plan within your mind to take consistent action and you followed through on that plan in a sincere manner.


If you lack the ability at this time to take action you can develop the ability to take consistent action if you desire to do so.  However, the decision to do so must start inside of you—and it is your participation that will make your goals and dreams come true.


It is important that you realize that the life that you live can be improved significantly if you make a sincere and determined effort at this time to raise the bar and pursue more on a daily basis.


There really is no stopping a mind that is made up and that is focused, committed and willing to put in the required effort on a daily basis.


What is your motive for going after what you truly desire in a more focused manner and achieving what you truly desire?  Challenge yourself to utilize your mind, body and soul at a higher level—daily—right now!


If you take the first step you will find out that the power to do what needs to be done is already within you—just waiting for you to make a sincere and focused effort at achievement.


Pursuing your goals in the right manner will not cause you to feel miserable no matter how adverse your situation is because you will see your goals clearly and know that the outcomes that you desire will occur.


Always realize that you can’t correct that which you are unable or unwilling to confront!  What you may now feel is impossible is possible if you allow your mind to dwell in an environment where all things are possible.


Just as TheWealthIncreaser.com and the success of this site at inception was brought into existence by having the focus, commitment and effort that was required on a daily basis that was necessary to make this site a success— you too can do the same with your hopes and vision—in your area of choice!


How you see your current situation and future success is critical!  If you can’t see the other side of the mountain (your future situation) you must get a better view by rising up (flying over) and looking over the mountain—then you will see the other side and know how to get there much more efficiently.


Likewise if you get a better view—and you can see or visualize a better path to your future financial success—you can also get there more efficiently!


Change your position, change your view and change your future by approaching your future in a more intelligent, consistent and proactive manner—whether it be with your finances or any other area of your life.


The way that you are looking at your current finances may be from a limited view because you don’t have a comprehensive approach where you can see over the mountain and “know” the best way to go over it.


By changing your view you will be on your way to getting the outcomes that you desire on a more consistent basis.


You can get a full view of the mountain, forest, rivers and anything else that may be obstructing your view (future). 


If you get a full view (comprehensive picture) of your finances—you will not only see your outcomes clearly—but you will work even harder to bring those outcomes into existence because you will take the right actions to get momentum rolling to actually make what you desire materialize more efficiently.


TheWealthIncreaser.com is designed to create excitement, movement and provide you a way of focusing on your future in a manner that will allow you to achieve your dreams more effectively.


It is the hope of TheWealthIncreaser.com that this discussion and site will actually achieve those aims…


In the end realize that there is a lot that you can do to improve your credit and finances.  Also realize that there is a lot that can keep you where you are now at.  Are you trying to rationalize your inaction at this time or are you ready for a challenging but more rewarding future?


What have you done for not only yourself but others as well?   In the end—it is how you affected others on planet earth that really counts!


Set some meaningful and significant goals today and go after them with all of the gusto that you can muster up inside.


The success that you desire—will take you higher…if you visualize your future and put in the focus, commitment and effort that is required!


It is the desire of TheWealthIncreaser.com that you take action and start on a path toward achieving your dreams more efficiently whether by the effective use of this site or any other method that you feel is appropriate.


Now is the time that you not only hope for successful outcomes but now is the time that you believe in yourself like never before and know deep within that without a doubt something good is going to happen in your life on a daily basis.


Decide right now to start on a path of living with joy on the inside, living with high spirits on the inside and feeling good about your future on the inside—and the outside.


By doing so your journey to success will be a much smoother ride!


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