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Learn how you can use momentum to generate the success that you need or desire to attain as you build wealth…


In life there will be happenings that seem to defy the odds. It is important that you realize at this time that if you get started on your journey to financial freedom in a sincere manner—you can get positive momentum to work for you and your family.


In just the past month the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com had the experience of seeing his youngest child experience a severe leg cramp in the left leg on one night while sleeping and then on the next night the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com also experienced a severe leg cramp while sleeping (on the left leg as well) despite never having a severe cramp occur before while sleeping.


In another instance that same week the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com experienced in his backyard a visit by hummingbirds on numerous occasions despite having seen a hummingbird twice during the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com’s lifetime prior to that week.


Also, over 200 miles away the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com’s father-in-law also experienced the visit of hummingbirds “for the first time” on numerous occasions during that same week.


In yet another incident in the past year the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com purchased real estate after numerous attempts to buy other properties and the address of the property had the birth dates of my spouse and mother  and the city of my favorite football team as the subdivision name—and the phone number that I got that was associated with that address also had my spouse and my mother’s birth date in it.


The offer for the above property was accepted after numerous attempts at buying other properties in the area failed!


Although the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com faced many challenges during the month of August 2019 (ended the month with the most severe cold of my life–sinus–head–chest–that practically downed the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com for a week) it is important that you understand the importance of continuing to move forward and taking action when difficult stretches in your life occur so that you can get positive momentum moving in your life.


The severe cold helped  the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com come up with the inspiration to create this page–however, much of the inspiration was lost due to the inability to capture the thoughts  during the period of the severe cold.


You Can Also Use Momentum & Positive Action to Gain More Traction


TheWealthIncreaser.com at this time decided to create this page to show you how you can use momentum to get things moving in your life and to also refocus and  recharge the mind of the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com to do more–and achieve more in the remainder of 2019–and beyond.


It is the desire of TheWealthIncreaser.com that this discussion will help you gear up your mind so that you can more effectively “use momentum” to generate the success that you need or desire to attain as you build wealth–or in any other area of your life where you desire a successful outcome.


In the above instances the occurrences may appear as coincidences or happenstance, however it also is a result of getting positive momentum rolling by taking consistent decisive action that brought positive outcomes (ok—the leg cramp wasn’t all that positive) as a result of effort—that coincided with the universe taking notice and signaling that better days lie ahead!


Once you make a determined effort to pursue what you desire at your highest level of excellence you will put in motion the possibility of getting positive momentum to work in your favor—and achieve outcomes that may appear coincidental or unrelated to the decision(s) and action(s) that you took in a real and sincere manner at the various stages of your life.


How You Can Get Momentum to work for You & Your Family



Determine where you are at financially so that you can make positive moves


In the current economy it is important that you get out in front of your finances so that you can know where you now are and know where you must go in your future.


You must know your cash flow position at this time and you must know if you can benefit from personal income statements and personal balance sheets.


You must also know that you can achieve far more by knowing your net worth and what you can do to improve your net worth.



Master your credit so that you can achieve more throughout your lifetime


If you are one who have a need or desire to use credit wisely during your lifetime you must know how to use credit to your and your family’s greater benefit—not that of creditors and others who have no real concern for your future—let alone your future success.


You must know how to use “the 5 credit factors” to your advantage and you must know how to use the knowledge of the five credit factors to achieve at an optimum level throughout your lifetime.


It all starts with you obtaining working knowledge of how to use and master credit during your lifetime.



Know at all times how to “comprehensively” manage your finances


It is important that you know—and act on all of the areas of your financial life that needs addressing.


That means you must thoroughly evaluate and come up with a plan of how you will manage your insurance, investments, taxes, education planning, estate planning /wills and retirement planning at the various stages of your life.


By doing so in a proactive manner you help to better prepare yourself and your family for your future and the success that you desire or need to achieve will be much more likely to occur.



You can “use momentum to get things moving in your life” and you can use coincidences that occur along your journey to financial freedom as a signal that the tide is about to turn and major success that will in large part be “propelled by momentum” and the actions that YOU decide to take or have taken–will have been the “key component” to making it all happen.


By taking consistent action you can put in motion the starting point to making “positive outcomes” occur on a more consistent basis and the success that you desire will be clearly visible to you.


In the near horizon you will begin to see and feel your life taking a turn for the better because “you” decided to look at and act on–your future in a better way.


In the far horizon you will see the success that you desire materializing and the future that you dreamed of (by putting it in writing) will be more likely to occur!


Your commitment at this time to pursue financial success at a level that is your absolute best will help set in motion momentum that you can use to achieve more.


All the best to improving your score and using momentum to open a new door….


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