Refreshing Your Mind For Success—What You Can Do Now to Achieve Success in 2016 & Beyond…

2015—WoW, what a year! As 2015 came to a close in what appeared to be a great year from all angles at, shock struck me as the news of my dear friend, Maria Pereira, making her transition (less than twelve hours ago at the time of this writing) was brought to my attention. One of my closest and sincere friends over the past twenty-five years or so is no longer on earth—yet her spirit lives on—and I am at this time having a difficult time facing the reality of it all.


Those of you who have been following this blog and my other blogs for years know that 2010 was also a bad year for me as I lost both my younger brother and my mentor within months of each other—and in the subsequent year or so lost my God Mother.  As difficult as those times were, are, and continue to be—it is important that you have the attitude that you will continue to move forward and be the absolute best that you can be while here on earth—for this relatively brief time.


Hopefully you will find some inspiration in this discussion that will spark something on the inside of you that will start you on a path that will lead you to give it all that you can if you are not now doing so—and be all that you can be while here on planet earth—as you journey toward your destiny and purpose for being!


Refreshing Your Mind For Success—What You Can Do Now to Achieve Success in 2016 & Beyond…


Learn how you can be a “lightning rod” for success for your family and others by taking the right action on a consistent basis…


As 2015 comes to an end in what has seemed like blazing speed, I knew I had to come up with an inspiring and uplifting topic that would not only inspire and motivate you to do much more in your future, I also had to come up with a topic that I could come back to again and again and find inspiration that could inspire me to reach higher heights as well.


Even though the words that you are about to read are originating as I hit the typing keys, I have faith that I will achieve both of the objectives listed above.


First and foremost it is important that you realize that you must take actions that will make things happen for you and your family. Your works must speak for you and your family and the words that you read on this this page and site—must be made applicable to your and your family’s future—by you, if you are to gain the maximum benefit from this discussion and site.


2016 and beyond is the time that you move forward and transform your mind and put your mind in position to take the right actions on a more consistent basis. Don’t let the words that you are reading die on this page or site—put them into action (just as I will) to reach higher heights in your life.  Start or continue on a serious path to achieving  winning success in all areas of your life that you desire to achieve and win in!


As you pursue and reach your goals—it is important that you realize that your life is not defined by what you are now worth—but more so by your attitude toward your future and your intentions on putting in place a serious path to success that you will not only follow—but you will utilize appropriately in a manner that is unique to you and your family if you desire to really make your dreams come true.


Don’t slow down or lessen your pace—now is the time to accelerate your pace and move toward what you desire in an even more focused and determined manner!


Your life experiences are really what is important when it is all said and done and now is the time that you start experiencing life more abundantly and enjoy your future in a manner where you can direct your moves in a manner where you are in control—on a daily basis.


You must be productive and count for something while here on planet earth—2016 and beyond is the time that you actually make it a reality as no one can now stop you—except—you!  You must refocus your mind to do more—not less while you are here on earth for this relatively brief time.


2016 is the year that you refresh, renew and if applicable restore your mind for continuous success by giving your absolute best.  Do the best that only you can do—and let God do the best that only he can do!


You were put on earth to not only reward your senses—achieve the success that you desire—and reward yourself appropriately, but you were also put on earth to be a blessing to others.  2016 and beyond is the time for you  to put a plan in place to leave a lasting legacy and help others along the way—as you continue to excel in your area of expertise.


After over 20 plus years in the personal finance industry I have found that coming down on and condemning the wrong financial moves that consumers make is not the best approach and will not cause the change in behavior that will move them toward their goals more efficiently!


However, a solution to their issue that is written or presented in an intelligent, understandable and uplifting style will often cause them to change their actions because they can readily see and understand in clear terms what is being said in a manner that they can relate to.


If you have not adequately addressed your financial concerns or pursued new ways that you can achieve real success in a more efficient manner—you can now learn how to do so in a wiser manner by focusing on—and achieving success at the level that you desire from this day forward.


In today’s economy it is imperative that you control your behavior and take the right action on a daily basis that takes you closer to your goals. It is important that you do what is good and what you are led to do (your life purpose) and always realize that opposition is in place against anything that you really want to come true.


We are all redeemable, this site is a platform for those who are willing to sacrifice some time now (utilizing your valuable time to look at new ways of reaching your goals)—to achieve what they really desire later. Your quitting must never be an option in your mind and you must keep on moving to not only better yourself and your family—but others as well.


Due to the success of this site The Wealth Increaser could be mesmerized, however and the focus since inception has not been fogged by the success of this and other sites as the focus and discipline that is needed to do what is necessary on a consistent basis was formulated early—and this site has not and will not waver from its intended goal.


Over the years I have realized that just knowing the right way or a better way to manage your finances brings comfort to the hearts and minds of those who truly receive the information and apply it in their daily life.


Did you know that uncomfortable situations are often the birthplace for you (and others) doing something really big?


Your consistent thoughts in the right direction along with a real heart-felt willingness to achieve the success that you desire is really the nucleus for you attaining that success. Whether you choose to use this site, other sites, financial planners, books, audio, video or other means—the real path to success begins—and ends inside of you!


In 2016 and beyond do something that is cutting edge and different (whether utilizing this site to find a new and inspiring way to look at your financial future) and bring into existence something that is new, exciting and beneficial to humanity.  From 2016 onward—you must know in your mind and heart that you are ready, you appreciate what is about to occur—and you realize that it can only occur by you taking the right action on a consistent basis.


Your “mental environment” (where you spend the majority of your mental thoughts and activity) and the choices that you make on a daily basis will either hold you back or move you forward. In 2016 and beyond it is imperative that you have “dominant thoughts” that are uplifting, righteous and takes you and your family in the direction that you need to be going!


You are a product of your environment—your mental environment is often the most critical environment—even if you are in an adverse physical environment—you can overcome that environment by using your willpower and determination to do just that.


That is not saying the process will be easy!  Likewise improving your mental environment may not be an easy task—but you can do so with the right focus, determination and a plan of action that you will not waver from.


What direction are you walking in?  What direction are you talking in?  What direction are you thinking in?  Are you making your life count?  


Are your thoughts of escapism and running from what you face on a daily basis—or are you boldly approaching your future in a manner where success is the only outcome that is possible?


Don’t be confused by the mixed messages that are often communicated in the personal finance industry! 


Utilize your mind and thought process to acquire the needed skills that are required to manage your finances on a daily basis in this economy—or any economy!


Always realize that if you focus on doing your best—you can achieve lasting success.


But how can you put yourself in position to do your best?  In this current economy of information exchange it is important that you realize that how we relate to each other has improved.  What has not improved is the fact that scammers are all around you!


It is important that you do your “due diligence” in all areas whether you are utilizing this site, other sites, books, audio products, video products, financial planners or any other source.


As you read this article you must realize that intention without corresponding action will bring you no real satisfaction—and that is as it should be.  You must take positive consistent action and realize that you can never go wrong if you take the right actions consistently.  Every choice that you make in your life originates inside of your mind and heart.  What is your motive for doing the right thing?  Right Now and throughout your lifetime!


You can find out how you can live more abundantly by seeking out better ways of managing your finances (or any area of your life).  The information on this site—or any other site is not going to fall out of the sky and land on your brain—unless you seek to meet the landing!


Anything of significance will take effort on your part and it is imperative that you seek out a better future.  The Wealth Increaser believes that the success that you desire is now within your reach!


After (and while) you achieve that success the best way that you can say Thank You from’s perspective—is to help someone else as they journey here on planet earth.


For 2016 and beyond your love, patience, kindness and helping hand can be the nucleus to getting someone else started on a serious path to success—just as we are certain that has done for you—or will soon do!


Helping others in the right manner is what is really important!


However, you don’t have to shortchange yourself and your family along the way—if you make the choice to give it your best in 2016 and beyond—today!


It is important that you hear and receive all of the information that your brain processes in the right manner so that you can use your mind appropriately and grow mentally.  You must be thoughtful, critical, curious and analytical—as you go through life from this day forward—and throughout your lifetime.


By doing so your and your family’s future will be much brighter in 2016—and beyond.


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