Decisive Action & Wealth Building

Learn why your decisive action is needed if you desire to build wealth effectively in today’s economy…

Even if no one else says anything to you about your need to manage your finances more effectively and efficiently—you still have to do it.  Whether one person or one million people will benefit from your decisive action—you must still do what needs to be done at a level that is the absolute best that is within you.


By learning what you need to know and do as it relates to your finances you can get into a habit of doing what needs to be done on a consistent basis.  That repetition within your mind and with your action will put you on the right path towards achieving what you desire or achieving what you need to achieve.  Your thoughts (what you know and intend on doing) will precede your action as you must believe in what you want to accomplish and move to action or put into motion what needs to be done!


By formalizing written plans for action based on your own thoughts you empower your mind and heart to make it happen in a more definitive manner.  You must realize that your mind is an awesome gift from God—and you must believe that with God’s help and an effective plan that you create—you can get to where you need to be.


Are you willing to put in the effort that is required to build your wealth effectively?  You must realize upfront that whether you made bad decisions in the past, bad situations found you through no fault of your own or you are on a good path toward the success that you desire—major success starts and ends with you making good decisions on a consistent basis.


You must realize that if you make the decision at this time to go after your goals and never quit (a made-up mind can’t be stopped) you can put in motion what is needed to propel you forward in a more efficient manner and you can get the wind at your back—or momentum (positive energy) to propel you forward.


Likewise, you can make the decision to do nothing and repel or slow down the progress that you could be making.


Your decisive inaction takes away from you accomplishing more.  Even if you make the wrong decision (you can avoid or reduce the possibility of that occurring by navigating you still put yourself in a better position than if you made no decision at all!  


In most cases it will be your decisive (right) action on a consistent basis that will take you where you need to be!


Your goal should be to make the right decision as that is where you want to be.  The worst action you can take is to do nothing and continue on a path that is not well planned or worse yet not planned at all.


If you truly desire to build wealth more efficiently you must make your mind up to make timely decisions and relentlessly pursue your goals!


You also want to have a “financial mindset of resilience®” as you must know or have a feel for how you will hold up when you run into challenges along the way.  A recent history (consistency) of doing what you stated you would do will serve you well if you are now serious about managing your credit and finances.

When difficult stretches occur in your life that seem to stress you to the limit will you have the character to continue on and continue doing what needs to be done to the best of your ability?


Your dilemma within your mind at that time will be: 


  • do you desire progress or
  • will you choose to make excuses


Stir your creativity within your heart and mind, dream big within your heart and mind, develop a financially alert mind® and start on a continuous path to jumping over the financial hurdles in your life and achieving wealth more efficiently.


Generally, adverse financial predicaments are more likely to occur to those who fail to plan, those who are immature and fail to look at effective ways of managing their finances, those who continue to ignore their finances despite numerous warning signs, those who are indecisive or fail to take action after they make the right decision—and those who are insecure about their financial future.


You must believe in yourself, your future and your written plan of action that will take you to where you desire to go.  You no longer have to cheat your way through life or live idly for the moment!


You were placed on earth to create something unique and be a blessing to others.  You have the power within you to build and create the type of future that you desire if you get started without procrastination.


You must use the strength, character and action mindset that you now have or will soon have to see what you desire with clarity.  You must know what you want to have in your life, and you must actively go after what you see—to benefit yourself, your family and society.


You are who you are—embrace who you are and bring something new to the world.  Everything that you need you possess inside.  Now is the time that you learn how to use what you possess on the inside to your best advantage.  Now is the time that you decide to be greater at being you as your goal must not be to do as others do.


Make the decision now to not let your hurt feelings, your past disappointments or any other factor stop you from making the decision to take charge of your finances and build wealth in a more intelligent, consistent and proactive manner.


All the best to your decisiveness toward achieving major success…


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