Setting Goals & Wealth Accumulation—Learn why you must A I M high—if you are to exceed the sky®

Updated 06/19/2024

Learn why setting meaningful and significant goals provides the nucleus for you to achieve at a much higher level…


Have you ever said to yourself—I would do something in my financial life if I only knew where to start? 


Well now is the time that you learn where to start and it all begins with setting meaningful and significant goals that can make a real difference in your life.  By doing so you can produce the outcomes that you desire in a more focused manner!


You must start the process by doing a self-evaluation (you must know what you really desire in your life) so that you can constantly grow.


It is important that you set meaningful and significant goals as you pursue improving your credit and finances.


After witnessing the most recent real estate and financial market downturns—I knew that I had to do something to raise the bar so that consumers and those in the financial industry alike—could perform and achieve at a higher level.


The following links will provide you with powerful insight on how you can learn how to set meaningful goals and at the same time—show you the pathway to achieve those goals.


You can now learn how to set goals in a clear and concise manner, and in an inspiring and encouraging manner—and if you do your part and you sincerely apply what you are about to learn at your highest level, you can better control your future outcomes. 


Do you at this time desire to get started on a serious path to success?

You can now do so—by choosing to give it your best–NOW!


Success can truly come your way if you make the decision to comprehend this page and the following links today!


Do you know what you desire in your future?  Now is the time that you find out how to truly reach your goals!


Enjoy the links below—and the rest of this page—as we are certain that major success lies in the horizon for you and your family!


A Step by Step Guide To Attaining The Goals That Will Serve Your Best Long-Term Interests—You now have no excuse—for not putting your mind to effective use


Financial Goals & Objectives—Learn how to set meaningful goals—that can make a real difference in your life


Financial Goal Setting—Learn about a real world example of how you can effectively set
—and reach your goals


If your Immediate Goal is to reduce your spendingand see whether you now have what it takes to manage your finances effectively—you can do so by going to “these helpful websites” and our “money saving strategies” page


Imagination & Personal Finance—Learn why you must Dream Big—as you pursue your goals


Learn how a Health Savings Account can help you manage your health care costs


Learn why Personal Financial Statements—are a powerful tool—in helping you reach your future goals


Knowledge & Personal Finance—Learn why you must have the right knowledge if you are to attain true success


Preparation & Personal Finance—Learn how you can prepare your mind for the success that you desire


You can aim high or you can aim low—no one else can control your aim—as it is you who are in control of how you feel about yourself and the direction that your life can and will take!


Did you know that you are worth what you think you are worth and you can set goals that are meaningful and significant or you can set mediocre goals that will not take you where you need to be?


In this day and age consumers are being pulled in many different directions when it comes to their credit and finances.


Mixed messages are often sent by many—so how do you decipher through all of the noise to find information and advice that can truly move you and your family forward?


In the area of taxes you consistently hear rhetoric about eliminating the IRS, creating a flat tax system and other emotionally charged language about changing the financial structure of this country that are designed to spur the emotions that lie within you.


Whether Democrat, Independent, non-voter or Republican—you must understand that much of what you hear is basically rhetoric and political grandstanding as neither party is serious about eliminating the IRS.


From 2001 to 2006 the Republican party controlled all three levels of government and the Supreme Court to a more or lesser degree—and at that time you saw no determined movement to abolish the IRS despite them having the power to do so.


Currently the democrats control one of the three branches of government and if they wanted to abolish the IRS they could get the ball moving and gain bi-partisan support, however you see no movement to do so—and you won’t!


Although both parties talk about the unfairness of the IRS—it is congress who has implemented many of the rules and guidelines as it relates to credits, deductions and other tax shelters that benefit select groups of taxpayers—including themselves!


Whether you perceive your current situation to be caused by others, a lack of income, where you were born/raised—or any other factor, it is important that you have a view (and you actually do so) of your future that includes taking personal responsibility (doing what you need to do and not waiting on others to do it for you)!


I basically state all of that to say that for the most part the “actions of others” are out of your control as you either can’t do anything about it or you won’t do anything about it, and those in power have no real desire to abolish the IRS or do other functions that you may feel are in the best interest of the public!


However, you can do a lot about what you have under your control—and if you get your A I M right you can move forward in a more efficient and effective manner.








If you can get your A I M right (which you have absolute control over) you can pay off your outstanding consumer debt, retire in abundance, take that vacation that you always dreamed of—or attain any other goal(s) or objective(s) that you and your family may desire.


It is important that you cultivate an Attitude that will lead to success on a consistent basis and you use your brainpower  (Intelligence) appropriately—and you stay Motivated at a high level!


Did you know that your Attitude—or the way that you think and feel about someone or something—including how you look at and think about yourself and your finances—or a feeling or way of thinking that affects your behavior—or an expression of favor or disfavor toward a person, place, thing, or event is a key factor in determining your future success in many facets of your life?


It is important that you realize that what holds most people back is that they blame others or make excuses—when they themselves actually have the power to transform their situation to that of real and lasting success!


You must realize that the right Attitude allows you to control your outcomes and not blame others!  A mindset of personal responsibilty provides you the opportunity to manage distractions and attain the future success that you desire—in all areas of your life!


If you do what you are required to do you can advance forward—whether you did or did not cause your current situation!  You must have the mindset that asks—what can I do to make my dreams come true?  The right Attitude allows you to ask that question and answer it correctly and also puts your mind and thought process on a path to take—the right action on a more consistent basis!


Did you know that how you use your Intelligence in terms of the many different ways that you use your logicabstract thoughtunderstanding, self awarenesscommunicationlearningemotions,  knowledgememoryplanning, and problem solving etcetera—is a key factor in determining your future success in many facets of your life?


You possess inside the knowledge (or you will soon possess) of what you can do to make your dreams come true.  By approaching your credit and finances in a more intelligent manner you will greatly increase the odds of success in your future!


By attacking your credit and finances intelligently you understand fully that it is your responsibility to do what you need to do to see your way through—and you realize fully that it is never to your benefit to blame others or anything outside of yourself!


What are the future goals that I desire for myself—and my family?  What can I do to improve my A I M?


Did you know that the Motivation that lies within you is the driving force that causes you to “move to action” in a sincere manner and is a major determinant of your future success in all areas of your life?


Your Motivation for doing things causes you to optimize your well-being, minimize your physical painand maximize your pleasure.


Your Motivation can also originate from your specific physical needs such as eating, sleeping or resting, and other factors!


Motivation is an inner drive to behave or act in a certain manner.  Your inner conditions such as your wishes, your desires and your goals, activate you to move to action in a particular manner!


Your motivation initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors that you now have or that you may have in the future.


Motivation is what causes you to act, whether it is getting a glass of water to reduce your thirst or reading and comprehending this site to gain the knowledge that you needto succeed!


Motivation requires that you use the biological, emotional, social and cognitive forces within you that activate behavior that moves you toward what you desire.


In everyday usage, the term motivation is frequently used to describe why you would do something.


For example, you might say that you are motivated to master the material on this page so that you can live your life on your terms—not on the terms of creditors and others who have no real concern for your future.  By doing so  you can put yourself and your family in position to do what you really desire in your future!


As you pursue your goals you must never be disappointed by what you expect and you must never stop too soon as you can go further—you can push harder—your motivation must endure and you must ultimately expect success in your future!


Who says that you’ve done enough or accomplished enough?   Why stop now?    You can go higher and higher—the “right movement” creates positive momentum—consistent motivation and goal setting helps propel that momentum!


What goals are you motivated towards accomplishing at this time?


You must never settle too quickly for too little!  You must recognize success by the works that you provide and the success that you attain! 


Did you know that people can see your worth by the works that you do—not what you proclaim (their eyes will be opened)?


A high level of motivation causes you to taste it and see it!  Your actions and your movement toward your future goals must be so sincere—that it provides all that and more!


Gifts…talents…abilitiespeace and joy…you have all of that—and more within you—now is the time that you gain the knowledge of what you need to do!


You must realize that no one can make you read financial advice that is good for you—but financial advice can be made available that can provide you with what you need to succeed—for you and others who are motivated toward achievement at a high level and those who sincerely want to obtain empowering advice that can lead to lasting success!


What is inside of you that you can use to make your dreams come true?  By having the mindset that you will take personal responsibility in all that you do—the power that is needed to transform your situation will be presented to you—if you do what you need to do!


It is important that you use adversity that you may feel is happening to you for your and your family’s future benefit and you use Motivation to respond positively to that adversity!


It is also important to look at adversity from the vantage point that adversity is happening for you (your future benefit) as opposed to happening to you (why me)!


On this page I have tried to put together powerful information that you can learn in basic understandable English and apply in your everyday life to help you attain a very high level of lasting success—and improve your A I M!


Are you now just merely surviving (living for the now) or are you prospering (attaining success at a level that you can leave behind something for your heirs)?


Are you looking at new and more empowering ways of thinking and doing things or are you caught up in learning and doing things in the same manner as you did in the past because it is more comfortable to you—but not more comfortable for you?


It is important that you realize that change within your mind must occur if you are to prosper (attain a higher level of success that provides you more than merely surviving) and achieve the type of success that you need to attain—or the type of success that you desire to attain!


Did you know that at times what you need to do to improve your credit and finances may be difficult for your ears to hear, your eyes to see and your heart and mind to accept?  Even if you don’t like hearing or seeing it—you must still address what needs to be addressed!


Developing your heart and mind to where it needs to be financially is no walk at the beach, however it is something that you must do—if you desire to make your financial dreams come true!


Setting meaningful goals and taking the right actions consistently will get you to where you need to be in a much more efficient manner than if you fail to do so!


You must get to a point where you will not make excuses!  You cannot do like 90% of the population and make excuses—or give reasons—and never utilize their gift appropriately or attain their life purpose!


Now is the time that you not only obtain a breakthrough in your thinking—but now is the time that you use that breakthrough to make great things happen in your life!  Do it not only for your benefit—but your family’s and future generations yet unborn!


Now is the time for a mental re-awakening where you operate from the vantage point of success in all that you do!  Now is the time that you take action and do what will lead to success  and not do what the other 90% do—which only leads to survival!


By landing on this page you now, you have much of what you need to succeed!  Now is the time to get it done without procrastination so that you can truly reach your destination.  And it will be due in large part because you AIMed high so that you could exceed the sky!


By doing so at this time, you can reach your credit and financial destination and leave a lasting legacy for the next generation!


Be sure to put your goals in writing and be sure to A I M high—so that you can exceed the sky!


You must always realize that you can achieve any goal as long as you believe and as long as you approach your future with the right—A ttitude—I ntellect—and M otivation—or by having the right—A I M—on a consistent basis!


By taking responsibility for your future you will improve your A I M and you won’t blame others or forces that you feel are beyond your control  Quite the contrary, you know that the power to do what needs to be done rests where it should be—inside of your heart and mind!


You must always realize that you are bigger than any adversity that you have faced—are now facing—or that you may face in your future!


You cannot let the adversity that you may face define you or destroy your determination and commitment level—quite the contrary—you must gain strength from the adversity that you will face and move forward in a positive and inspiring manner and with a very high level of motivation.


By setting meaningful goals and having every intention on reaching those goals—you will gain the strength that you need—to really succeed!


You will position your mind to gain the needed knowledge to move in the DIRECTION where SUCCESS lives—and it will be due in large part because you made the choice to A I M high at the right TIME!


We wish you untold success in your and your family’s future!


All the best as you AIM for a higher level of success…



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