Setting Yourself Up to Win & Wealth Building

Improving Your Finances in an Intelligent, Consistent & Proactive Manner

Learn why you must set yourself up for the future wealth building success that you desire so that you can win throughout your lifetime…


Don’t let fear come in, let faith in, leave fear out and let comfort in—don’t let anything steal your peace!


You must not only live with joy at the center as you build wealth, but you must also live with joy as your default position—and by managing your credit and finances effectively you can start or continue a path to doing just that so that you can truly win!


It would be nice if your government, angel investors, or others set you up to win, however that does not appear likely in the current political and economic climate.


Therefore, you want to do all that you can to “set yourself up to win” throughout your lifetime and it all starts with a decision by you to pursue success in a way that ensures that your dreams can come true.


Although many entities, including governments offer helpful policies or practices that are designed to give its citizens a lift, the real work to win will have to be done by you, if you sincerely desire to make your dreams come true.


It is you who must ignite your own fire, if you are to achieve the goals that you really desire!


In this discussion will show you the importance of preparing on the front end for the wealth building success that you desire by directing you at this time toward the right knowledge so that you can take the right action at the various stages of your life.



The preparation that you make at this time will in large part determine the winning success that you can attain throughout your lifetime.  By knowing what it takes in a wholesome way to manage your finances, you put yourself well ahead of the general population–as most lack the drive or determination to prepare financially for wealth building success in a significant and meaningful way.


You will set yourself apart, if you have it in your heart to start on a path that is not a dart (won’t happen instantly–but will happen if you stay committed) but is an approach that is smart and will put you ahead of the cart (you will take the right steps in the right order).



The knowledge that you need at this time to approach your finances in a comprehensive manner includes budgeting appropriately, creating an income statement and balance sheet and knowing your net worth so that you can put plans in place to increase your net worth.


You also want to have mastery of how you manage your credit and that includes knowing that you must keep all of your credit accounts in a positive position, utilize your credit appropriately, know that the time limit of open and active accounts are important, know the types of credit that you have and keep your inquiries at an acceptable level so that you can keep your credit score in an effective range that allows you to attain your financial and wealth building goals.


You want to know all areas of your finances that you must address and that includes insurance, investments, taxes, emergency fund planning, education planning, estate planning/wills and retirement planning.



As important as the preparation and knowledge is as far as building wealth, it means nothing if you don’t put into action what you have learned as determined by your unique financial profile–that is in large part based on your goals, risk level, income, and personal situation.


You must have an “action mindset” and an active spirit that allows you to move to action in a manner that favors you–not creditors or others who do not have your best interest at the forefront.


You must ask yourself on an occasional basis if you are “about that action” as by doing so you will get much better financial traction, and not have a negative reaction when things are not going well enough for your satisfaction.




You want to ensure at the earliest time possible that you will take a winning path toward the wealth building success that you desire.


Are you one who wants to fall short of your goals and look back in regret because you decided at this time not to pursue what is already yours–if you pursue it in the right way and in an unrelenting fashion?


Do you want to blame your lack of success on the decision that you made to give it less than your absolute best?


Do you want to fall short of success because of the decision that you could make at this time or are you one who will decide to get outside of your comfort zone and pursue the goals that can make a real difference in your life at a level that is your absolute best?



Isn’t it time you approach wealth building in a manner that allows you to watch the sun set as you build wealth?  You don’t have to struggle daily or have an incongruent picture of your future if you put in motion the right steps and you take the right path that will allow you to win–again and again!


From this day forward you must expect to win, expect to have mastery over your credit, expect to operate at peak performance, and you must have a deep understanding and realization right now, that the magnitude of the success that you can attain is unlimited–if you don’t set any limits!


By taking action you can get momentum rolling and bring others who are on a similar upward path into your life at the right time and right place, however you are the key and missing link to the success that you desire or need to attain.


Discipline requires that you formulate goals, diligently pursue those goals and know that you are working toward a purpose!  What value do you place on controlling your finances and reaching other goals that you may have?


Do you know that greater accomplishments, the real feeling that you are going somewhere, and improving the direction in your life are all a result of applying self-discipline on a consistent basis?


Make the decision TODAY to change how you manage your finances so that you can achieve more in a better way!


Isn’t it time you have a positive impact on others and open new doors that will lead to greater success for you and your family?  Isn’t it time you win with your finances and in all areas of your life?


All the best to winning wealth building success, as you should now expect nothing less….


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