Determination & Wealth Building

Learn why you must have a high level of determination as you build wealth...


Many who want to build wealth effectively often ask the question of what does it really take to achieve the wealth building success that they desire?


In all seriousness, it is a question that requires a serious answer, and this discussion is designed to cover the topics that you need to know to make it easier for you to achieve results that will show–and not provide to you an answer to the wealth building question(s) that are most pressing to you that is no–so that you can improve your net worth as you are on the go.


As the creator of a number of blogs and books that are designed for consumers to achieve financial success in an efficient manner the creator of is of the opinion that all who truly desire wealth building success or any type of success, not only can achieve the success that they desire–but they can do so efficiently if given the right blueprint for success.


However, your level of success is contingent upon the “the determination that resides inside of you” and “your commitment to learn new and empowering ways of managing your finances” that can lead to you achieving much more during your lifetime.


How high or big are your dreams of success?


By answering a number of pressing questions of concern outlined below, you can start or continue on a real journey toward wealth building that will have fewer roadblocks and impediments and will help you build wealth more efficiently and lead you on a clearer path to who you were sincerely meant to be.


Do you know what true determination is?

It is important to know that determination is an unrelenting spirit on the inside of you that will NEVER allow you to quit regardless of the obstacles or adversity that you will face.


It is important that you put forward the required effort and you know upfront that obstacles will be in your path (or better yet, put yourself in better position so you reduce the likelihood of facing the obstacle–where possible) and it is up to you to go over, around, above, below or through all obstacles that you face in a manner that says by deed and action  “I will never be defeated from achieving what I desire” and by doing so you can not only reach higher you can avoid financial outcomes that are dire!


Many have dreams of success, but when times get difficult, they often welter and fall back into their old habits and by doing so they miss out on reaching a higher level of excellence and learning what their true purpose in life is.


Don’t let that be you!


Are you determined to achieve what you desire?

You put yourself in position to “not letting that be you” by contemplating at this time what you really want out of life.


If you desire to pay off or pay down your debt at this time, put together realistic plans to manage your finances optimally on a consistent basis in a way that allows you to achieve all of your goals, retire in x number of years and still be able to live your life to the fullest or achieve any other goal(s) that you desire–it all depends greatly on your level of determination.


Do you know foolproof steps that you can take to achieve wealth building success in a way that allows you to give it your absolute best?

By knowing proven steps that you can take to ensure a more prosperous future you can set yourself and your family up for a lifetime of success.


By creating a budget or cash flow statement at a minimum–along with a thorough understanding of your credit and overall finances you can take your wealth building efforts to a higher level and increase the determination that you now have to a level that allows you to prosper.


By utilizing the right system, you will gain the needed insight that allows you to manage your money right.  You then put yourself in position to see if you have the potential to achieve the wealth building goals that you desire–and avoid outcomes that are dire as you move to reach even higher!


You then go out and do it!  Are YOU DETERMINED?



Just as a lion has the unrelenting determination to catch its prey–so too must you have an unrelenting determination to put in action a plan that can take you towards your goals in a better way!


It is important that you ask the above and other relevant questions as it relates to your wealth building future.


You must have the willingness to do what you need to do even when you don’t feel up to it as it is critical for your wealth building success–as you journey to find your newly found path that allows you to give it your best.


Why just hope for success or approach what you desire in a haphazard and unorganized way when you have just learned a new and more empowering way–today?


All the best to your new level of determination that allows you to achieve at a level that allows you to pass any test…


Learn how you can open a new door and achieve more–by getting more income, cutting your expenses or doing a combination of the two–if you sincerely desire to make your dreams come true!


A Special Note: The creator of would like to send out a heart-felt thank you to all visitors, clients and others who have found benefit from this and other sites created by the creator of, as September 2022 marks the 20-year anniversary of when Realty 1 Strategic Advisors and TFA Financial Planning was created (September 2002).

Hopefully, you and others have changed your life for the better as a result of receiving services from Realty 1 Strategic Advisors,, TFA Financial Planning or simply encountering any of the sites created by the creator of  and using the information to improve your life in a meaningful way.

All the best…


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