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Learn about “10 highly effective success principles” that the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com believes can lead to untold financial success for you and your family…


It is amazing to believe that the blogging journey for the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com began exactly 10 years ago (January 3rd, 2010) with the decision to create a dynamic website (the-best-atlanta-real-estate-advice.com) powered by SBI.


In spite of not having written an article of over 500 words in over 20 years the inspiration and guidance was provided by the creator of this great universe for the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com to dream big and create credit, finance and real estate articles for visitors so that they could achieve financially in a comprehensive manner—and in a manner that would lead to continuous success throughout their lifetime.


Although a daunting challenge—and task—the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com has successfully done just that over the past ten years.


By dreaming big—and knowing deep inside that success would be the outcome the guidance was provided—and visitors worldwide now have free access to over 500 pages of content on three of the most empowering wealth building sites that can be found in the internet universe:



realty-1-strategic-advisors.com, and



The three sites have brought forth a new version of financial planning that turn the odds in your favor (not creditors) and more importantly puts you in control of your finances and wealth building activity in a way that could lead to greater success for you and your family throughout your lifetime.


With this being the ten year anniversary of “when it all started” the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com decided that an appropriate topic that could lead to lasting success was to outline “10 success principles or random thoughts that came to mind at this time” that can help you achieve your financial (and life) goals at a higher level in this decade—and throughout your lifetime—while you are here on planet earth.


  • Know what to avoid

It is important that you manage your finances from a standpoint of understanding what you need to avoid.


By frequenting this and other wealth building sites you are showing a real commitment for successful outcomes to happen in your future.


  • Know what to confront

In a similar manner as knowing what you must avoid in order to achieve optimally—you must also know what you need to confront.


You must not only have that knowledge—you must actually confront your current cash flow position, your credit understanding and your financial understanding in all areas—if you desire to achieve optimally throughout your lifetime.


  • Have a big imagination

Nothing can hold you back moreso than your inability to dream big—and pursue those big dreams!


You must formulate significant goals and have every intention within your mind of achieving those goals.


  • Know your thought process

How do you approach your finances and financial future? Do you even have an approach?


By thinking about your future and what lies ahead you put your heart and mind in position to receive the vibration and rhythms of life that can lead to “life happenings” going your way.


  • Begin with the end in mind

You must begin with the end in mind whether it is a car purchase, home purchase, educational goals, retirement goals or any other goal.


By doing so you put yourself and your family in a more favorable position for success.


Will I sell or trade-in my vehicle in 3 years?


Will I stay in my home for 20 years and then move to my dream location?


Will I begin saving now to help fund my child’s educational needs 15 years from now?


Will I allocate my risk profile with my investments in an appropriate manner?  Will I sell stock X that I bought at $5 per share–all or in part–when it hits $20 a share?


Will I choose mutual funds or will I use a stock portfolio to help reach the goals that I desire–or will I use a combination of investment vehicles to reach the goals that I desire?


Will I save appropriately so that I can reach my “retirement number” so that I can do what I desire in my retirement years?


The above—and other probing questions based on the goals that you are pursuing are what you must ask on the front end—so that you won’t suffer on the back end!


  • Keep your monthly bills under 10 so you can win

You must make it a point to manage your bills monthly (mortgage, auto loan, gas, electric, water, garbage, phone, cable,  and credit cards) at an optimal or highly effective level.


Keep in mind that if you are at nine bills or twelve bills you are still ok–the goal is 10 or so per month–to add clarity to your mind and thought process so that you reduce stress on a monthly basis.


You must have clarity and focus on a daily basis and not allow clutter to cloud your mind!


By keeping the number of bills that you pay from your checking account on a monthly basis under 10—you set your living circumstances up so that you can win.


This success principle does not mean you can’t have other accounts to reach your ultimate goals such as an account for entertainment and living outside of your “fixed monthly expenses” or investment accounts and other accounts that are designed to help you reach your goals.


  • Know your money management personality

By knowing how you manage your finances on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis—you put yourself far ahead of those in the general population who go about their daily activities in a manner where they don’t have a clue.


Are you a highly effective money manager—or do you need to improve?


There is no need to panic as you can achieve lasting success regardless of your money management style.


  • Know where you are at in your life stage

Whether you are just entering the work force, just graduating from college—or you have been working for years—it is important that you understand the stage in life that you are at.


By doing so you add clarity to how you see your future and you make reaching many of your goals more likely to occur.


  • Always establish a properly funded emergency fund

It is imperative that you establish an emergency fund at the earliest time possible and properly fund that emergency fund.


By doing so you help reduce the future risks that you will face in your life and success will be more likely to occur.


  • Have faith that what you are pursuing will truly occur

You must know and take action consistently in a manner that says to the universe—I will succeed!


You must sincerely pursue the goals that you desire so that you can give your mind added incentive—to reach higher!


You must believe and know that the results that you are pursuing—will show!




It is important that you use your experience, expertise and you exercise the use of your mind in a spirit of excellence if you desire to achieve more during your lifetime.


And just as “that process” led to the creation of three leading financial blogs, numerous books and e-books—and increased profitability for Realty 1 Strategic Advisors and TFA Financial Planning—so too can you use that process to make big things happen in your life.


Even though the year of 2010 started on an upbeat note with the creation of the-best-atlanta-real-estate-advice.com the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com  would face great adversity in the spring when the mentor of the  creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com transitioned and even greater adversity when the younger brother who looks just like the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com unexpectedly transitioned in the fall of 2010.


Those unfortunate events tested the faith of the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com, however by responding positively to adversity in the same manner as he had urged early visitors to the site to do–the continuous development of a number of sites took on a new meaning and increased urgency–and brought forth over 500 pages of web content that you can now benefit from at this time.


Always realize that the success that you desire often begins by looking within and giving serious thought to what you desire most in your future.  You must leave “all” excuses or reasons why you can’t reach your destiny behind you so that you can take the necessary steps toward making your dreams come true.


You must open your mind up to the inspiration (and always be open to receiving inspiration when it is in your best interest to do so) that will follow and you must have a strong desire on the inside of you—to make your dreams come true.


That initial thought at a deep level can lead you on a journey toward making the right moves at the right time—and more effectively guide you toward your destiny!


In the end (or maybe the beginning depending on where you are now at) it is your timing, your willingness to move to action—your preparation, your focus and an unstoppable belief on the inside of you—that will guide you in the direction of doing what you definitely need to do—to make your dreams come true.


Use what you were enshrined with at birth (a spirit of excellence) while you are here on planet earth!


It is of the opinion of the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com that this site will act as a springboard to success and will help you achieve many of your financial goals.


However, you must realize that the opinion of the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com is biased in favor of TheWealthIncreaser.com.


You must determine for yourself whether TheWealthIncreaser.com is the site for you—or whether there is another site in the internet universe that will work better—as far as making your dreams come true.


Always remember that the burning desire that you have on the inside at this time (or at some time in your future) to do “something big” may be the voice of God giving you the “ignition” that you need to help direct your steps and give you added strength to bring something new and powerful into this world–at a time and in a manner that is uniquely designed for you!


All the best to your continued success in the next ten years in your life—and beyond…


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