Timing & Wealth Building in the COVID-19 Era


Learn why the time to do what you need to do financially varies depending on where you are now at in your life stage…


In the current economy in many parts of the world many are at a point where they must stay in a confined area for a certain time period and/or must keep a certain distance from others due to the COVID-19 virus.


Many are using this time wisely and are looking within in an introspective manner to see what they can possibly do better in their life.


It is important that you at this time determine where you are now at financially and otherwise—and make the best or most optimal moves “at this time”  based on your current life stage and financial position.


In the following paragraphs you can learn how you can use your time more wisely and achieve at a higher level—at this time—and in your future.


Plan in advance for uncertain times…


You can use your time more wisely by focusing and planning on what you desire to occur in your future.  Many of those who have frequented this site for years are now in a better position than most to handle the uncertainty and anxiety that is now in the atmosphere.


Whether it be financial or otherwise you make the likelihood of future success occurring in your life when you plan for success and particularly when you put your planning in writing.


You can use personal financial statements to see where you are now at and use the information that is derived from those statements to see where you can go.


You must plan for success by knowing how credit works and using that knowledge to manage your credit in a manner that serves your best interests—not creditors.


You must plan, pray and take the right posture on a daily basis if you truly desire to position yourself and your family for lifelong success!


It is also important that you have a comprehensive overview of your finances so that you can plan daily in a manner where you can win--consistently.  Even if you now find yourself in an adverse position as a result of COVID-19 or other factors you must always know that you can put rebound mechanisms in place and still achieve your goals throughout your lifetime.


Know what you desire in your future…


You also want to take time—right now—to do some deep thinking to determine where you really want to take your future.


What were you put on earth to do?


Use the time that you have now to search your soul and determine if what you are now doing or working toward doing is what you were truly put on earth to do.


Or is what you are doing at this time something that you must do—but it serves no real end toward making your dreams come true.


Use a calming approach (you slow your mind down and receive the inspiration and dreams that were meant for you) and look within at your life and see if there is a better, more effective way of achieving what you really desire.


 Do continuous review in order to make your dreams come true…


Once you put your plans into action you must still have the mindset that you will do continuous review and fine tune where necessary.


You can achieve many of the goals that you may now feel are out of reach if you take the time now to plan—do and review.


By doing so consistently you can achieve at a higher level and fatigue and a feeling of doubt will play no meaningful role in holding you back from achieving your dreams.




You can at this time choose to get down on yourself and remain where you are now at or move along in life at a snail’s pace—or you can use the time that you have to look within and plan for a better and brighter future.


You can better prepare yourself and your family for the perils that lie ahead (both seen and unseen) and position yourself to “weather the storm” in a way where you come out in a good position—or possibly even in a better condition than when you were experiencing the storm–or even before the storm.


It is the desire of TheWeaalthIncreaser.com that this discussion has led to “a calming of your thoughts” and a feeling of well-being about your future.  Regardless of where you now stand better days lie ahead and you can use what you have learned in this discussion that you feel is appropriate to move forward–to “your” best advantage!


In the age of COVID-19 you must believe and know that you will come out on the other side in a stronger position for success—whether it be financial or otherwise!


You must also remember that the time to do what you need to do to make your dreams come true will never be ideal.  You are now alive and visiting this site and you have the opportunity to get your future right–in spite of the disheartening news that you may hear on your radio or hear and see on your phone or  TV tonight.


Those who have been utilizing this site for years continue to do so due in large part to the calming effect that it has on their financial life.


For those of you who are new to this site it is the desire of TheWealthIncreaser.com  that you continue to visit if you find value in this site so that you too can transform your future to that of true success once and for all—whether it be financial or otherwise.


All the best to your success during these difficult times and throughout your lifetime…


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