Bountiful Harvest & Wealth Building

Learn why now is the time to plant your seed (gain a solid financial foundation) in fertile soil so that you can have a bountiful harvest (achieve your financial and life goals) …


With April roaring in and many parts of the world  “sowing the ground” in an effort to bring in a bountiful harvest in due time as the goal– thought that the topic of reaping what you sow was an appropriate topic to focus on as far as improving your finances and building wealth was concerned.


Just as those who plant various fruits and vegetables in fertile soil and work the land–so too must you gain a solid foundation and work toward reaching the goals that you desire or the goals that you need to attain.  You must not let unpredictable weather patterns (adversity) negatively affect your output as that should be expected if you are  sincere about reaching your goals.


By planting thoughts of success in your heart and mind (planting seed in fertile soil) and putting together a plan that can get you the results that you desire  you can have a bountiful harvest (reach your financial goals) if you take the right action on a consistent basis along the way.


You must prepare your mind for the financial success that you desire and you must have the mindset that you will reach higher.


• Do I have a “meaningful understanding” of personal financial statements 


You must create a personal cash flow statement to see where you now stand financially.  It is akin to taking a soil sample to see what you are working with as far as the fertility of the ground is concerned.


Are you operating in good soil (visualizing clearly how you handle your income and expenses on a monthly basis) or do you need to amend the soil so that you can have a more bountiful harvest (move closer toward reaching your goals by getting more income, cutting expenses or doing a combination of the two) by having the discretionary income on a monthly basis that you desire to make life more enjoyable and meaningful for you and your family?


Do I fully understand the “factors” that affect my credit scores—including the ratios?


By understanding the factors that affect your credit you are in effect helping to control the weather patterns (so you can sit out in the sun) as opposed to having the weather patterns control you (running you inside your house due to inclement weather).


You must know how a Positive payment history, how you Utilize your credit, the Time length of your credit, the Type of credit that you have and Inquiries affect your credit and ultimately your financial future.


• Do I know all areas of my finances that I “must” address? 


By planting in fertile soil you will begin to see your harvest blossom in ways you never imagined.  Also by seeing your finances in a comprehensive way–you can achieve goals that you may have never thought possible.


You must know that you must address your insurance, investments, taxes, emergency fund, education planning, estate planning/wills and retirement planning in as effective a manner as possible if you desire to achieve more during your lifetime.




When it comes to your finances you must know where you are now at and where you are going!  You must encourage and inspire your loved ones and others to reach higher as well.  You have the power to change the trajectory of your financial future!  Your application of what you are learning on this page and site must  be balanced with the future goals that you desire or need to achieve.


It is important that you realize that what you “learn, know and apply” empowers you to take more effective action as it relates to reaching your goals.  You can make your road to success easier by applying the right principles at the right time during your life.


You can achieve many of your financial goals that may look impossible at this time if you pause and put together an effective plan that will take you to where you need or desire to be.   Leave your baggage (weeds) that is holding you back behind—turn something old into something new and better.  Do something fresh today–respond to adversity in a strong fashion on a consistent basis. 


Why you must do what needs to be done now–without procrastination…


You can prevent the weeds from growing (avoid making mistakes) so that you won’t have to repair the soil (waste valuable time and money when you could have avoided it).


You must realize that you are challenged and charged (by to do far more than you are doing at this time!


You must stick to it and move your PEN so you can WIN!


Let something original (a new rain cloud followed by unlimited sunshine) work its way into your life.  Equip your mind for lasting success by gaining the skills that are needed to reach your future goals and use a comprehensive approach to manage your finances. 


By doing so you are helping to ensure that you are equipped for the continuous financial success that you desire and deserve. 


Be sure to apply what you learn in your everyday life.  Your goal must be to be–and to do—not just know what to do and let what you know sit idly in your mind.


Your knowledge of the above material alone is not enough—action is what really counts.


By sowing your seed in a fertile environment you are helping to ensure that you do all that you need to do—and more as you move toward your financial goals.  You are helping your financial growth process and at the same time ensuring that a bountiful harvest is in your and your family’s future.  


You are on a real path to reaping what you sow because you have taken the time to gain the preparation and knowledge that can make your future glow–and more importantly put you in the know–as far as putting you on a path to obtaining financial results that will show!


You are on a path toward attaining a Financially Alert Mind (as opposed to just Financial Literacy) that will allow you to weather the elements as you reach toward your goals throughout your lifetime.


Always remember that you will be known not only for the impact that you have in your own life but also the impact that you have on others.  By making a serious commitment today you can have a positive impact on others and also reach the goals that you desire as well!


It is the desire of that you are now in better position to Sow the Financial Future that You Desire and receive a Bountiful Harvest…


Now is the time to plant what you desire in fertile soil so that you can have a bountiful harvest…


All the best to your future success…


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