Managing Your Finances & Wealth Building

Learn how you can “Manage Your Finances & Build Your Wealth” in an intelligent, consistent & proactive manner so that you can achieve more throughout your lifetime…


In the current economy it is very important that you have a systematic approach to the management of your finances.  Whether you are a millennial, gen x, gen y or baby boomer effective management of your finances must be a part of your mindset if you desire to achieve more from this point forward.


In this discussion will look at highly effective ways that you can use to move forward in an efficient manner as you manage your finances and build wealth.


Those who manage their finances at an optimal level always seem to have a system that allows them to live within their means and save at a level that allows them to get ahead financially.


You must know how to analyze your cash flow and know what you will have left on a monthly basis after you pay your rent or mortgage, health care, cell phone bills, cable TV and other costs that you have on a monthly basis that allows you to live at the level that you desire.


Although the process of analyzing your finances on a monthly basis may appear daunting–you can do so and also save for your future if you have the right approach and you are committed to putting that approach into action on a consistent basis.


By knowing where your money goes on a monthly basis you will feel more in control of your finances and your future!  Why stress about what you can do in the future when you have the ability to take control of your finances and achieve more during your lifetime?


You must have an understanding of your fixed and variable expenses on a monthly basis so that you will know your “discretionary income” that is available that will allow you to do other things.


You must then look at ways that you can reduce or eliminate the fixed and variable expenses that you can avoid, are not comfortable with or are a drag on your monthly finances.


3 Steps that Will Allow You to Control Your Finances & Financial Future


  • You must budget and plan for your future


It is very important that you create a budget or monthly cash flow statement in order to determine where you are financially.  That will allow you to plan your financial future more effectively.


You will put yourself in position to create a properly funded emergency fund and build your wealth more efficiently.


To gain even more control over your financial future you need to eventually create a personal income statement and balance sheet so that you will know your net worth.


  • You must effectively manage your credit


Whether you are new to credit or you have been managing your credit for years it is imperative that you “understand credit” and you have an effective system that allows you to manage your credit.


You don’t want to put yourself in position where there is confusion (within your mind) or other distractions as it relates to the management of your credit.


  • You must know all areas of your finances that you must address and then you must put a plan in place to address those areas


It is your responsibility to know all areas of finance that you must address during your lifetime.  Another way of stating that is you must have a “comprehensive approach” in the management of your finances if you desire to achieve at an optimal level.


You must know “immediately” and at “all times”  that you have to address your insurance needs, your investment goals, your tax situation, your emergency fund, your education planning, your estate planning/wills and your retirement planning.  By doing so you add “clarity of thought” to your life and your future will take on a new (and brighter) meaning.



You must have an approach to your financial future that “sticks to your mind” and allows you the ability to manage your financial future with clarity.  You must have strategies that you can carry within your mind and that you can apply at the time of “your” choosing.


By gaining a real understanding of the 3 steps mentioned above and applying them on a consistent basis throughout your lifetime you will help insure a more prosperous future for yourself and your family.


You will put yourself in position to set real concrete goals that you can see clearly” rather than “generalize your future” and move toward your goals with an unclear focus.


Keep in mind that you can do the above steps at a pace that you are comfortable with, however they must be done–if you desire to achieve more financially during your lifetime.


What do you value?


Determine what you value most and make it a priority in your life at this time.


Make the decision not to procrastinate at this time!


Will there be setbacks as you move toward your financial goals?  Absolutely, however by applying what you have just learned on a consistent basis you will put yourself in position to rebound from those setbacks and achieve the type of success that you desire throughout your lifetime.


Be sure to use automatic savings tools  where appropriate and maximize your retirement savings in a manner that will allow you to reach your retirement number and live the lifestyle that you desire during your retirement years.


All the best as you apply the above “3 steps”  so that you can achieve a lifetime of success…


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