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Learn what YOU can do to work toward making your financial dreams come true prior to the year 2022…


In 2021 there are many occurrences both big and small that have the potential to distract you and take you in the wrong direction as you build wealth.


In an attempt to get young people to more effectively manage their finances in the last discussion created by TheWealthIncreaser.com the blueprint was laid for effective money management for those entering the workforce full time, high school graduates, college graduates and those entering a new line of work at a young age.


Even though visitors were initially reluctant to visit the page (due in some part to the start of summer and recent holidays) visits eventually picked up among young people and that inspired TheWealthIncreaser.com to create this page to benefit all of humanity.


In the following paragraphs TheWealthIncreaser.com will discuss action steps that can potentially change the direction of your life if you are sincerely willing to learn and apply them in your everyday life.


However, these action steps that you can now take to improve your focus and make 2021 more productive and at the same time set your finances up for a more prosperous  2022 and beyond–must be comprehended at your highest level of comprehension if YOU are to achieve your goals without the assistance of a magic wand.


Your preparation at this time can set you apart and set you up for a more prosperous future.  By gaining the knowledge that you need to succeed you can make your time on earth a more enjoyable experience for you and your loved ones.


It is important that you take a look at the following areas so that YOU can determine what you can do—NOW—and before the year 2022–to work toward making your dreams come true!


YOUR Budgeting

It is important that you create a monthly cash flow statement so that you can know your monthly inflow and outflow of cash that comes into and goes out of your household on a monthly and annual basis.


Your use of financial statements can assist you in formulating goals and putting into action realistic plans that can take you where you need or desire to be.  It is important that you have a desire to manage your finances more effectively, because if you do, there are numerous approaches that you can take to work toward making your dreams come true.


YOUR Credit

Whether you are new to credit or you have been engaging in credit transactions for years, it is important that you have a level of understanding and application of credit that masterfully puts you in control and keeps you in control.


Understanding how credit affects you and your family and learning ways that you can manage your credit more effectively is not that difficult if you have the right approach and you have a yearning to learn new ways of looking at credit that can benefit you and your family in a real way.


Whether you are seeking an automotive loan, credit cards, employment, home loan, insurance, rental purposes or everything else your credit may play a role at some level.


YOUR Insurance

Insurance provides protection to you and your loved ones and it is important that you have coverage in all areas that can be of benefit to you and your family.  Whether automotive, business, disability, health,  homeowner’s, life, rental, umbrella etcetera, you want to have the appropriate coverage to protect your and your family’s risk of loss. 


It is important that you understand the concept of “insurable interest” and how you can use that understanding to benefit yourself and your family so that you can build wealth more effectively.


YOUR Investments

You want to ensure that you invest in yourself and your future.  It is important that you determine at the earliest time possible that you are in position to invest in a manner that is in your best interest–not the best interests of investment companies or other financial professionals.


It is important that you invest wisely by knowing whether you are in position to invest at this time or shoring up your finances and investing at a later date is more appropriate.


It is also important that you realize that the purchase of your home can be an investment–if done properly.


YOUR Taxes

By looking at your taxes in an overall manner you can determine if you need to adjust your w-4 if you are an employee, pay estimated taxes if you are self-employed and own a business, anticipate your real estate and other local taxes, project your income taxes at the state and federal level or address any other area of taxation so that you can have a more joyful experience while here on planet earth.


Tax planning should be a year round process for most and it is important that you learn what you can do throughout the year to lighten your tax burden regardless of your income level.


YOUR Emergency Fund

In life adversity and unwanted occurrences will happen in what seems like the most inopportune times.  Even so–creditors, utility companies, home appliances, heating systems, plumbing systems, automobiles and the like could care less.


Therefore, you must have a monetary fund that guards against those occurrences and will not set you back in a way that throws you off as far as addressing your emergency and continuing the payment of your current and long-term liabilities–and still attaining your goal(s).


YOUR Education Planning

If you have children and/or you plan on going back to school yourself you can avoid student loans and other hardships by saving now at the right level so that you can reduce or eliminate your need to borrow in the future.


By looking at what you will need in x number of years you can project the saving that you need to do at this time so that your child (or you) can attend college without borrowing (or borrowing less) at some other time.


YOUR Estate Planning/Wills

You must realize that there is a time stamp on all of us,  and as painful as it is to contemplate–the day that we no longer inhabit planet earth in a physical form will come.


Therefore, it is important to plan at this time for that eventuality.  By creating a will or trust, depending on your financial condition and life stage–the more certain you can be that your heirs or loved ones won’t quarrel unnecessarily at a very difficult time and during a time of grief due to your untimely demise.


YOUR Retirement Planning

Retirement is an area that you must plan for and you must have a consistent saving plan in place at some level if you are in position to do so–so that you can reach your retirement number in as efficient a manner as possible.


You want to plan for your  retirement as soon as possible so that you can reach your goals and do what you like to do as far as vacations, charitable work and donations, continuing to work part-time if you desire, eating and dining out at your favorite restaurants–or do whatever else you deem important during your retirement years.




It  is important that you have a comprehensive overview of what you can do to work towards making your dreams come true.  It is you who must “see the light” and put into motion wealth building maneuvers that will give you the clear vision that you need–to succeed.


It is important that you have a picture of your future that is crystal clear to you and makes sense to you so that you can really see the light and get on a serious path toward making your dreams come true!


You must put yourself in position at this time to know if you have adequate discretionary income to reach your goals, or whether you need to get more income, cut expenses or do a combination of the two so that you can do what you want (or need) to do prior to 2022! 


You must have no doubt that YOU can achieve your wealth building goals, just as many from around the world have already done–in large part by visiting this site and taking the appropriate action.


TheWealthincreaser.com stands as a “beacon of hope” for worldwide visitors who have reached a point in their life where they sincerely desire success and they have determined deep within that they are fully committed and willing to put forth the required effort to achieve that success.


Your determination at this time to build wealth in a comprehensive manner can set you apart from others who manage their financial affairs in isolation (or don’t manage their finances at all) and don’t have a feel for their finances in a wholesome  or comprehensive way.


All the best to YOUR wealth building success–starting today…


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