Confidence & Wealth Building in the ERA of COVID-19

Learn why you must have confidence in your ability to improve your personal finances and build wealth efficiently in any economic environment…


As the world turns and happenings that defy logic occurring in a rapid fire manner on a daily basis, it can often be difficult to see your future with clarity and have the confidence that you will make your wealth building dreams come true.


On this Memorial day in May of 2021, the creator of was listening to the radio and changed stations rapidly and within seconds both stations were talking about confidence and how it can have a positive effect in your life.


Furthermore on that same day, the creator of witnessed a young owl in a tree for twenty minutes in the daylight along with an 80 plus year old woman jogging.


Both showed confidence in themselves and their future and it is important that you too show confidence in yourself and what you can do during the time period that you are on earth!


Those few incidents provided the inspiration for the creator of to formulate this discussion in an attempt to get worldwide visitors to operate at a higher level of excellence and have the needed confidence as it relates to effective wealth building.


Hopefully on this Memorial Day this page will not put your mind on a vacation, but will instead provide you the inspiration, determination and imagination to avoid procrastination and reach your destination so that you can respond appropriately to any financial situation.


OK, let us now explore in 3 steps why you must have confidence in yourself and confidence in the financial success that lies in front of you, if you do what you need to do.


  • You must know that you have a financial management system in place that will allow your mind to grow


It is important that you approach the management of your finances with a system of management that is familiar to you, makes sense to you and can practically be put into effect by you—so that you can start on a journey toward sincerely making your dreams come true.


You must have a “made up mind” that now is the time that you dig in and pursue what you need to do to see your way through regardless of any adversity that you are now facing, have faced in your past or might face in your future.


By doing so you put your mind in position to really “tune in” to what is truly important and significant—and you open up the possibility of unlimited growth by expanding the possibilities of what you can achieve throughout your lifetime.


  • You must use the best system around that works best for you as you move forward toward making your dreams come true


It is important that you search out and find the best comprehensive financial management system that works the best for you.


Whether you find this site to be the most appropriate for you, some other site(s), books, financial planners and other professionals or a culmination of a number of sources—it is your responsibility to find what works best for you and your family.


By having a yearning and determination to search out the best sources of financial information that will provide you the best financial or wealth building foundation—you set yourself up for building wealth more effectively and efficiently—at the various stages in your life!


  • You must “put into action” your approach so that it is beyond reproach (you must actively address your finances in a comprehensive manner)


It is you who must take decisive action and put into motion the effective addressing of your insurance planning, investment planning, tax planning, education planning, emergency fund planning, estate/wills planning and retirement planning and know how to effectively manage your credit and finances throughout your lifetime.


Just learning what is on this site (or any highly effective wealth building site) and not putting what you have learned into motion will not take you to where you need or desire to be.


By putting into action the above steps and determining what you desire to occur in your future in a real way—you are displaying confidence in yourself and your financial future.



Regardless of what others are doing or how they look at their future financially and otherwise, you must operate daily with a high level of confidence and really have a feel for your future and a real handle on your future.


You must not only shoot for the stars, you must also raise the bars and have confidence that you will reach mars (a new dimension where you need or desire to be)!


You must have the urgency to act now so that you can avoid or reduce the likelihood of an emergency disrupting your life in a meaningful way.


Your decision to change is predicated on the pain of now (how you feel at this time) being more painful than what you desire to occur in your future–thereby forcing your heart and mind to take the steps that you need to take at a very high level and at a level of confidence that is unmatched by anything that you have ever attempted in your life!


By applying what you have learned in this discussion on a consistent basis you put yourself in position to win the majority of your races.


And just as the creator of has operated with confidence over the years (so too must you have confidence in your future and what lies ahead even when the vision appears murky) even when life happenings went in the opposite direction of what was expected–you too must operate at a certain level of confidence at all times.


Even though you may start out at a certain level and not truly believeif you take steps to move forward and work toward what you want to achieve–you can reach higher than you expected and exponentially reach more success than you ever thought you would receive!


Even though the creator of started off with the goal of providing wealth building advice to consumers worldwide in a manner that could truly serve their best interests–that goal was expanded and it was due in large part to having confidence about what lied ahead even when the vision was not totally clear.


You too must get started on your path to giving it your best and accept nothing less than continuous success and it begins in a big way by having confidence that the goals that you seek will materialize!


You must at all times feel worthy of the success that you are about to achieve, leave all excuses behind and know in definite terms that the success that you are pursuing is within sight because you have taken the necessary steps and you have put your plans in writing in an effort to display your confidence more vividly within your heart and mind because you truly believe what you want most–will occur!


On this day you should now feel confident about what you know, confident about what you will do, confident about what you know you will achieve and you now at all times should truly believe that you will achieve!


You can now joyfully wake up and look forward to the day—and future days—due in large part because you committed to changing your ways in a real effort to see better days.


When you focus on your circumstances as opposed to a way out you are displaying a lack of confidence in your future.


On the other hand, when you see your future with clarity you can see and feel the steps that you will take, see and feel reaching those steps and see and feel the improvement in your quality of life.


You absolutely can manage your finances better on a monthly basis, you absolutely can manage your credit better on a daily basis, you absolutely can improve your finances in all areas throughout your lifetime and you should feel confident about that knowledge and the improved financial position that you will soon be in!


By doing so you will have shown that you are confident and not timid, confident and not fearful, confident and not anxious and confident that what you desire most will come into fruition because you have prepared for the journey and you are truly sincere in making the future that you really want to occur—happen in real time.


All the best toward your confidence and new approach to lifelong success…


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