Visions of Wealth Building Success for 2021 & Beyond

Learn how you can avoid procrastination and look into your future and see the wealth building success that you desire with more clarity…


As we close out the month of January  2021 with a new administration in the United States and over 440,000 COVID 19 deaths  in the United States alone, entering the the month of February 2021 is a welcome occurrence for many of us.


As the year of 2021 is progressing forward—we must look to the future, leave procrastination behind and see how we can learn from the experiences and happenings of 2020 to forge a brighter future in 2021 and beyond.


At this time, the creator of whose spirit is at an all-time low due to the transition of his mother (Nettie Ree Jones) will present action steps that you can prepare to take so that you can avoid procrastination and help ensure a more prosperous and fruitful future for you and your family in 2021 and the coming years.


It is important that you have the following knowledge base as you move forward from the happenings that are occurring or possibly will occur in your future regardless of where you reside.


1) Know your tax position now so that you know what to expect when you file your 2020 taxes in 2021


COVID -19 has presented many challenges and in the area of taxation that is no exception as limited income, unemployment, payroll tax cuts, stimulus checks, government business loans, local grants and other charitable activities have made 2020 a confusing and in many cases an uncertain environment for many who will file taxes in 2021.


Even so, now is not the time to panic or live daily with anxiety as you must realize that you can only do what you can do.


It is important that you leave the stress behind, and take inventory of where you are now at.  You must be prepared to give it your absolute best to improve your situation as best you can when the tax filing season comes around.


It is also the time to look forward and find other ways to save on your taxes as tax and financial planning should be a year round activity for most.


Be particularly alert for pre-tax benefit savings on your taxes such as FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or HSA (Health Savings Account)—and be aware of the details–as with many pre-tax plans you must use it (spend it during the tax year) or lose it (lose the tax benefit for the tax year)!  Some pre-tax plans may allow you a carryover of a certain amount that are indexed or adjusted yearly for inflation.


If your employer offers an FSA and you enroll (and contribute $5,000) and you make $50,000 you would be taxed on only $45,000 and you could save far more in taxes than if you saved on a post-taxed basis.  You just potentially saved $500 in taxes if you use all of the $5,000 during the year with a FSA and you grossed $50,000 annually.   Keep in mind that all financial and tax positions are unique and you will have to apply the knowledge that you are learning to your unique financial position.


Always remember that there are taxable benefits to having an FSA, HSA and other pre-tax savings plans including 401k’s and other retirement plans!  If there is an employer match and/or you qualify for a “savers credit” involving your retirement plan,  you can benefit even more.


2) Know your financial position now and know ways that you can improve your financial position in 2021 and beyond


It is your responsibility to take inventory of what you now know and what you need to know as far as your finances are concerned.


By knowing what you need to do to manage your finances optimally you put yourself in a much better position for success—now and in the coming years.


3) Know how you can save and make the right moves in 2021 and beyond so that you can retire and live the lifestyle that you desire


It is important that you do all that you can to ensure that your retirement years can be as enjoyable as possible.


You can do so now by saving consistently both inside and outside of your retirement accounts.


You must put a plan in place in spite of 2020 setbacks or any other setbacks and get back on track where possible—or start now to effectively save for your retirement years so that you can reach the goals that can make your life more meaningful and significant in the coming years.



As the month of January 2021 ends and a new chapter begins it is important that you always respond to adversity in a positive way regardless of how painful the adversity is and continues to be. 


And just as the creator of will respond appropriately by operating daily at a higher standard of excellence and pursuing success in a more intelligent, consistent and proactive manner and with more urgency, so too must you pursue your dreams with more urgency.


The following poem was written as a tribute to the creator of’s  mom who transitioned at the end of 2020 and had her homegoing in January of 2021, and hopefully you too will find some inspiration in this poem to help you move forward and achieve more during difficult stretches in your life.


It is a poem designed to show love to the creator of this universe and also act as a motivator to help those who desire to achieve at a higher level of success during difficult times find the inspiration to move daily in a more committed manner toward their goals and objectives. 


Hopefully you will find some inspiration in this poem and it will help you move forward daily with a more active spirit and achieve more throughout your lifetime–and achieve in a manner that can be of true benefit to yourself, your loved ones and the larger society that you live in.  


Up Above With Love


From the “sun” up above who sends you love

From the north star who knows who you are

You are amazingly created to win—again and again

Even though we all sin, we know that the creator of the universe lives within

Now is the time to position yourself to get what you want or need–by planting seed

The words that we hear or read hit us in a different way–when it is a different day

Procrastination offends God

Your mindset to “do it now” is not odd

I’ll do it later, must not be in the numerator–or denominator

Step outside of your comfort zone and you can achieve in a better way

Live your life with purpose each and every day

There is lots of time, I’ll do it later you think

Life on earth is much shorter than a blink

Today I move to action without procrastination

And achieve success regardless of the situation

My actions that were taken when I put things off must not stand

From this day forward I will move my feet and never get stuck in the sand


All the best to your new vision of unlimited success…


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