New Year–New You

Learn how you can manage your finances more effectively this year and in the coming decades…

As we enter a “new year” and “new decade” it is important that you renew your mind with more effective ways of managing your finances so that you can build wealth in a way that provides you the opportunity to do what “you” like to do.


As the clock strikes twelve many are celebrating and making resolutions for the new year.


However, thought that the time was right to help others get the year started off financially in a strong way by creating this page just after midnight (eastern time zone in the United States) to usher in the new year.


In this discussion will discuss ways that you can achieve more now—and in your future and it starts with utilizing 3 steps that are outlined below:


  • Know Your Cash Flow Position

It is important that you budget your time and finances wisely by creating a Budget or cash flow statement at this time so that you can see how your inflow and outflow of cash affects your life on a monthly basis.


By knowing if you have discretionary income at this time you can plan out the remainder of the year from a position of strength and not be pulled in directions that are not of your choosing.


Likewise an Income statement and Balance sheet can assist you and help you build your Net worth more effectively at the various stages of your life.


  • Know Your Credit Management Style

You must have an effective way of managing your credit and you must do your best to keep Negative information off of your report, Utilize your available credit appropriately, know how Time affects your credit, know how the Types of credit affects your credit and know how too many hard Inquiries affect your credit.


It is important that you realize that credit management is not that difficult for those who are willing to “put forth the required effort” and make a real commitment to live out their life with a spirit of abundance!


Always realize that once you start managing your credit effectively it will be as if you are on cruise control as the process will be made easier over time.  However, it is you who must show that you are committed on the front end and that starts by “mastering the 5 credit factors” so that you can put yourself (not creditors) in control of your finances.


  • Know How to Manage Your Finances in a Comprehensive Manner

It is important that you have clarity or a clear picture of “what” you must be aware of financially so that you can manage your finances at a very high level.


You must have an understanding of how to maximize your use of Insurance, Investments, Taxes, Emergency fund, Education planning, Estate planning/wills and Retirement planning throughout your lifetime.


By consistently analyzing and improving upon your finances in a comprehensive manner you open up the possibility of reaching your goals and living your life in a manner that is more advantageous for you and your family.




By adhering to the three steps in this discussion you can set yourself and your family up for a more prosperous year and decade.


You can bring into existence what you desire most!


The yearly vacations that you deserve, the healthier eating that you deserve, the health club membership that you deserve, the retirement number that you need to reach and much more can be “within your sights” if you align the proper knowledge and application with the goals that you desire.


You now know how to apply concrete steps that can take you toward the goals that you desire in a more efficient and effective manner.


You must pursue what you desire in a determined, never quit type of way if you desire to make your dreams come true–today.


By landing on this page and “visiting the above links” you can achieve more than you think and open up real possibilities for a “new era” of financial success throughout your lifetime!


You must realize that in the year 2020–you can start on a path toward achieving plenty–and make sour grapes of your past a distant memory!


All the best toward your continued success this year and in the decades that will follow…


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