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Learn why you must have a high level of confidence and grow as you build wealth…


It is important that you are confident in your pursuit toward wealth building excellence.  By pursuing your goals with passion, you are showing that you really want “it”–that “it” being what you desire most in your financial future and life!  By moving about throughout your life with preparation and passion you are showing that you really want to grow financially.


If you are one who need to do something financially to move forward in life–or you want to do something that will lead to financial growth so that you can achieve more, you need to ask yourself “do I really want to do it” or am I not serious at this time?


It is imperative that you have growth as part of your mindset and a real desire to pursue more knowledge on an annual basis so that you can achieve the needed growth as it relates to your wealth building efforts.


What do you know “financially speaking” at this time that you didn’t know 12 months ago?


If you don’t know what it is that you have learned lately that can have a real effect on your financial future, you may not be growing as it relates to your finances and wealth building activity!


And just as the comedian George Wallace (whom the creator of had the pleasure of meeting while vacationing in Huntsville, Alabama for the first time on October 15th, 2022) has grown over the years and is now a comedy genius–so too must you grow in your financial management skills, so that you can build wealth more effectively and reach a higher level of growth.


In this discussion will discuss the importance of why you must grow in the area of the financial knowledge that you now have–if you desire to excel throughout your life and build wealth in a way that is more advantageous for you–not others who have no real concern for you or your financial future.


It is important that “you know” what you need to do to make your dreams come true

It is important that you put yourself on a schedule to ensure that what you desire most–will happen!


You now have the opportunity to utilize what you currently earn to see where you can possibly go, and if your income is insufficient, you must create opportunities outside of work that will move you towards your dreams more efficiently.


Opportunity A–what you do at work

Opportunity B–what you do outside of work

Opportunity C–combining what you do at work and outside of work to make your dreams come true


Doing it now may not lead to the next or most obvious step to you at this time!


However, if you decide to take action and gain the proper knowledge and apply it appropriately, it will get you moving fast toward your goals and help you get momentum rolling in your life.


It is important that you move to action, because if you don’t, why should others move on your behalf.  You must put into motion the actions that will move you forward.  Your self-perception may be limiting you at this time and you must know that your self-worth is far more important than your net worth as you build wealth.


You can make gains even if you are now a few steps behind.  Even though you may have to sacrifice in the short term you can create the type of change that re-calibrates your current way of thinking and re-focuses your mind for the success that can occur in your future.  You must always realize that effective money management is available and the type of growth in learning that can propel you forward more efficiently–is also” available to you!


You must have mastery of how you utilize credit throughout your life or the period that you desire to use credit during your life

You can choose to use credit in a disadvantageous way or the smart way where you don’t have to panic or make bad decisions.  If you fail to adapt or make the right credit decision, you may find yourself in a disadvantageous position–when it really didn’t have to be that way. 


You must create a new normal as it relates to the management of your credit that works to your advantage–not creditors.


You can’t go back to your old credit habits that are averse to your growth and the goals that you desire!  You can now navigate this site and create a new future where you are in control–not creditors.


Always realize that change may mean you will lose temporarily and gain permanently–however always know that in the end you will reach your goals

What are the steps that you must really take to ensure that your wealth building growth is not a mistake?


You must learn and apply the right knowledge on the front end–not after you make mistakes.


You also must be resilient and never quit!


By doing so you can make the goals that you desire most–happen–or even attain something much better than the goals that you initially imagined.


You must feed your mind with the appropriate knowledge so that you can grow and achieve more while you are here on earth.


Are you a person who takes and not gives and are you serving for the benefit of others, your family and to improve society on occasion–or are you only looking out for yourself?


By growing financially, you can put yourself in position to manage your finances better, give to your favorite charities, save appropriately for your retirement years, move into a bigger home or achieve other goals of significance as you move about daily during your life while you are here on earth!



It is important that we all grow financially and otherwise, and by looking inward and making the decision to pursue what you desire with more focus, commitment and determination you can continue on an upward path toward success where the goals that you desire most are more likely to occur.


By improving upon the way that you approach your wealth building activities you can set yourself and your family up for a more prosperous living environment where you can enjoy life more and open a new door.


Even if you are now growing at an efficient pace as you build wealth, it is important to know that you too can do more, grow more and achieve even more.


The growth that you seek, and sincerely desire can force your mind to reach higher and help you avoid a financial quagmire and other outcomes that are dire!


The following is’s “growth wish” poem for you…


That you make no more excuses starting today

That you pursue your wealth building efforts in a better way

That you have faith so that you can really achieve

That you have the winning spirit to always believe

That you have the vision to see a better day

That you activate your action mindset so that you won’t be led astray

That you leave fear–in the rear

That you know that the growth and wealth building success that you desire is near

That you feel uplifted and balanced even when you feel low

That you are equipped with the right wealth building knowledge so that you can grow

That you have patience to stick with your plan until it is done

That you have confidence that victory will be won


All the best to your unlimited growth as you sincerely move toward a higher level of success because you have decided to not only grow, but also give it your absolute best so that you can attain results that will show…


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