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Learn how you can achieve financial success regardless of your age or where you now are at in your life stage…


Although started this topic and realized after entering the title that it was done so with the CAPS LOCK on, it was decided in humorous fashion to go along with the topic as entered.  Even so it is important that you realize that managing your finances at the various stages in your life is no laughing manner.  It is imperative that you realize that the sooner you get started on your wealth building and money management efforts–the more you can achieve at the various stages throughout your life.


It is important that you have an effective system that allows you to manage your finances regardless of your age or where you are now at in your life stage. 


Over the years many visitors have asked, why don’t you create a book aimed at helping kids understand personal finance better?  Why don’t you create a book addressed to senior citizens?


My answer then, as well as now is that the systems already presented provides just that—as kids and those who are elderly are equipped to learn the systems and approaches on this site and our companion sites in the same manner as others–although they may have to elevate their level of thinking some or look at their finances in a new or better way.


Kids, the elderly and all those in between alike possess the potential inside to elevate their mind to a higher level and achieve the type of success that will put them on a path toward reaching the goals that they truly desire or need to attain.


In this discussion will discuss ways that those who are young and just gaining a knowledge of personal finance as well as the elderly and all of those in between—can learn highly effective ways to better manage their finances in the current economic climate.


In many cases, consumers approach their finances in the wrong manner, regardless of age.


Whether you are young and new to personal finance and wealth building, middle aged or you are elderly and have been managing your finances for years—effective and results oriented success seems to elude far too many.


Regardless of your money management personality and age or where you are in your life stage—you can grasp the material on this site and achieve success at a very high level and you must have the mindset and belief that you can do so.


As far as your teen years go (which we recommend you start your wealth building efforts at) you can put yourself in position to make the right decisions as you start working and making income.  You can decide now that you want to have a money management system that you can use effectively once you get into the job market that allows you to reach your goals more efficiently.


If you are in your 20’s or a college graduate you too must put yourself in position where you will make the right decisions on a consistent basis as it relates to your wealth building and future success in all areas of your life!


Regardless of your age or your life stage you must have an empowering overview of what you can do to make your dreams come true.  You must understand the following four life stages so that you can see your future in clear terms and achieve more during your lifetime.


Stage 1

Formative Years Ages: birth to early 20’s

This is a time for those who may not have a clue about finances and how to effectively comprehend personal finance get a real jump by getting out in front of their finances in a proactive manner.  During this stage it is your parents, your inner drive to learn from various sources,  your school district, the effort of others and the larger society all help to get you on a positive path to understanding at  least the basics of personal finance and effective money management.


Stage 2

Growth Years Ages: 20 plus to mid 40’s or early 50’s

This is a time that you are working and attempting to strive to reach the goals that you set and at the same time possibly start a family.  This is the stage that you must begin to show real responsibility (even if you did not do so during your formative years) as you must at this stage get an effective and highly beneficial understanding of how credit and finance really works and how you can use that understanding to better serve your interests and that of your family’s.


Stage 3

Conservation/Protection Years Ages:  late 30’s to 40’s up until you retire or scale back on working

Once you have accumulated assets such as cd’s, stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, insurance policies, personal residence and vehicles etcetera–you must conserve and protect them and not go backward.  If you get this stage right you can put yourself in a highly favorable position as you navigate the next stage.


Stage 4

Gifting Distribution Years Ages:  40 plus, particularly if you have planned right early in your life

You at this stage can truly be a blessing to others as you may have accumulated more than you can utilize during your lifetime.  At this stage you would see your finances outlasting your remaining years on earth.  You could possibly pay for your grandkids education, travel more extravagantly, and help others achieve success in a manner where your living standard would not be diminished.  You would be in position to leave a legacy for your heirs and enjoy your years on earth in a style and manner that you desire.


 Analysis that you must do at one or all of the above stages:


1) Determine where you now stand financially

2) Determine if you have an effective credit management system that you can use at the time of your choosing

3) Determine if you have a comprehensive understanding of your finances and how to make improvements where needed


By doing the above analysis in a “sincere manner” at any stage you can put yourself and your family in a winning position where the success–and goals that you desire will be the ultimate outcome.



The creator of has seen many visitors to this and our other sites achieve major success by committing their mind to learn and apply the various systems and approaches that can be found on this site, our other sites and by utilizing books and e-books–and you can do the same.


Keep in mind that depending on where you are financially and what stage you are in your life you can make the decision to utilize what you feel will work for you to work toward making your dreams come true and achieve at a higher level throughout your lifetime.


It is important that you understand that the  3 steps that you can or have the opportunity to take at the above stage or stagescan put you far ahead of those who procrastinate and those in the general population in general (no pun intended) who fail to address their finances appropriately due to various reasons–mainly excuses.


Always realize that ages and stages overlap and/or you can be in more than one stage at the same time!


Regardless of your age or where you now are at in your life stage it is the desire of that your heart will rage and lead you toward turning a page that will lead to your success that will put you in a new cage (where you really want to take your life) as you utilize a new gauge (a new way to look at your personal finances and life).


Your determination and commitment to attack your finances and your determination to learn how to manage your finances more effectively at an early age will serve as the catalyst for you to achieve more throughout your lifetime.


For those who start late for varying reasons, you too can achieve success if you remain focused and you put in place a realistic plan that can take you to where you need to be.


In closing, regardless of your age you must realize that effective financial management must start within you and it is up to you at this time to decide what age you will start—and what stage you will strive to reach the goals that you desire in a manner where the success that you achieve will never diminish.


You must have the mindset that you are responsible for what happens in your financial life–even though you may be around others on a daily basis who are irresponsible in their financial life.  You must realize that if you “really” want to reach your financial and life goals–you must know deep inside that you “can” do it.


Your financial education at the various ages and stages during your lifetime is key and critical for your continuous success during your lifetime and even after you transition.


The earlier in your life stage that you realize this–the better for your long-term success.  However, you can achieve success at any stage if you make a real commitment to do so.


Be sure to focus on your strength, work on your weaknesses, put yourself out there and make a real commitment to achieve more throughout your lifetime.


All the best to your wealth building success as we all mature at different ages and different life stages…


Learn whether you have the “mental fortitude” that is needed to achieve success on a daily basis by going to this helpful page…



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