College Graduates & Credit Building

Learn why “College Graduates” should “Build their Credit ” in as effective a manner as possible…


With the high school and college graduation season kicking into full bloom the creator of thought that a helpful page to get students who are transitioning from the educational world to the working world a real opportunity to attain success in the management of their credit and finances—was a timely topic to focus on.


In this discussion will present helpful tips and actions that those who are—or will soon be entering into the employment community can do to manage their credit and finances more effectively.


Set Up a Financial Management System


As a new entry into the workplace you must have a financial management system starting with setting up your own checking and savings account if you have not done so already.  You must not overdraw your account by writing checks or spending in a random fashion without knowing your account balances.


You must establish an emergency fund early in your life stage so that you can put yourself in position to manage your credit and finances optimally throughout your lifetime.


You must also get a credit file started  (or continue to improve your current file) if you  anticipate the need to effectively utilize credit now or  in your future.  Establish several credit cards in your own name and/or get added to a card or two on your parents credit card account(s) and within six months or so you will begin generating a credit file.


An auto loan could also help start the process of building your credit file.  Hopefully you graduated without student loan debt, however if you were unable to avoid that debt—that too could help you generate a credit file and help you establish or manage your credit more effectively.


Be sure to use your credit cards responsibly and pay off the balance in a timely manner…


You don’t want to over extend on your credit card usage or have too many credit cards.   The right number depends on your future goals, your current cash flow position and how effectively you manage your credit—and overall finances!


You must have a system (and personality) that allows you to pay off your debt (monthly bills) in a timely and consistent manner.


Whether you set up bill pay or you decide to pay by written checks (or if you do a combination like does) you must know your monthly and annual inflow and outflow of cash.  By knowing this information you can quickly determine if you need to cut expenses, get more income—or do a combination of the two.  In addition, you want to get into a habit of “periodically obtaining a copy of your credit file” to verify the accuracy and see where and if you can make improvements.


How to Order a Credit Report


You may order your credit reports at no cost once per year from the three major credit reporting agencies by going to


In order to see your entire credit history,  you should review the records from “each” of the major credit bureaus or agencies:


Transunion—West and Midwest focus originally but nationwide now

Equifax—South and Eastern focus originally but nationwide now

Experian—Western and Southwestern focus originally but nationwide now


If you live in Los Angeles, Transunion and/or Experian may have a more complete file on you while Equifax  may be missing several accounts that you may have.   If you live in Atlanta, Equifax may have a more complete file on you while Transunion and Experian may be missing several accounts that you may have.


In some cases all three credit agencies may have the same number and type of creditor(s) on file…


However, the only way for you to know “with certainty” is to pull your own file from “each” of the credit agencies!


Don’t do like many who currently manage their credit do–fail to have a consistent plan of action–and more importantly “fail to implement” a consistent plan of action when they do have an effective plan at their disposal.  You want to start off your credit building and life–by displaying the best qualities possible as you pursue your goals.


By reviewing your records from “each” of the major credit bureaus or agencies you get a better CAMERA shot of your overall credit profile.


Get the picture…


Again you can go to to get your file from all three credit agencies.  You can go to to obtain your actual credit score for a stated fee.


Always remember that you are also entitled to a free copy of your credit report within 60 days after being turned down for credit, employment, or insurance because of information supplied by TransUnion, Equifax or Experian.


What to Look for in Your Credit Report


You want to verify that your personal and credit information is correct! 


If errors are discovered you want to immediately report them in writing or do an online dispute to the agency in which you see the error(s).  After that follow up to ensure that the requested action was done by the credit agency  or agencies that you found the errors on.




You want to “enter the workplace” with the knowledge of what you need to do to manage your credit and finances in a proactive manner.  By focusing in at the earliest point in your “life stage” you can get a real jump on effectively managing your credit and finances in a manner that serves your best interest.


You will be in better position for your home purchase, your gym membership, the auto purchase of your dream, the vacation(s) of your dream(s), buying the latest technology products, saving for retirement, weekly entertainment and pursuing and achieving many other goals that will come along as you move along in life.


It is the desire of that you will take a serious look at your future at this time and decide to use a more intelligent, consistent and proactive approach as you journey towards your destiny or purpose for being while here on planet earth.


Congratulations on your graduate success…

Now is the time that you give it your best–since you have just passed your final test…


Use what you have learned in this discussion to forge a great future ahead…

By graduating this year knows that you are well read…


Go out into the world and change it for the better…

You now possess the tools that are necessary for doing so in any kind of weather…


All the best to your credit building and life success…


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