Credit Management & Wealth Building

Learn why now is the time to take a fresh new look at your “credit management” from a different CAMERA lens…


Did you know that Credit Management is a vital step when it comes to Wealth Building?


Did you also know that effective credit management is a major part of reaching your overall financial and wealth building goals?


In this discussion will present what is significant as you embark on managing your credit and show you proven ways that you could possibly manage your credit better in the current economy.


A change in your attitude or a change in your money management personality can lead to a change in your financial behavior and take you toward your goals in a more effective and efficient manner.


You must expect success  and you must take the necessary action to attain that success whether it be managing your credit—or finances!


You can ENHANCE your future credit outcomes by seeing your future goals with more clarity and by “taking a picture” of your future with the right CAMERA lens.




You must realize that you have control over your daily habits and you can change them for the better if you make a serious commitment to do so.  You control the amount of borrowing that you do, the number of creditors that you decide to engage with and many other factors related to your credit management.


You must leave excuses behind and start where you now are.  If you are new to credit you can learn how to do it right.  If you are not new to credit but would like more empowering tools to help you manage your credit more wisely—you too are on the right page.


Determine where you now are—credit wise—TODAY!  Put yourself in control—as that is the best WAY!




Your wise management of your credit and  debt management activity is critical for your future success.  It is critical that you effectively utilize personal financial statements so that you can gain the added clarity and realistic expectations that are needed to take you where you desire to go.  It is “you” who must take action if you desire to manage your credit effectively throughout your lifetime.


You must activate debt management strategies that are proven and will get you the results that you desire.




You must effectively monitor your debt payoff and debt pay-down efforts and make improvements and adjustments when necessary.  Whether you meet with a financial advisor or you manage your credit yourself you must have an effective and foolproof monitoring system that allows you to stay on track—or get back on track when your situation calls for that.


You may have to pull your credit report at designated intervals, use “credit resources” appropriately and challenge mistakes and errors on your credit reports and have them corrected—depending on where you now are.


Expect Success


You must have a thorough understanding of the Wealth Building Basics and you must have a positive mental attitude while you manage your credit and finances!


You must have the mental focus and clarity of vision so that you can achieve your goal(s) with precision.


By expecting success you open up your mind to more creative ways of reaching the success that you see—thereby increasing your odds of reaching “your destiny” or who you were truly meant to be.


Realistic Expectations


You must have a working knowledge of the 5 credit factors and know that a low score generally means you are irresponsible in your credit management while a high score generally means you have been responsible in your use of credit.


You must realize that once you get your first loan or credit card (or possibly added to another account as an authorized user) the clock starts as far as your credit management career goes.  After 6 months of activity your FICO score will be calculated—generally speaking.


By knowing and applying the “5 credit factors” you can control your outcomes (your FICO score) and get a “realistic picture” of how you will effectively manage your credit throughout your lifetime.




Your attitude or how you see your future (including your financial future) and how you see and interact with others (including how you interact with your finances) is critical for your future success.  It is important that you have the right mindset as you manage your credit as by doing so you create the right environment for credit success and life success.


Take a picture of “your attitude” at this time and put in concerted effort (work) to move toward a better picture angle (a better personality and attitude) that exudes success in all that you do!



Don’t be financially limited during your lifetime if you have a need or desire to utilize credit.


By looking at your future through “the right” CAMERA lens you can put yourself in position to manage your credit wisely throughout your lifetime and you can also put yourself in position to help others improve their credit as well.





Expect Success

Realistic Expectations



Doing all of the above as it relates to “your” CREDIT MANAGEMENT future will put you on a serious path to success in all areas of your finances throughout your lifetime.


Your retirement goals can be attained, your membership at your favorite fitness center can be achieved, your funding for your kids or grand-kids college tuition can be attained, your yearly vacation to the destination of “your” choice can be attained, that home purchase that you desire can be attained, however it all starts (or continues) with your effective management of your finances–including your credit management!


Effective credit management depends on you taking the time now to master the 5 credit factors so that you can achieve your goals throughout your lifetime.


You must optimally manage your monthly cash flow and make good choices by determining now whether you want to appropriately spend, appropriately save and appropriately manage (or consciously or sub-consciously inappropriately mismanage) your disposable and discretionary cash flow.


You can also take your credit knowledge as high as you want to by visiting “All About Credit” and really put yourself and your family in position for major success.  You can now choose how high—or low you want to take your credit knowledge—and your application of that knowledge!


Once you get your credit to where you desire that it be, effective management is rather easy as long as you pay on time and you keep your usage under 10%.  At that point you could look into reward cards and other perks that are offered by credit card issuers. 


A properly funded emergency fund will help ensure that you are in position “throughout your lifetime” to effectively keep your credit card debt at a minimal (or manageable) level.  In life, unexpected turns often occur when you are least prepared.  A properly funded emergency fund will put you in better position for success as you strive to give it your best!


This page and the links on this page will provide you with what you need to effectively manage your credit throughout your lifetime.


However, it is up to you to apply and take the necessary action on a consistent basis so that you can optimize your credit score and manage your credit in real time at a very high level.


All the best to your credit management success…


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