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Learn how you can access personal credit and other helpful resources and more efficiently reach your future goals…


On this page you will find personal credit resources that you can use throughout your lifetime to achieve at a higher level and reach your credit and financial goals more effectively and more efficiently.


It is important that you have an “understanding of how you manage your credit” and you pursue ways that you can possibly manage your credit better.


On this page you will find credit resources that have helped many who were committed to living more abundantly do just that as they reached higher to improve their credit and finances.


It is the desire of that this page will help you as well and make your journey of credit and finance management less taxing (painful).


NOTE: does not receive compensation or advertising revenue of any kind from the sites below.  They are provided as a courtesy to help you save valuable time as you pursue your wealth building efforts.


Credit Scores:


Quizzle  (Now

Get a free credit report every 6 months along with your Vantage Score…

Vantage Score—jointly produced by TransUnion, Equifax and Experian—scored from 501 to 990—widely used by lenders—uses shorter credit history than FICO—credit comparison—credit timeline—credit trending—and score analysis available on this site


Credit Karma

Best of the 3  free sites in’s opinion—quick access to reports and scores—other alerts that you can sign up for—home debt, loan and amortization calculators—uses Vantage Score or New Account Score—2015 added Equifax score

Uses TransUnion and Equifax in Scoring Models


Wallet Hub

A close competitor to Credit Karma this site also provides quick access to reports and scores—other alerts that you can sign up for—credit planning and more.


Credit Sesame

Get free Experian National Equivalency Score and get suggestions and advice to help you improve your score over time…free ID theft protection, mobile apps, where to find the best interest rates and credit card suggestions


ChexSystems Score


Your ChexSystems score is based on a consumer reporting agency that tracks “your history” with deposit accounts such as savings and checking accounts.  The score ranges from 100 to 899 (the higher the better) and uses your credit report, public records, payday loan history and possibly other factors to calculate a numeric score that is called your QualiFile score or more commonly called your ChexSystems score.  

Your ChexSystems score is primarily used to predict or anticipate your future banking activity and the likelihood that you will mismanage your account.  You are reducing your likelihood of mismanaging your account(s) tremendously by visiting this page and site.  However, thought that it was important that you know what ChexSystems is–and the effect that it could play in your future if you do not have a proactive and comprehensive approach as you manage your credit and finances.

Keep in mind that all banks do not use ChexSystems to determine if you are a good banking risk–some use other sources such as Early Warning Systems or TeleCheck and some banking institutions may not use any checking system at all!  Your CheckSystems report requires that you pay a fee to get the score–however if you know your banking history is clean–purchasing a report serves no purpose unless you would like to make a non-deductible donation to ChexSystems.

However if you know that you have blemishes on your banking activity in the past, it may be wise to purchase the score and see where your blemishes are so that you can make improvements.  Visit the above ChexSystems link to learn more.

Also consider 2nd chance Banks that do not use ChexSystems if you have past banking blemishes…


Get your actual FICO score on this site for a stated fee.  If accuracy is a concern or you want to get a better feel for your actual FICO score—be sure to visit the above link. has seen actual scores vary from as much as 50 points from the scores that were stated on the 3 free credit scoring sites listed above.




By going to the above sites you can see how well you are managing your credit from a numerical perspective.  The number that you get or the range in which you fall is usually an accurate indication of how you are managing your credit.  There is nothing that prevents you from utilizing all three of the free credit scoring sites as none of the sites require that you use your credit card to use the service.


Your credit score mainly indicates “your risk” of not repaying a loan!  However, you must always realize that different lenders using the same score may charge you different rates, therefore it is important for you to know this up-front and it is very important that you “shop for the best loan” based on your current credit profile and credit score.


Always realize that when loan shopping (particularly for your home or auto loan) you must do “multiple hard inquiries” within a short window (14 days or preferably less) so that they are treated as a single inquiry by FICO, VantageScore credit scoring models and possibly other scoring models.


Anything outside of a 2 week window could lower your credit score.   Multiple inquiries will not do as much damage to your  credit score as  just “one missed loan payment” and the damage from multiple inquiries are considered mild when compared to a missed loan payment (possibly 50 to 100 point drop in your credit score).


If you find issues of concern on your credit report and you cannot satisfactorily resolve a complaint to a credit bureau or lender about your credit report or credit score, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will help you resolve many types of complaints that you have about your credit reports and your credit scores.  Before you file a complaint at, the bureau recommends that you file your  complaint and obtain a response from the credit bureau or other company that you are dealing with first.


After your “Mastery of the 5 Credit Factors”  and other material on this page you can  “Test Your Knowledge” of your understanding of credit scoring and see if you are in position to effectively manage your credit throughout your lifetime.   Excellence must be your goal—and 100% understanding from “testing of your credit score knowledge” must reside inside your soul!


Also, be aware that many credit card issuer’s are now starting to provide monthly credit scores and in some cases your actual FICO credit score.  Therefore you have many options (paid and free sources) for effectively managing your credit and credit score.


All of the above credit scoring sites are free (with the exception of and they give you varying scores that may correlate with your FICO score, however none of the free sites will provide your actual FICO score.  To get that go to, however—you will have to pay a fee.


Always realize that personal credit scoring models change from year to year and there are many versions on the market at any particular time.  At any given time some lenders may use an older model while others will use a newer model.  In addition, be aware of industry-specific credit scoring models such as auto related scoring models, housing related scoring models, insurance related scoring models and possibly other industry specific scoring models.


Whether FICO, VantageScore or any other scoring model is used, the key point to remember is that as long as you consistently apply your mastery of the 5 credit factors effectively based on your credit profile from this day forward—you will succeed throughout your lifetime regardless of the current scoring model or future advancements in the scoring models.


The ChexSystems score is somewhat separate from the other credit scoring sites and it too requires that you pay a fee,  however the ChexSystems score is related to your banking activity.  Again if you know that you have a stellar banking history–purchasing a ChexSystems score serves no real purpose.


A non-traditional way to build credit for those who have credit challenges is an alternative payment history company that allows payments other than credit cards and other revolving, open and installment debt to build your credit file and credit score.   Payment Reporting Builds Credit or PRBC may be worth looking at as an alternative credit building and credit scoring resource as it uses your cell phone, utility bills, rental payments and other non-traditional sources to build your credit file and credit score (100-850 range with 600 to 750 the goal to aim for to get realistic acceptance by potential creditor’s) and it is absolutely free to set up.

Although not all lenders will accept the score–it could help you get the credit that you need in some cases.   In addition, many traditional lenders will also use alternative scoring models to get you a loan in many instances.


“Self website” also offers a non-traditional way for you to possibly build credit if your credit is in need of building or improving upon and you find it difficult to do so in a traditional manner.


Therefore, if traditional credit is not working for you at this time due to a limited or non-existent traditional credit history–you still have options!


However, building your credit by utilizing the 3 credit bureaus listed below is normally the best way to go if you have time and you are–or desire to be proactive in the management of your credit and finances.  Visit the following link to learn more about PRBC if you feel they can be of benefit.


Credit Reports:







or call 877-322-8228




Always realize that there are many credit bureaus, however the three listed above are the major players and the ones who you should really be aware of.  By going to the above sites you can see how well you are managing your credit in a written format.  The information on the reports will show if you have a positive payment history, whether negative marks are on your report and will also show how you are using your credit.


You can also see your outstanding loan balances and the type of credit (revolving, open or installment) that you have and how long your accounts have been open or active.  The hard pull of your credit file for the past 12 months and possibly longer will also be on your credit reports. is a site that you can go to and get “all 3” of your credit reports from one site for FREE once per year.


By analyzing your credit report(s) you can make corrections on your report(s) and see what you need to do to move toward achieving your future goals—thereby providing you more clarity.


In addition, you can go to the above sites to request a credit freeze so that others (identity thieves) would not be able to open an account in your name using your information.


If you have a need to improve your credit be sure to visit our Credit Improvement page that is on this site, before you do anything else.


Also realize that all three of the credit bureaus listed above have credit monitoring and credit scoring services where they charge you a monthly fee.  Use your better judgment to see if utilizing their service can be of benefit to you.  Most require a monthly subscription fee.  Be sure to read the fine print to ensure that you are aware of your financial and non-financial obligations.   By going to the links below you will find credit monitoring and credit reporting sites that are offered by the 3 major credit bureaus.






Credit Card Comparison Sites:


The following sites can help you compare credit cards if you need to build your credit or pay off your credit card or other debt.  You can find many 0% cards (many up to 15 months at zero percent interest) that you can use to transfer debt in an effort to pay off your debt in a timely manner (or use to build up your credit at zero percent interest by utilizing zero percent interest on purchases and consistently making timely payments) and possibly save thousands in your interest charges.


There are many strategies that you can use to pay off or pay down your credit card and other debt.


If you already have an effective handle on your credit and you have a properly funded emergency fund you can find “reward cards” that could possibly be of benefit to you and your family by also going to the credit card comparison sites listed below.




Value Penquin


Be sure to use caution when going to any credit card comparison site as the potential for inaccurate or misleading data is always possible.


It may be of great benefit to review this Wall Street Journal article that was written in 2014 to get a feel for the pitfalls that you may need to avoid prior to going to any of the above sites.


As part of your research efforts you may also want to visit the site of the credit card issuer directly and compare or crosscheck what is on the comparison sites.  In some cases you may find a better or more up-to-date offer on the credit card issuer’s site.  In addition many credit card issuer’s may have a relationship with the credit card rating company, so again use caution.


For those who have bad or damaged credit U.S. News & World Report’s credit survey and guide can be a very helpful starting point, as well as going to the miscellaneous sites listed below!




Trust & Wills

A site for creating trusts and wills at discounted rates in all 50 states in the U. S.



Life insurance site that offers term and whole life insurance at reasonable rates and does not require  a medical exam.


Self Credit Building

A credit building site for those who have damaged or limited credit build credit in a non-traditional way by offering loan products and secured credit cards.


Value Penquin

All in one site that can help you make budgeting, credit card, insurance, investing and banking decisions along with providing other financial news.


Lexis/Nexis Full File Disclosure

Get your complete file for free—includes CLUE Report, Background Check etc…

Get interest rates and research 1000’s of banks and credit unions in the United States


Insurance—CLUE Report

Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange


Consumer Finance Protection Bureau

Tools for your success, educational resources, complaint procedures, research and much more…


FTC Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Know your credit rights…


Karl’s Calculator

Great mortgage calculator for those who are considering refinancing or purchasing their home


Personal Capital

Finance & Wealth Management Site


Realty 1 Strategic Advisors

Real Estate & Personal Finance Advice with a unique twist—created by the same publisher of the site that you are now on

Type in your state in the search area  and learn how you can compare insurance quotes (apples to apples) in your state by knowing your state’s minimum requirements and possibly save on your car insurance.  You can also learn about other automobile related activity in your state.  Keep in mind that this is not an official government site but has valuable information that could help you as you move forward…


More Helpful Financial Websites…


Helpful Educational Websites…


Learn why you must obtain a “Financially Alert Mind”…


NOTE: does not receive compensation or advertising revenue of any kind from the above sites.  They are provided as a courtesy to help you save valuable time.


Although operates from a biased position in favor of consumers, you must still come to your own conclusion as to which of the above sites will work better for you or if the site(s) will be of benefit to you at all.


Credit Resources created by the creator of


Do I have a Financially Alert Mind or am I just Financially Literate?  Visit this page to find out…


The above page is one of the most groundbreaking pages that can be found in personal finance, visit this page to see where you stand as far as your financial approach is concerned.


Do you know an Efficient Way to Achieve Financial Success?

Learn how 5 Steps to Financial Success can show you the way toward your success–today…

A visitor favorite, the above page was featured on Yahoo Finance and also as a guest post on Boostsuite and visitors have responded favorably to this post since it was created.


The 3 Step Structured Approach…

Learn how you can use a comprehensive approach to manage your credit and finances throughout your lifetime.

The 3 Step Structured Approach is simply one of the most effective and easy-to-apply comprehensive financial management system that can be found in personal finance. 

Many visitors have found this approach to work for them after being unsuccessful in managing their finances with other approaches.


Mastering the 5 Credit Factors so that You Can Achieve Your Dreams…

Even though this page was created approximately 2 months ago (December 2016) from the time of this posting, this page has fast become a visitor favorite as it addresses your need to know the 5 credit factors and most importantly shows you how you can effectively utilize that knowledge throughout your lifetime to achieve your goals.

Although’s opinion of this page is biased (this page was created by the creator of, truly believes that Mastering the 5 Credit Factors so that You Can Achieve Your Dreams is the best page on the web for helping you gain the mental working knowledge to effectively master the 5 Credit Factors and manage your credit optimally throughout your lifetime.

However, if you disagree and you know of a better page that addresses the “5 Credit Factors” be sure to email at and if after review that page is determined to address the “5 Credit Factors” more effectively—that site link will be featured on this page and  visitors will have the opportunity to decide which page works better for them.




It is up to you to find better ways of managing your credit and finances and “applying” what you learn to improve your (and your family’s) living conditions throughout your lifetime.


The “above links” or credit resources have proven to be of benefit to many visitors who have frequented and it is the belief of that the “real potential” that you have inside of you will be “tapped into by you” and will lead to you achieving at a higher level in the management of your credit and finances as a result of visiting this page.


All the best to your future success…


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