Synergy & Wealth Building

Learn how you can “synergize” your wealth building efforts so that you can attain the goals that you desire most…


It is important that the goals that you formulate and the path that you choose to take to reach those goals are in balance or are all working together (synergizing) if you are to achieve at your highest level of excellence as you build wealth.


In this discussion will stress the importance of looking at your finances in a comprehensive or “all encompassing” manner so that you can see the “big picture” and attain more in all areas of your finances so that you can build wealth more effectively.


Have an overview of what your personal finances entail–right from the start

By learning how you can create a personal budget or cash flow statement, create a personal income statement and create a personal balance sheet, you can determine and know your net worth at this time–and ways that you can manage your money better in your future.


Furthermore, you want to learn how to have mastery over your credit in order to prevent lenders and creditors from benefiting off of your lack of knowledge as it relates to your credit management.


And most importantly, you want to know how to manage your insurance, investments, taxes, emergency fund, education planning, estate planning/wills and retirement planning from a position of strength!


By doing so you would be in position to know in a comprehensive manner what lies out in front of you in the financial realm of your life, and you would be in a better position to make your dreams come true.


Do your absolute best to put in place a financial management plan that you learned above in a manner that works best for you and your family

Now that you know what you need to do, you must implement to your advantage what needs to be addressed as best you can.  Your strong desire for improvement and doing your money management more effectively is now more realistic as you now have a blueprint that lays it all out.


You must have a sincere approach and the determination, dedication, commitment and mental fortitude to really strive at your highest level of excellence toward the goals that you seek–or the goals that can improve your living conditions.   By formulating goals that you believe in and taking the right action on a consistent basis– you can win the majority of your races.


The personal budget or cash flow statement, personal income statement and personal balance sheet, that you are now aware of and have the opportunity to put into action for your greater benefit must be done at this time–if you desire to achieve at your highest level throughout your lifetime.  You also want to take steps annually to improve upon your net worth so that you can enjoy life more and volunteer or donate to your favorite causes and take the vacations that you know you deserve–along with pursuing other goals that you may have that are uniquely your own.


Do periodic review to ensure that the plan that you put in place is operating as intended–or is operating in a way that does what needs to be done to move you and your family forward–efficiently

Even with the best of intentions, your (or your financial planners) plans may not go as designed and will need tweaking on occasion.  You want to formulate your mindset at this time to always know that you will have to continually review–in order to make your dreams come true.


And always know that adversity or unwanted occurrences will happen as you build your wealth–and that is to be expected, but so is your future success!


By reviewing your personal budget or cash flow statement, your personal income statement and your personal balance sheet, that you (or your financial planner) created, reviewing how you manage your credit and reviewing how you manage all areas of your finances in a systematic way–you put in motion the processes so that you can truly enjoy a better day.



As you build wealth you must utilize strategies so that all that you do works together to help you get on a more efficient path that will help you reach your goals in a manner that optimizes your opportunity for success.


Your determination level, commitment level and the passion that you have on the inside of you will be maximized so that you remain energized because you decided to synergize your efforts as you pursued the goals that are the most endearing to your heart.


By looking at your finances in a more congruent manner you will reduce the stress in your life and worry, anxiety, fear, frustration, lack of effort and excuses will be greatly reduced or will be a thing of your past.


It is very important that you at this time contemplate how changes that occur throughout your life will affect your wealth building plans, how inflation will affect your purchasing power in the future, how a properly funded emergency fund will help you avoid future risks, how you must anticipate how the economy will move in the near term and far term and why approaching your finances comprehensively is a must in today’s economy.


You want to analyze your insurance products at this time, your investments at this time, your ability to reduce or eliminate your taxes at this time, your ability to plan effectively for rising educational costs that you or your children will incur, your need to pass things to your family in a time-efficient manner that is private, your ability to plan for your retirement in a manner that makes sense to you–along with other concerns that you may have.


It is important to look at how the above 3 steps will “all work together” to help you ensure that your goals are attained, and you are able to maximize your wealth building efforts from this day forward.


By effectively implementing the three steps above your life will take a turn for the better and momentum and effective money management will come as a matter of course–if you put forth the required effort and you are passionate about the goals that you seek.


Synergy is the combined action or operation of a harmonious occurrence or happening and you want to have it working to your advantage as you manage your finances and build wealth!


Speaking of harmony–synergy can also work against you as in the case of the creator of  While creating this blog a toothache, lower back pain, knee pain and foot pain was all occurring simultaneously or synergistically and working in conjunction to cause intense pain throughout my body.


However, whether the occurrence was harmonious is debatable, as the effect was not pleasing (LOL)!


Nevertheless, instead of getting down, the inspiration to create this page occurred–and also spurred the inspiration to create the following poem to benefit you and others who traverse this great universe:



I am in pain from head to toe, however I am still on the go

My vision for success is crystal clear, because I’ve taken and implemented new steps this year

I am on my way to more success each and every day

The missteps that I use to take–I no longer make

Even though I feel pain from head to toe–I know that it will all go

I am living abundantly because I can truly see

I am at this time living in my purpose of what I was truly meant to be

I am the success that I desire because I always reach higher

I now know that I am the one who must ignite my own fire inside my heart–so that I can truly set myself apart

I AM success if I decide daily to give it my absolute best

From this day forward my thoughts of failure have been permanently put to rest


In life you must overcome all adversity and put in place a plan that you believe in that is unstoppable and takes you where you need or desire to be!


All the best as you maximize your path toward wealth building success…


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