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Learn How Momentum Can Propel You Toward Your Future Goals


Do you realize that your willingness to have the right thoughts and your willingness to do (take action) what needs to be done must be in alignment if you are to achieve at your highest level?  By having that powerful alignment in your life you put yourself in position to get MOMENTUM rolling for you—and not against you (opposition and adversity will be more constant in your life).


In order to get MOMENTUM to propel you forward more efficiently you must start with a critical analysis of your daily actions.  If you desire to live more abundantly in your future—your paradigm shift or way of looking at your current situation must occur now!  You must know how to look at your credit and finances and make the right moves or the moves that will serve your and your family’s greater interests.


Now is the time to match up what you desire with the actions that you take daily and bring into congruence that which you desire most.  Your daily thoughts inside of your mind must be in harmony with what you do on a daily basis.


You must acquire the skills that are needed and the skills that you can use throughout your lifetime to achieve major success. Even if your focus has been in the wrong direction in the past, you possess the ability to focus in on your destiny or purpose for being at this particular time.   You can also use those skills to achieve your credit and financial goals and live more abundantly at the same time.


Your “next move” is what can move you forward and get MOMENTUM working in your life in a manner that can bring you closer towards the outcomes that you desire as it relates to your and your family’s future.


It is important that you realize that smart people often do dumb things because they don’t operate in the right mental environment and they will often get momentum rolling in the opposite direction, because their goals and actions don’t line up.


If that type of behavior applies to you—now is the time that you leave your past failures and daily actions that worked against your goals behind you!


Even if you have been making good decisions it is important that you continue to do so.


You must leave your past failures behind you in that small rear view mirror and use the large front windshield to dream big and see your future clearly—as your path towards the goals that you desire is only limited—by your limited view!


The more often that you make good decisions and formulate thoughts that match up with your corresponding action the more effective you will be in reaching your goals in an efficient and highly beneficial manner!


Even if you face roadblocks along the way—you must not let the pain of the situation deter your path!   You must overcome and overwhelm any adversity that you face by continuing your righteous course of action as best you can.


It is important that you continue to align your thoughts and actions in a positive manner and continue to focus on the success that you desire. You must do so because you must continue to let MOMENTUM flow—even though it may be slow.


Your consistent focus on your outcomes and your consistent action will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel and your consistent actions will not only benefit you—but others as well as they will be positively affected by the way that you consistently approach your future in thought—and action.


You must realize that the uncomfortable feeling that you have on a daily basis or have had in the past—may be a sign that it is time to go in a new direction.


If you now see a hard bumpy road and a difficult journey in front of you—NOW may be the time for you to look at your future in a more critical manner—and change your direction so that you can reach your destination in a more efficient and effective manner.


It is important that you know where you are going and inspire others along the way.  You must move in a positive direction—where SUCCESS lives!   Are you content with the direction and pace that you are now on in your life—or do you desire more?


How long will you remain content with your current position and location in your life?  Do you desire a better starting point?  Do you desire a better destination?


It all starts inside of your mind and heart and it all starts with you putting in place a PLAN that will take you where you desire to go.


That plan will gain MOMENTUM in a more efficient manner if it is one that lines up with your thoughts (written outline) and your actions (you doing what needs to be done—on a consistent basis whether it be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly)!


You must know in your mind and heart that the direction that you choose at this time is far more important than your current position or your past actions.


Today is the day that you make the choice to get MOMENTUM rolling in your favor in your life and today is the day that you go in the direction that leads to living your life in a manner that you truly deserve—and takes you to your destination—whether it be spiritually, mentally or financially.


You must defeat fear and have unlimited faith that the plan that is created by you has the real potential to take you where you need or desire to be—if you do what you KNOW you have to do!


Something bigger, taller, and deeper lies ahead for you and your family—stretch your mind and achieve more at this time…


Your knowledge of what you will achieve based on you taking the right actions will bring a peace and comfort within you that can only be explained by you and enjoyed by you.


The joy that you will experience will be uniquely yours—and when you actually start reaching your goals—your life will truly take on new meaning.


That all sounds great and I am ready for the challenge and looking forward to putting a plan in place and using MOMENTUM to achieve more and aligning my thoughts up with my future plans—but I don’t know where to start?


TheWealthIncreaser is glad you asked!


In the following paragraphs TheWealthIncreaser will provide you with 3 Steps that you can take right now that can get MOMENTUM rolling for you and your family…







You must put in place a monthly budget or cash flow statement to determine where you are currently at as it relates to your monthly cash inflows and outflows at a minimum.  You must then come up with a plan to pay off or pay down debt that is negatively affecting your daily living.  You may have to cut expenses, increase your income (or do a combination of the two) to get into a more favorable financial position.


If you are at a point after doing your monthly cash flow analysis where you have high discretionary income—you can put a list of goals (be sure to put them in writing) together and take consistent action (saving consistently or whatever else you need to do). One of your immediate goals should be to pay off or pay down your debt and properly establish an emergency fund.


By doing step 1 change is coming—will it be positive change or negative change?  Will you get MOMENTUM rolling on your side—or will you decide to continue on your current ride?  Your thoughts and actions must line up with your daily actions.






You must know how to manage your credit on a daily basis and you must have a system that you can carry within your mind that allows you to manage your credit in as effective and efficient a manner as possible.


It is important that you know your Money Management Personality—and put a plan in place to improve as best you can.






You must know how to look at—and manage all areas of your finances (comprehensive management of your finances) so that you can gain certainty within your mind of what you will achieve.


How will you achieve your financial goals and what time frame will you achieve your financial goals?


Step 3 is the step that you lay it all out—whether it be your insurance goals, investment goals, tax goals, education goals, estate planning/wills goals, or your retirement goals. You must mentally formulate those goals and put together a written plan (action plan) to take you to where you need or desire to be.





As a result of this discussion it is the desire of TheWealthIncreaser that you have heard enough that you will have a yearning to look within and decide if a change in your approach toward the success that you desire is needed.


Furthermore, TheWealthIncreaser asks that  you will take the right action today to get MOMENTUM rolling your way!


TheWealthIncreaser believes you will use MOMENTUM from this day forward—to move toward your reward—and enjoy your life more abundantly in your area of concern while here on planet earth.


By using the above steps you can get MOMENTUM rolling in your favor right now.  It is the desire of TheWealthIncreaser that this discussion has shown you how.


Achieve Your Dreams…


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