Plan–Do–Review & Wealth Building

Learn why you must plan—do and review–if you are sincere in making your wealth building dreams come true…


In the times that we now live in there are an abundance of pathways that you can take to attain the goals that you desire most–whether financial or otherwise.


However, many pathways are complex and confusing and causes more frustration than forward movement in your life.


It is important that you realize that wealth building can be simplified by your sincere understanding and practical application of why you must Plan, Do and Review if you are one who desire to embark on a surefire path toward making your dreams come true!


In this discussion will stress the importance of managing your finances at an optimal level in a “simple” to the point, 3 step process (PDR) that you can use throughout your lifetime to achieve lasting wealth building success!



Know the 3-step approach and how that approach can benefit you and your family

It is very important that you have a “readily comprehensible system” that you can apply in your daily life that can benefit you and your family as you manage your finances.


It is important that you know how to use personal finance statements to your benefit, how to have mastery over your credit and how to manage all areas of your finances in a comprehensive manner.


By gaining that knowledge you put yourself well ahead of the average consumer who has no meaningful way of knowing what they are doing financially on a daily basis when it comes to managing their finances at an optimal level–or in many cases any level!


You must have a clear understanding of the steps that you can take to reach meaningful goals and it all starts by you planning at this time for what you desire in your future.



Put in action the 3-step approach in a sincere manner

Your knowledge of a comprehensive system that you can utilize throughout your life to more effectively manage your finances is of no real value unless you “utilize” the system to your and your family’s greater benefit.


You must use the results of your personal finance statements to plan better and make improved decisions as it relates to your finances!  You must use the mastery of  “your” credit that you should have if you were sincere in learning how to utilize credit to your advantage–in a way that benefits you and your family the most–not creditors!


Finally, you must analyze your insurance, investments, taxes, education planning, estate planning/wills and retirement planning in a way that allows you to improve in each area and takes you closer toward the dreams that are uniquely yours!


By taking action, or taking the right action–you put yourself on a more committed path to attaining the goals that you desire most.



Review the effectiveness of the 3-step approach on a consistent basis if you desire to achieve more

You must review the effectiveness of what you have done as far as managing your finances on a monthly basis and that includes knowing what you take in and pay out on a monthly basis.  That also includes reviewing of your emergency fund on occasion to ensure that it is properly funded.


Are you managing your credit effectively or are you running up balances due to a poor or non-existent money management system?


Are you looking at your finances comprehensively to see where you can improve at–now and in your future?


By asking pertinent questions about your finances, you can put yourself in position to achieve much more–and by occasionally reviewing what you can possibly do better you open up a new door–for even greater success–so your finances will never be a mess!


You may have to reflect on your past, re-focus on your future and come up with better ways of managing your finances on a more consistent basis.



By consistently applying the 3 steps mentioned above throughout your lifetime you can better direct your future and control the outcomes that you desire in a more definitive manner than if you did not do so.


Whether your goal is debt payoff, more effective credit management, improving your finances in all areas–or any other goal that is more specific–you enhance the probability of it happening exponentially by “implementing” the 3 steps above on a consistent basis in your life!


Always remember that when it comes to effective wealth building, the success that you desire is up to you! 


It is important that you do all that you can proactively so that you can really make your dreams come true.


You may on occasion have to tweak the goals that you seek and not be meek–so to speak (you must aggressively pursue your goals) so you won’t have to repeat the mistakes of your past or mistakes that will not serve you well.


Your goal is to operate on a higher plane of thought and see your future with more clarity–and you must always have the mindset that you will overcome any adversity that you are now facing, have faced in your past–or might face in your future.


Always remember that by reflecting on your past you can put yourself and your family on a more direct path toward the success that you desire.  And you can plan better, do better, and review better as you aim higher toward the goals that are uniquely your own!


You now have the powerat this hour to achieve lasting wealth building results that will not be sour!


By planning what you will do in the financial realm of your life, doing what you need to do in the financial realm of your life and reviewing what you have done in the financial realm of your life–on a more consistent basisyou can move forward and achieve more–with less sacrifice.


All the best as you consistently implement the above steps that can potentially lead you to a lifetime of success….


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