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Learn how planning for success with time lines provides  you the opportunity to avoid  explosive mines…


As the 2021 tax season came to an end the creator of realized that increased productivity occurred in the area of tax preparation when making excuses or procrastination was absolutely not an option as clients had to get what they wanted (the completion of their tax return) prior to the April 18, 2022 deadline.


By kicking activity into a higher gear and making a sincere effort to meet the deadline, the acceleration of tax return preparation was done in a more intense and all-consuming manner in an effort to meet the deadline and help clients avoid the late filing fees and failure to file fees.  It then occurred to the creator of that by setting a deadline and having every intention on reaching that deadline, you can do more and achieve more.


In this discussion will discuss the importance of why you must formulate goals and have a “deadline for achievement” so that you can achieve more and at the same time open a new door.



It is important that you realize that the timing to do what needs to be done will never be just right


In life there will be many obstacles, even so you want to set goals that can benefit you and your family that can make your life more rewarding and enjoyable while you are here on earth.


As difficult as it can be to move forward efficiently you must not let procrastination get the best of you!


The time to do what needs to be done in your life that can transform your future to that of major success will never be to your liking.  You must make it a priority to give it your best so that you can achieve a higher level of success.


The time for you to do just that is NOW–put a serious plan in place now so that you can achieve your credit and financial goals so that you can later say–WOW!


By continuing to read this page  and site you will learn how!


It is important that “you” formulate goals that are realistic and you believe in


You must have a big imagination and  move toward what you truly desire and you must AIM higher so that you can achieve the goals that you truly desire.  Why dream small or not dream at all when you can dream big with something that you are passionate about and pursue what you want with more clout!


By dreaming big you open up the possibility to let inspiration in–so that you can win.  By formulating goals that you believe in you are putting your mind and heart “into the mix” and you open up unlimited possibilities to achieve optimally as you move about daily toward the goals and expectations that are uniquely your own.


It is important that you have every intention on achieving your goals in an efficient and effective manner


It is imperative that you never quit, and by setting deadlines you put yourself in position to give it your all–all the way to the finish line (no pun intended) and achieve goals that are deep inside your heart and mind and in many cases divine.


You must know what you want to achieve financially and otherwise while here on earth and you must have the focus, commitment and dedication that is necessary to achieve what you desire in an efficient and highly effective manner and setting deadlines will assist you greatly in achieving that task.




The key point of this discussion is for you to realize that you should aspire to build wealth and live a more joyous life and by setting deadlines it will force you to activate your mind and heart at a higher level and operate daily at a higher level as you move toward the goals that are most important to you and the goals that are the ones that you really want to see come true.


You must realize that you can do what you want to do when you want to do so and possibly achieve your goals or you can choose to set deadlines for accomplishment and leave procrastination in your past.  You must have a “sincere desire” to achieve what you “truly want to see come true” and by putting a timetable for achieving what you desire to achieve on a clock–you can avoid financial shock.


By setting deadlines and putting your plan for success in writing you can operate in a more intense manner and the success that you desire can be reached in a shorter time frame!


If you set a deadline to set up a budget or cash flow statement, set a deadline to master your understanding of credit and set a deadline to learn how to comprehensively manage all areas of your finances you can achieve far more while here on planet earth for this relatively brief time.


By doing so you will pay off or pay down your debt and build your wealth in a way that is more comfortable for you–and worry, anxiety, fear, frustration, lack of effort and excuses will be a thing of your past–as you embark on a new way to take off that will surely be a blast.


Isn’t it time that you use the “power of now” to do something significant in your life that really matters!


You must leave “procrastination at bay” use your “inspiration to find a better way” and improve your financial condition and move to improve any other situation you face–starting today.


Now is the time that you flip the hourglass and transform potential into reality so that you can use your time wisely now–or more appropriately right now to build wealth more efficiently and more effectively!


And just as the creator of was forced or activated by a deadline to achieve more–so too can you achieve more in the area that you choose to by setting deadlines for achievement and having every intention on achieving what you desire.


All the best to your timely wealth building success…


Learn how you can use humor to reach your deadlines more efficiently…



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