Timing & Wealth Building in the Current Economy

Learn why the effective use of your time is critical for your long-term wealth building success…


It is important that you take a sincere look at how you manage your time as it relates to your finances and all areas of your life.


It is also important that you realize that the time aspect of wealth building can be looked at from a number of different angles.  In this discussion TheWealthIncreaser.com will look at a few ways that you can use time to build wealth more efficiently in the current economy.


You cannot waste time daily by not knowing where you stand financially, not understanding how credit affects your overall finances and not having a comprehensive overview of how to manage your finances effectively in all areas!


It is the desire of TheWealthIncreaser.com that this discussion will show you the importance of time management and further direct you toward ways that you can actually use the management of your time to achieve more throughout your lifetime in ways you may have never imagined.


Over the years TheWealthIncreaser.com has seen many who managed their time effectively and also those who did not manage their time effectively.


By managing your time in as effective a manner as possible you can put yourself and your family in position to achieve much more (including goals that you may now feel are impossible to attain) in a more efficient manner.


In the following paragraphs you will learn 3 highly effective ways that will allow you to make better use of your time and achieve more throughout your lifetime.


1)   Manage Your Time Better By Knowing Your Current Financial Condition

If you are at this time serious about the management of your time as you build wealth you must know your current financial condition or your current financial strength (or weakness).


Do you have adequate income at this time that will allow you to achieve your future goals or do you need to get more income and/or cut expenses?


By creating a budget or cash flow statement you can put yourself in position to know what you can do on a monthly basis in “concrete terms” and know what you will have left (discretionary income) to pursue other areas of concern that you may have financially.


Even though it will take time to create and analyze a cash flow statement, you will save far more time in the long run because a budget or cash flow statement will help give you the direction that you can (or need to) go in a much clearer manner.


2)   Manage Your Time Better by Managing Your Credit Optimally

Once you know where you stand financially you must put together a plan to eliminate your debt and particularly your credit card debt (if you have any) to a manageable level or to a level where you are in control—and not keep your balance(s) at a level where creditors control you!


You must also learn how to master the 5 credit factors so that you can control your credit throughout your lifetime.


Even though it may take mental energy and time to learn and effectively apply your mastery of the credit factors—you will put yourself in position to manage your credit throughout your lifetime in a manner that will get you real results in a time-efficient manner and in a manner that can put you on a track to attaining the goals that you desire or need to attain throughout your lifetime and even after you transition.


3)   Manage Your Time Better by Having a Comprehensive Overview of Your Overall Finances

By knowing your current financial condition and having mastery over your credit you are now ready to analyze and approach your finances from all angles!


You are ready to look at your insurance, investments, taxes, emergency fund, education planning, estate planning/wills and retirement planning in a more confident manner.


You are ready to use your time effectively because you know the importance of living your life in a manner where you don’t leave doing what needs to be done for others to do.


You are now seeing your future more vividly and with more focus because you know that you can achieve the goals that you desire if you stick to the plan that you  (or your financial planner) create based on the analysis of your unique financial position that you spent the time to analyze.


At this time you know that achieving financial freedom is your mission and you have no intention on stopping until it is done, or you are in a much better financial position!




The effective management of your time may initially seem very difficult to you and that is not uncommon.


However, once you start applying what you have learned in this discussion on a consistent basis your understanding and application of the process will be made easier and you will eventually save much more time in comparison to the effort that you expend upfront when you look back upon your life!


Even though financial mishaps and correcting mistakes due to carelessness and not knowing what might (or is happening) will occur during your life, they will be reduced, eliminated or made less relevant in your life because you will have an effective system that you carry within your mind throughout your life that allows you to achieve more in less time.


Even though you may have to exert more mental energy than you or your peers are accustomed to on the front end—you will ultimately get to a point where managing your finances and your time becomes second nature to you—if you are sincere in making your dreams come true.


You will become very efficient in managing your finances and you will achieve more throughout your lifetime and it will be due in large part to the commitment that you made at this time to build your wealth in a more engaging way as far as exerting more mental energy on the front end in a real effort to achieve or reach your goal(s) in a timelier manner!


Also, if you are like most visitors to this site, you will want to know the time frame in which you will reach your goals—the answer will vary from person to person and your objective(s) or where you want to go financially.  Your goals and objectives will differ from others as everyone has a unique financial position and goals that differ in all cases.


Let something original work its truth in your life.  Equip your mind for lasting success, do good work that will lead you on a real path toward reaching your goals and use a comprehensive approach to manage your finances that will force you to make better use of your time on a consistent basis!


In this discussion you have learned that the time to start effectively managing your finances is now, the process of achieving your goals will take time and the reaching of your ultimate goals will vary from person to person and family to family and the time factor will be unknown in many cases unless you put in place a written plan based on your unique financial position that will effectively guide you to your destination—if you are willing to follow that written plan in a sincere manner.


By doing so you are equipping yourself for the continuous financial success that you desire and deserve in the current financial and political environment—or any environment—now or in your future.


Your knowledge alone of this discussion is not enough—action toward reaching YOUR GOALS is what really counts at this time.


Those who truly desire success prepare for the consequences or outcomes that they desire in a proactive manner and also have a plan if the outcomes differ from what they desired.  They always respond positively to adversity and have an action-oriented mindset!


Transforming your finances from where they are at this time to where you need (or desire) them to be is normally a process (time is involved) and not an event (I can do it today and I am through) and it is imperative that you prepare your mind for the journey at this time with realistic timelines as the blueprint within your mind and a written plan that will provide you the needed direction!


All the best toward your timely wealth building success…


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