Mental Awakening & Wealth Building


Learn why a financially alert mind provides you the ability to grind and the freedom to unwind at this time…


This discussion is intended to provide you a mental awakening as you work toward “investorship” and attaining a financially alert mind as you pursue a serious path toward building wealth in a more efficient manner!  It is imperative that you operate daily with a financially alert mind–and not just financial literacy if you desire to go to a place that you need–or want to be.


In this discussion will discuss the importance of using your mind in an optimal manner as you build your wealth and pursue the dreams that you desire most.  Successful financial planning “starts with a thought” and the decision by you to work diligently toward making your dreams come true.


Unlike others who go about their life daily without a mental awareness of what they are doing and knowledge of where they are going–you will position your mind for better success if you are at this time willing to give it your absolute best.


Know Your Thought Process

Whether you fall into Gen Alpha (born after 2010), Z or Zoomers (born between 1997 to 2010), Millennials (born between 1981 to 1996), X (born between 1965 and 1980), Baby Boomers (born between 1945 and 1964), the Silent generation (born 1928 to 1945) or the Greatest generation (1901 to 1927), there are actions that you can take to reach higher than you can see, and it all starts with giving deep thought about the future that you desire and who you truly want to be.


It is very important that you are aware of the way that you think on a daily basis, as your thoughts are critical as you work toward wealth building success!


You must be undeniable as you put your wealth building plan into action as “permanent” failure is not an option at any time when you are pursuing your wealth building goals!  Your wealth building efforts must be offensive, not defensive–if you desire to achieve at an optimal level!  Your understanding of your money management personality, thinking about the right things on a consistent basis and going after your goals with more enthusiasm or fire, will allow you to reach higher and achieve much of what you desire!


You must create the success that you desire and not just defensively react–after the fact!  You must think about ways to get more income, cut expenses or do a combination of the two so that you won’t slack, but you will attack your finances so that you can stay in the black and not live daily with lack!


It is important that you create something that you and others have never seen before, and you use your mind in more empowering ways so that you can truly build wealth and attain meaningful and significant goals that will move you and your family forward.


Implement the Right Plan of Action

Your goal is to utilize credit and wealth building strategies in  a way that is most advantageous to you, improve your financial focus, possibly find ways to get other income, have a contingency plan or emergency fund in case things don’t work out, address your insurance (including disability, health, life, key person etc.), investments, taxes, education planning, estate planning/wills and retirement planning in a way that serves your best interest.


You must also season and marinate in your mind what you must do to make your life and financial dreams come true, and “knowing and implementing” the right plan of action that is uniquely created for you can lead you toward the success that you desire.


You want to without a doubt create one of the most empowering financial plans possible that addresses what you desire to achieve and also review from time to time and have a—just in case strategy—or default strategy in case your plans don’t work out!


Your financial plan should complement how you approach the management of your finances and direct you in a more focused way towards goals that are good for you and your family.


Review to Ensure that You are on a Definite Path Toward Making Your Dreams Come True

Always remember that by reflecting on your past you can plan better, do better—and review better.

Adversity has its advantages if you are determined to get through adversity and recognize that major success is ahead!

Are you dissatisfied with being stagnant?  Are you justifying your failure by inactivity, blaming others, blaming your income–or lack thereof, blaming your knowledge–or lack thereof, for your wealth building shortcomings?


You must realize that failure is not final—and now is the time that you get renewed and dream big again and cultivate a money management personality that will lead to continuous success throughout your lifetime!


Once you master the actions that you need to take on a consistent basis, you can reproduce those successful actions over and over and duplicate success throughout your lifetime.

You must have the vision of a deal maker and not associate with—shakers—breakers—takers and fakers!

You must create a plan of attack that you desire and not react after the fact!

By applying what you are learning in this discussion in a sincere manner, you can achieve exponential growth in your wealth building understanding and achieve far more in your life.

You are only as strong as you think you are, weak, wrong or incomplete thoughts will not take you where you need to be, as you must focus in on the goals that you now see.

Your goal is to row (take the right action) so that you will know and grow and achieve results that will show!

A “just in case or default strategy” allows you to continue to move toward your dreams in an uninterrupted way as you will still pursue your goals at a high level with some adjustments along the way.

Many want to see results before they learn what they need to do in advance of achieving those results (preparing their mind and heart with the knowledge that they need to succeed) and that can lead to frustration for some when the results that they desire never happen.

Your challenge at this time is to plan, do, review and work diligently toward making your dreams come true!  By doing so you put yourself in position to make the needed adjustments that will get you back on track or help you improve your wealth building attack.




Your desire to successfully build wealth is contingent upon your ability to utilize your mind at a higher level of urgency as you move toward who you were truly meant to be.

Your wealth building efforts don’t have to provide 100% certainty, but you must utilize passion and pursue your goals in a more vigorous manner.

A financially alert mind makes you more self-aware of what you need to address.

Learning about investorship helps put you on a path that is not a blip.

The universe honors character and other qualities—you will succeed.

Character and giving it your absolute best is more important than achieving wealth building success.

Your gift makes room for giving, and a high level of character will take you toward better living.

You must manage your risks throughout your life so that you won’t live in strife.

A job loss, pay cut, car breakdown, plumbing issues, HVAC issues and any other form of adversity should not deter your wealth building efforts in any way.

Get your mental awareness where it needs to be starting today–a new mental awakening is what your actions and thoughts should now portray!


You must transform or renew your mind from the inside out–and find new and more effective ways of thinking about matters that are of importance to you!


Regardless of where you fall generationally, whether you are a member of the Greatest generation (1901 to 1927), the Silent generation (1928 to 1945), Baby Boomers (born between 1945 and 1964), X (born between 1965 and 1980), Millennials (born between 1981 to 1996), Zoomers (born between 1997 to 2010) or Gen Alpha (born after 2010) you must conclude that you can do more, and you will do more!


This discussion is designed to get you on a more consistent path toward using your mind and heart in a more reliable way so that you can think and act in a manner that truly serves your and your family’s best interest.


Success must always be your expectation and you must know that you will get out of your situation or solve your equation (your financial dilemma).


Your elevation of your mind when responding to devastation based on your unique situation can help you more effectively reach your destination as you create a new presentation that will not lead to your degradation.


Always realize that your mental awareness (or what is going through your mind and heart at this time and/or any time in your future) is under your control and you can effectively direct your thoughts and do more from this day forward–and achieve more!


The choices that you make throughout your life will in large part determine your future.  Although there will always be times of unplanned struggle, you must realize that you have been blessed with a “mind and heart” and you are now in position to do far more to build wealth than you were prior to visiting this page.


Is what you want to achieve in your future what you deserve or are you putting forth less than optimal effort that is leading you on a path to achieving a lesser version of you–because you failed to act and do what you needed to do–to make what you desired most come true?


You must think and act proactively and not think and act re-actively, if you really desire to be all that you can be and more than what you now see!


You must get to a point where self-motivation directs your actions and improved decisions are made that will truly guide you to your destination–because you are not waiting on others to give you the ok to improve your situation!


All the best as you become “mentally awake” and learn once and for all how you will achieve lasting wealth building success–as your landing on this page was not a mistake…



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