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In this discussion will lighten the mood some from the blog posts over the last few months that were somewhat technical, and now discuss why those who fail to give it their best must transform their mindset  in a manner that can lead to greater success–and end the type of behavior that is holding them back, if they desire to achieve more in the coming years as they attack more aggressively to get their finances back on track.


There are many who let worry, anxiety, fear, frustration, lack of effort and excuses control their daily actions in a detrimental way.  If that type of behavior applies to you, now is not the time to panic as you can learn much of what you need and can do to start or continue on a more definite path that can lead you towards making your wealth building dreams come true. is not for those with a short attention span, but for those searching for meaning in a sincere and real way as far as building wealth more efficiently and effectively at the various stages of their life is concerned.


Even though Investment Simplification, Retirement Simplification, Social Security Simplification and Bond Simplification posts over the last few months “tested the patience” of many visitors (20 plus minute reads on all of the posts), those who focused in on–and comprehended the posts at their highest level now have a “new awakening” of how they can achieve lasting success, based on the responses of many visitors to those posts.


In particular, the bond simplification post has helped many, as a number of visitors stated that it was the best explanation of bonds that they could readily grasp that they had ever read!


Now is the time that you too address the “reality of now” in your life so that you can avoid financial strife.


In this discussion, those who are not giving it their absolute best for various reasons will be described as “bottom feeders” (tongue-in-cheek) and if that type of behavior applies to you (actually it applies to all of us on some days), it is important that you don’t take it personally, as the goal for all who come across this page is to get them to do more and achieve more while they are here on planet earth.


It is important that you have the mindset to develop a financially alert mind as opposed to just being financially literate as that will allow you to see more, be more, and do more so that you can truly soar!


Even if you may be living paycheck to paycheck and feeling the effects of inflation at this time and you know that what you are experiencing is real in a definite way–so too must you know that compounding too is real–and putting together a plan that you can utilize to achieve more can also be made real by you–therefore you want to make the best decisions and manage both inflation and compounding to your best advantage–now that is the real deal!


While others (whether consciously or unconsciously) promote worry, anxiety, fear, frustration, lack of effort and excuses, your heart and mind needs to promote “comfort” as you manage your finances.


It is important that you gain applied wealth building knowledge that has been proven–and you use every day that allows you to pursue success in a better way to your best advantage–not creditors!


You need a “personal wellness system” that includes effective wealth building and financial management that leads to real results based on the income that comes into and goes out of your household on a monthly and annual basis.


In the steps below you will have the opportunity to learn how you can implement a plan so that you can truly grow and a plan that can truly put you in the know:


1) Create Financial Statements that You Can Benefit From

It is important that you take an introspective view of how you manage your finances, and you want to eventually come to the conclusion that “how” you manage your finances is very important as you pursue wealth building.


You must be ready for all that comes at you financially during your lifetime, and you must always have hope and you must know that there are routes that you can take that can lead to the success that you desire–as there are many options for you to take in the building of wealth.


You want to at a minimum create a budget or cash flow statement so that you can get a handle on your finances and determine future moves that you can make.  If you are comfortable with numbers, you may also want to create a personal income statement and a personal balance sheet so that you can determine your personal net worth.


2) Have Mastery of How Credit Works

Do you know how you manage your credit?  Have you ever given serious thought about how you manage your credit and considered ways that you can possibly do it better?


Effective credit management throughout your lifetime is one of the major tools that you can use to build wealth.  Whether you are credit averse and desire to pay all cash throughout your life or you plan to utilize credit as a leveraging tool to build wealth more efficiently, more than likely you will have to utilize credit at some point.


Therefore, you want to ensure that you have mastery over credit and not allow credit to have mastery over you!


You master credit by knowing the factors that affect your credit, knowing the major credit bureaus that record your credit and have a credit file on you, and knowing how your credit is scored by the various agencies and how it is reported by the credit reporting agencies and credit monitoring companies that impact your ability to make financial maneuvers.


3) Have a Comprehensive Understanding and Application of that Understanding as it Relates to Your Finances

You must have an approach to managing your finances that is “all encompassing” meaning you don’t leave anything up to chance by not knowing all of the areas of your finances that you need to address–and you must address!


You want to know at the earliest time possible that you must have an understanding of how you address your insurance. investments, taxes, emergency fund, education planning, estate planning/wills and retirement planning as that knowledge will put you well ahead of 90 percent of the population–and give you the needed focus to achieve more and reach higher toward the excellence that already resides inside of you!



It is important that you invest in who invests in you and not be stuck behind–like glue!  The golden rule of wealth building is that you invest in those who invest in you and those who can show you a real path toward making your dreams come true!


Even if you are now a bottom feeder so to speak, or possibly moving along in life at a prosperous and productive pace, you must realize that you can do more–and you will do more!


Regardless of your money management personality or where you now stand as far as your wealth building knowledge is concerned, you can change all that and benefit even more while you are here on earth, the place of your birth, if you have a real desire to do so–and you are truly willing to expend the effort so that you can grow.


By implementing the 3 steps discussed above you can help ensure that you rise higher and achieve the meaningful and significant goals that you desire.


Convenience and a focused path are major factors for building wealth, and with the 2024 release of Wealth Building Now, on the market–wealth building success is NOW accessible in an easy to read and apply format that is designed to guide you toward the success that you desire in an empowering manner in any economy–as you now have the convenience and focus that you need so that you can truly succeed.


Read “chapter 5” NOW to get a feel for what you can achieve by purchasing this book today…


You no longer have to take what life dishes at you!  You can now take control of your wealth building efforts with more clout–as you NOW know what you need to do to manage your way out!


Isn’t it time you form a wealth building wellness system within “your mind” that can put you in control and keep you in control?


Speaking of bottom feeders, the links below are bottom feeders so to speak (low number of monthly visitors) but can potentially help you improve your credit, finances and life in a more efficient manner.


The moral of this blog, you can achieve success in the building of wealth regardless of where you now stand as far as your financial knowledge base is or your financial status is, if you are sincerely willing to make a change in how you approach your future and you decide to do more in a sincere way from this day forward.


In order to achieve more–you must want more!  Bottom feeders dream small or not at all nor do they put forth the required effort on a consistent basis!  Now is the time that you use your imagination to dream big, pursue more and do more!


By doing so you will be able to “swim to the top” and not remain a bottom feeder and you can position yourself and your family to enjoy a bountiful harvest in the process!


Even though the creator of was once a bottom feeder (we all are at varying degrees at some point in our life) and did not have the required financial knowledge at the time and nowhere to turn, you now have better options as this site provides you a comprehensive overview of what you can do to work toward making your dreams come true.


The answers to your perplexing financial concerns or questions can possibly be found on this site if you are willing to navigate and address what ails you tonight!


All the best as you rise to the top and achieve major success…


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