Good Intentions & Wealth Building

Learn why your “good intentions” won’t lead to the success that you desire if you don’t have a serious action plan…


In the current economy many are coming to the realization that they must do more in the financial realm of their life and they have good intentions as far as starting and pursuing a serious path toward financial freedom and wealth building.


Although that is a good first step and important realization it is important that you combine your good intentions with a serious plan toward building wealth.


In this discussion will show you how you can use your good intentions to achieve far more in the current economy.


What are you motivated toward achieving?


It is important that you have a high level of motivation as that will help propel you toward the goals or good intentions that you now have.


You must know why you want to achieve the goals that you choose and you must use that “why” as a guiding force to reach higher and achieve at a level that is your absolute best.


What are the consequences of the choices that you make?


It is important that you choose goals that are meaningful and significant to you and your family and you must realize that even though you may have good intentions–bad outcomes or consequences may occur from time to time.


It is important that you prepare your mind with the right knowledge on the front end so that you can achieve positive outcomes that align with your good intentions.


What action(s) will lead you toward the outcomes that you desire?


It is important that you know the action steps that you need to take at the various stages of your life that will propel you and your family forward on a consistent basis.


Will you put together a budget or personal cash flow statement so that you can improve your focus?


Will you put in the required effort to maximize your credit knowledge and credit score?


Will you spend the time that is necessary to review and improve upon your insurance, investments, taxes, emergency fund, education planning, estate planning/wills and retirement planning?


These are basic questions that you must ask and answer in a sincere way if you are to achieve more on a consistent basis—starting today.




Although you may have good intentions and desire success—you must realize that attaining that success is normally a process.


Your level of motivation along with your real desire to achieve will normally take you to where you need to be if you arm yourself with the right knowledge and preparation at the right time.


You can make positive outcomes occur on a consistent basis by knowing what you need to do in advance and applying that knowledge on a consistent basis throughout your lifetime.


Use the good intentions that you have at this time to make something BIG in your life materialize in your future.


From this day forward you no longer have to be a victim of your own self-doubt and insecurity!  From this day forward you must believe in you and know that you are capable of making “your own dreams” come true!


You must never let your setbacks that may occur or what others may say send you in the opposite direction of the success that is already yours. 


By moving forward with your good intentions and mastering the action steps in this discussion (or choosing another source that can lead you forward) you will soon have the thought process and action steps that will provide you the right movement on a consistent basis!


However, you must realize that good intentions on your part will sometimes lead to bad outcomes or consequences.


Even so you must press on and consistently move toward the goals that you desire.


All the best toward attaining major success–as now is “not” the time to rest…


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