Speed–Action–Preparation & Wealth Building

Learn how you can use speed (time), action (the right movement) and preparation (precision) to achieve more as you build wealth…


It is important that you plan for success and you avoid decisions in your financial life that can create financial strife.


You can use speed, action and preparation to create a more positive and uplifting future as you pursue wealth creation.


In this discussion TheWealthIncreaser.com will show you the importance of achieving at an optimal level when adversity and other challenges of life occur.


And with the untimely passing at the age of 88 of my last uncle on my mother’s side of my family that leaves me with no aunts or uncles (all of the rest transitioned many years ago in their 50’s and 60’s and the recent transition of my father only weeks ago) I had to create a page to honor all that he and others have done in my life since the time that I can remember or first formulated a thought.


It has been an honor to know and receive the wisdom and inspiration from Willie James Underwood throughout my lifetime and this page is a testament to his memory that will live on into infinity.


Again, thanks for being a part of my life since my recalling of memory was formed as  a young child.


You have definitely been a positive force in my life and you will be truly be missed.


You have been a blessing for our family and many others, as your charitable spirit has helped many achieve at a higher level.  Your thoughtfulness and loving spirit will live on forever.


It is also important that TheWealthIncreaser.com on this day recognize that today is a great day for helping consumers worldwide respond positively to adversity and achieve at a higher level throughout their lifetime as it relates to the management of their finances—in spite of the adversity that  you, the creator of TheWealthIncreser.com or anyone else—now face or will face in the future!




You can choose to learn and apply new and more empowering ways of reaching your goals—right now and start on a path toward success that can lead to unlimited success for you and your family.


You must realize that you can formulate goals and put them into action–and it is “your” mindset and commitment to success that will in large part determine the speed (time frame) that you will achieve your goals.




If you choose to learn and apply what you need to learn and apply and choose not to take action–that will be meaningless as far as your progress is concerned.  If you don’t put into action what you are learning on a consistent basis–success will be less likely to occur.


It is imperative that you cultivate an “action mindset” as it relates to your financial future!




You must realize that your decision at this time to attack and learn what you must do to make your dreams come true is the real key to allowing you to live your life where you can do what you need or want to do to live at a level that may be new to you–but could more importantly lead you toward making your dreams come true!


You must prepare your mind for success as by knowing in advance what you need to do–you increase the likelihood of making your dreams come true.


Are you at this time willing to do all that you need to do to make your dreams come true?   The path to making your dreams come true starts with putting your belief that you cannot attain success–to rest.




In life we will all face difficult stretches that will test the limits of our mind, heart and soul—however it is your determination to move forward and your mindset of resilience that will propel you forward as it relates to building wealth more efficiently.


Is that all you got—must be your approach to responding to adversity and unfavorable outcomes that occur during your lifetime–and moving forward must be your mindset regardless of how painful the process might be.


Take a deep breath, thank God for where you now are—and move forward in spite of the pain that resides inside of you at this time—or any time in your future.


Use what happens that is adverse to you and/or your family as fuel to make your dreams come true.


All the best to your S A P  Success and giving it your best…


Speed–Action–Preparation–do you desire to have it when it comes to building wealth?


You were born to win—your skin is not thin and you are now on a serious path toward a win!


You are now in a new beginning and your focus and vision is totally on winning?


You must put into action what will lead you and your family toward success and you must put to the test your willingness to make a serious commitment–to give it your best.


You can choose to be a SAP sucker  (lack speed, action and preparation) or a comer upper (use speed action and preparation to achieve more) and not be a success ducker–as you navigate life.


The choice is yours…


All the best to your Speed—Action–Preparation and decision making as  you navigate difficult times in your life and avoid financial strife as you build wealth throughout your life…


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