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Learn why you must not let life’s difficult challenges refocus your wealth building efforts–or any of your efforts…


On this day—July 25th 2019 the transition of the father (Wesley Penn) of the creator of occurred.


Even though gone in the flesh the one who brought the creator of into the world  will live forever in the minds and hearts of many.


In the life that we will live on planet earth it is important that you realize that adversity or unwanted occurrences will happen during your lifetime.


You must be as prepared as possible for what may lie in your future even though it may be unexpected.


In addition, you must have the mindset that you will be resilient and move forward at the various stages of your life.


You also want to have a mindset that says I will achieve and plan for the future in a manner that leads to success for not only myself, but my future generations as well.


In this discussion will show you the importance of responding positively to adversity, properly establishing an emergency fund and addressing your need to create a will or do estate planning at the various stages during your life.




It is important that you always respond positively to difficult challenges that occur throughout your lifetime.


You must know and expect that difficult stretches will occur during your lifetime and you want to plan in advance to lessen the effect that “bad happenings” will have on your present state of mind and your future movement.


Emergency Fund


You want to plan for emergencies both financial and non-financial so that you can achieve at a higher level throughout your life.


A properly established emergency fund will help you smooth our financial woes that will occur when you least expect it or provide you the needed funds so that you won’t have to borrow or take out debt to meet your obligations—whether they be financial or non-financial.


Estate Planning/Wills


You must plan for your future and the earlier that you get started the better.  If you start early and use the right tools to reach your desired goals—you can put yourself in position to leave a windfall for your future generations.


You must avoid probate—therefore at a minimum you want to create a will and if your financial condition is strong—possibly estate planning such as trusts and other more advanced wealth transferring options.


Life Stages


You must realize that a conceptual understanding of the stages that you will go through during your lifetime as it relates to your finances is mandatory in the current economy.


You want to know what is required of you and what you must do during the various stages in your life.


In your 20’s, 30’s, 40,s etcetera you want to know the right or best moves to make.




Even though we may not know what life will throw at us it is important to plan for the future and use what is now available to you to enhance your future and make your dreams come true.


Although life on planet earth is filled with many twists and turns it is you who must keep it all together and realize (know) that better days lie ahead in spite of how difficult things seem—and often is—during the time period that you are experiencing them.


Stay positive and do all that you can to move forward in spite of difficult times now—or those that you will undoubtedly face in your future.


All the best to your winning success…


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