Unfavorable Outcomes & Wealth Building

Learn how you can use financial planning to lighten the burden on unfavorable outcomes that will occur during your life…


The week of July 20th, 2019 to July 27th has been quite interesting!


With the stabilizer link (sway bar) on the vehicle of the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com going out at the “beginning of the week” and the car battery (less than 2 years old) going out at the “end of the week”– to the transition of my father in the middle of the week–to my only niece on my side of the family having emergency surgery that was scheduled for 1 hour (lasted several)–and my only living uncle on my mother’s side of my family going on life support–adversity seemed to come from all angles.


Oh, and did I mention I was unable to get a haircut at the end of the week because my barber’s wife had to have surgery!


My purpose for stating the above is that we never know what life will throw at us, however we can “plan” to lighten the burdens that we will face throughout our lifetime.


On a positive note during that same week the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com was able to get a traffic violation ticket (1st in over 25 years) dismissed in court.


In this discussion TheWealthIncreser.com will show you the importance of why you must get out in front of your finances to ensure a more prosperous and productive future in all areas of your life.



  • Use Financial Statements to Add Clarity to Your Future
  • Master Your Credit & Use Credit Wisely
  • Gain a Comprehensive Understanding of Your Finances



It is important that you see your future clearly and personal financial statements can assist you in a major way by allowing you to know where you now stand so that you can put together plans that will take you where you need or want to be.

You want to put yourself in position where you use your mind to look out in the horizon and see the steps that you need to take and see a clear path that will lead you to a destination that serves your and your family’s best interest.


It is important that you understand your credit and you know ways that you can boost your score (if you have a need to utilize credit in your future) and use credit wisely.

You must know how you can pay down your debt, know the importance of paying on time, keeping your utilization rate at an acceptable level, know the importance of applying for credit sparingly if your goal is to build your credit, and know the importance of keeping older accounts open and let time do what it does–build your score if you do all of the preceding consistently.

You may also want to know when it is wise to ask for a credit limit increase, know how to remove negative information from your credit reports and possibly piggyback on someone else’s good credit if you are trying to build your credit quickly.


It is important that you have a comprehensive perspective of your finances so that you can address and fine tune what needs to be addressed and fine-tuned on a consistent basis.

You must know what you need to address financially if you desire to achieve at a higher level, therefore you must know in a comprehensive way what you must address so that you will give it your best as you march forward on your path to success!




In life obstacles will be placed in front of us—often at the same time and from different angles and it is important that you do all that you can on the front end to lessen the impact that the challenges of life that we will all face here on planet earth will have on our future success and well being.


You must know the importance of properly establishing an emergency fund, know where you are in your “life stage” and use the above financial management techniques to your best advantage on a consistent basis.


You want to ensure that insurance is in place for you and others that you may have an insurable interest in.


You want to invest both “inside of your retirement accounts” and “outside of your retirement accounts” with your investments so that you can maximize your tax position and plan for retirement in a more efficient manner.


You want to make sure that you have a will in place or you have done estate planning in the right way.


You want to plan for your or your loved ones education planning in an appropriate or more realistic manner.


All the best to using your strength to rebound from unfavorable outcomes and achieving optimally throughout your lifetime…


All the best to overcoming adversity and unlimited success…


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