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Learn how you can build or convert your home and make it smarter—and build wealth more efficiently…


Although smart homes are becoming increasingly popular with millennials and those born in the past 30 years or so—the concept of smart homes has been around for over 30 years.  However, with the boom of the internet in the 1990’s and the subsequent advances in technology over the past 20 years–smart homes and what they offer are now available for the masses.


In this discussion will show you how you can use smart home technology to help you build your wealth more efficiently.


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Whether you are purchasing a new home, purchasing a resale (existing home) with remodeling in mind, purchasing a rental, or purchasing a home to gut out and resell—smart home concepts should be a part of your mindset based on the time period that we live in and the technology that is now available.


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Existing Home


Any device in your home that uses electricity can be put on your home network and work at your command. Whether you give that command by voice, remote control, tablet or smartphone, the home reacts.


Most applications that relate to lighting, home security, home theater and entertainment, and thermostat regulation can be incorporated into your existing home to make life more manageable for you and your family!


New Home


In a new home any device in your home that uses electricity can be put on your home network and at your command turned into a smart device.  Whether you give that command by voice, remote control, tablet or smartphone, the home reacts.   If you are purchasing a new home you must seriously consider incorporating smart technology in your home in ways that can make your life more enjoyable.


In a new home your options are wide open as long as you know the “smart concepts” that you want in your home upfront.  By visiting this page you are now in position to have your builder implement the smart concepts in a more economical way (as the home is being built) as you can get the wiring, controls and other smart technology in place in a way that is smoother and easier on the construction crew and your wallet.


Bath Area


Although smart technology is available for virtually every room in your home, many have found smart technology in the bath area to be of high value.  In large part due to sensor operated innovations like self-cleaning toilets, moisture sensing ventilation fans and digital shower controls you can now turn your bath area into one of the smartest rooms in your house.


Whether you are upgrading or considering the purchase of a new home you must consider improvements in the bath area that will make your home smarter and help you build wealth (will help your home sell at a higher price) during your ownership and increase your sales proceeds when you decide to sell your home.


Your Shower Area


You have a vast number of options when it comes to smart improvements in your shower area.


Whether you want shower heads with light and sound, digital temperature and water pressure controls that you can set from your smartphone and many other features you can make getting clean smart and fun.


If you are a conservationist consider a showerhead that senses what you are doing and adjusts the water flow.  If you are washing your hair, shaving etcetera–a sensor will adjust the water flow and help you conserve water.


Your Toilet Area


A toilet that cleans itself is now available and there is now a model available that allows you the option of never touching the toilet.


The Toto NEOREST AC  (although costly) has a model that uses the latest technology so that you won’t even have to touch the toilet.


Gravity and high speed jets and proprietary technology allows the model to use less water and still clean the toilet in an environmentally clean manner.  Visit to learn more about this product and other bath products that use smart technology.


Your Ventilation Area


Don’t overlook this vital area of your bathroom operation.  Your ventilation system removes moisture and humidity that could promote the growth of mold and mildew and can help exhaust unpleasant odors.


Smart technology now sense humidity after a long hot shower and turns on the ventilation to help remove excess moisture from the room—some can even communicate wirelessly with wall switches or with an app that allows you to control the fan from your smartphone.


Your Mirror Area


You can now jazz up your mirror and cabinet area with smart technology that allows you to watch tv as you bathe or shower, integrate your home security system into the screen, defog your mirror so that you can shave faster, charge your electronics on a USB or other port on your cabinet, cooling cabinets that keep your medicine and cosmetics at the right temperature and other things that you might dream up.


Other Accessories for Your Bath Area


Accessories allow you to put your personal stamp on your bathroom area and there are many high tech solutions that allow you to do that with style, functionality, flair and personality that is all your own.


You can now choose small robot vacuums and mops, Bluetooth enabled toothbrushes that communicate with your smartphone to determine how well you are brushing your teeth (take that dentist—I don’t want to hear your comments), smart scales that can track your weight and health goals–and touch free soap dispensers that allow you to wash your hands more efficiently.




By upgrading in a tech savvy way you can enhance the value of your home and increase your living standards from the comfort of your home.


Challenges of smart technology for some include cost as the price for some technology can seem high for those with low disposable income.  Another major concern is security as personal information and data that goes across the web can potentially be compromised by illegal or unauthorized access.


Hacking is a real concern with smart technology or any data that crosses over a network (whether it be the web or a private network).   Will your information really be secure is a real question that you must ask?  Will your smart locks to your doors really be secure or can it possibly be bypassed?  The same goes for your smart alarm security system.   Be sure to choose your smart technology products in a wise manner and with the above concerns in mind.


In addition, be sure your smart technology is inter-operable with other technology that you may purchase in the future as systems vary on what will work on their smart technology platform.


Whether heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, electronics, kitchen appliances, laundry, your morning coffee or many of your bathroom elements—you can make your home smarter and build wealth more efficiently by taking a look at this time on ways that you can make your home smarter whether you are remodeling or building your home from the ground up.


It is now possible to make your home as technology savvy as your imagination allows you to go and when it is time to sell—you will have a home that will really show!


All the best to your smart home and wealth building success…


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