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Learn how you can build wealth in a more coherent and comprehensive manner by having a more logical and consistent approach…


Ambiguous, obscure, unintelligible, confusing, distracted, mesmerized, dizzying—does any of those terms remind you of your approach toward your finances at this time as you build wealth?


As 2018 moves forward the creator of was in a relaxed state of mind, however with inclement weather across much of the country and particularly the southeast and southwest causing hardship for many—the topic of how wealth building could occur for many in a more cohesive and coherent manner came to mind as a timely topic to focus on.


In this discussion will show you ways that you can achieve wealth building success in a more coherent, logical and consistent manner.  You no longer have to approach your wealth building future in an ambiguous, obscure, unintelligible or confusing manner!


The goal of this discussion is to get you to focus on your financial future in a more understandable, rational, congruent, systematic, organized and possibly the most beneficial of all to you—a more comprehensive manner.


You can achieve much more if you get away from looking at your finances in isolation or an incongruent manner!  


Ok—let’s tie your understanding of your finances together in a cohesive manner so that you can achieve cohesive results.


The starting point for building significant wealth is to know where you now stand financially and personal finance statements will help you assess just where you now are financially—in a very timely manner.


By knowing where you now are financially you can plan your future in a manner that can get you better  short and long term results because you will know your discretionary and disposable income and you will know if you currently have the income to reach your future goals (or new goals) that you have in mind.


You will know if you need to get more income, cut expenses or do a combination of the two—to work toward making your dreams come true.


You must know your credit position and whether you are overburdened with credit or if  you are managing your credit at an acceptable or forward moving level.  By knowing where you are financially you can devise payoff or pay down schedules that can put you on path to reaching many or all of your goals.


Finally,  you must be able to effectively analyze and make improvements on your investment choices, your insurance choices, your tax planning, your emergency fund planning, your education planning, your estate planning and your retirement planning.


It is important that you don’t leave your wealth building future up to chance as you no longer have to approach your finances in ways that can accidentally help your movement toward your goals or accidentally hurt your movement toward your goal achievement.


It is important that you are logical and consistent in your approach as you build wealth!


You can now pursue your wealth building efforts in an intentional manner by approaching your finances from a position of “coherency” as opposed to confusion.


All the best as you pursue a coherent path toward success…


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