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Learn why you must have an optimistic view of your future as you build wealth…


With uncertainty at a high level in the United States and many other parts of the world—whether it be hysteria caused by the mass shooting in Las Vegas Nevada, hostilities between North Korea and the United States, anxiety caused by the massive data breach at Equifax, massive fires in Northern California or unusual weather patterns in many areas of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf Coast region such as hurricanes and earthquakes—many are suffering from anxiety or uncertainty about what lies ahead both globally as well as in their own lives.


Regardless of what is going on around you it is imperative that “you” have an optimistic view of how you can make “your” dreams come true.  As far as building your wealth goes–it is imperative that you see success in your credit and financial future.


Even though the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com has recently dropped his $2,000 computer (broke the screen—first time I have dropped and broken a screen on phone or computer in over 30 years)) and is in a not-so-upbeat mood—joy and a positive response to adversity—along with an optimistic view of the future is still not only expected—but will occur!


You too must have confidence that the outcomes that you expect will occur!


In this discussion TheWealthIncreaser.com will show you that in spite of it all there is no reason for you to fear what lies ahead and definitely no reason for you to fear what lies ahead in your financial and wealth building future “if” you make the decision to do what you need to do.


TheWealthIncreaser.com at this time feels obligated to offer you—and other visitors to this site a more optimistic vision of your future and provide in some small way the know how or steps that you can take to help you build up your spirit at this time so that you can start—or continue achieving at a higher level of excellence throughout your lifetime with optimism about your future success playing a major part toward achieving that excellence!


In order to worry less—or not at all, you need a mental understanding of what you can comprehensively do as it relates to your finances so that you can achieve at the level that you desire—or at the level that you need to achieve at to make life more meaningful while you are here on earth.


You must see success in your future and you must have faith that things will get better in your life regardless of what is occurring around you!


That sounds great, but you don’t understand what I am confronting at this time—you say!


Whether you now lack the income, are facing life challenges from all directions, lack the financial know how or plain just don’t know where to start—you can change that now by focusing in on this page in a highly intentional manner so that you can not only gain an optimistic view of your future—but you can also learn practical steps that you can implement immediately and get momentum rolling so that you can put yourself and your family on a positive path to achieving more throughout your lifetime.


You must have an optimistic view of your future in spite of where you now are and you must know that achievement at a high level can–and “will” be in your future!


1)      You must know where you are currently at financially and then see what you need to do to get on a positive path to success


2)      You must have “mastery of your credit” and know what you can do in definitive terms to better manage your credit throughout your lifetime


3)      You must have a mental framework of what you can do to comprehensively manage your finances throughout your lifetime and you must have the mindset that you will comprehensively manage your finances throughout your lifetime


You must ask the following 3 questions and sincerely answer them if you are to effectively manage your credit and finances and gain an optimistic picture of your and your family’s future.


1)      Do You Know Where You Are Financially?


It is imperative that you know your monthly inflow and outflow of income (you must complete a personal cash flow statement or personal budget at a minimum).


You must calculate your monthly inflow and outflow of cash in as accurate and responsible a manner as possible.  In addition, it is worthwhile to know your inflow and outflow on an annual basis (personal income statement) as well.


Furthermore you must know who you owe (liabilities)—and the amounts—what you own (assets) and the amounts (by creating a personal balance sheet) so that you can derive your Net Worth.


2)      Do You Have Mastery of Your Credit?


Do you have an effective system that allows you to manage your credit effectively throughout your life?


Although confusing to some, credit management is not as difficult as you think if you are willing to put in a little time and effort to learn the basics.


By visiting the above link and utilizing the knowledge that you will gain you will have no problem managing your credit effectively and efficiently throughout your lifetime.


3)      Do You Have a Comprehensive Picture of How You Manage Your Finances?


It is also imperative that you know all of the areas of your finances that you must address.  You must be able to pull up from your memory all of the areas of your finances that you need to address at the drop of a hat.


You must know that you must look at and address your insurance needs, your investment needs, your taxes, your emergency fund, your education planning, your estate planning/wills and your retirement needs on the front end to be more effective throughout your life stages—or during your wealth building periods of your life.




By asking and answering the above questions you must not be intimidated—even if you are new to personal finance or you don’t have experience managing your finances!   You must set meaningful and significant goals and have every intention on reaching or exceeding those goals! 


You must understand fully that by comprehending the material on this page and following the links on this page there is a high probability that you will find what works for you financially and what can possibly spark what needs to be sparked inside of you—that can lead to you following a path that can make your dreams come true.


You must realize that you don’t have to be a financial expert—but you must have a “practical understanding and overview” of what you can do to make your financial (and life) dreams come true. 


By gaining a real understanding of the 3 topics discussed above you have (or soon will) put yourself well ahead of most people in the general population when it comes to effectively managing your credit and finances. 


As a result of visiting this page you now have a more optimistic and realistic view of what lies ahead for you and your family regardless of what has happened around you, is happening around you—or may happen around you in your future.


If you are like most visitors, you will use this page and site as a springboard to achieve major success throughout your lifetime.


You now know that it is you who possess the keys to success as it relates to your future!


You now have an optimistic future in your sights…


You now have access to wealth building advice in small–but highly effective bites…


You must now play your part…


As you journey on your fresh start…


If you are–or are not in a financial bind…


You must make effective use of your mind…


You can now use what you have inside…


And use this page and site as a highly effective guide…


All the best as you pursue your new and more optimistic view of your wealth building success…


TheWealthIncreaser.com is of the optimistic opinion that what you desire has already been achieved.


Now go do it!


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