Excuses & Wealth Building

Learn how you can fly higher and build wealth more efficiently if you leave all excuses behind…


In the current economy it can seem difficult to achieve your dreams.

With COVID 19 running rampant in many parts of the United States and many areas in the World it can often seem impossible or improbable to achieve what you may have planned prior to the COVID 19 economic environment.

Even so, if you leave all excuses behind and you pursue (you must decide to get started) what you desire at your highest level—the success that you desire can still be in your future.

It is important that you realize that adversity of all kinds will occur throughout your lifetime and the sooner that you realize that, the more effective you can be in responding to that adversity.

You can utilize a proactive approach as things in your life improve, along with a mindset of resilience to move forward effectively as you build wealth by doing the following:


1) Determine where you are at financially

You can leave all excuses behind at this time by making a real commitment to manage your finances better at this time, and throughout your lifetime.

You can use personal finance statements along with the goals that you desire to occur most, to achieve at a higher level as you move toward the goals that you desire most.


2) Know how credit affects you and your family

You can leave all excuses behind by having mastery of your credit and knowledge of how YOU can use credit effectively throughout your lifetime.

You can manage your credit file and credit score effectively if you have working knowledge of how credit works and you apply that knowledge to your unique credit situation.


3) Have a comprehensive picture of your finances and financial future

If you approach your finances in a comprehensive or all encompassing manner you can “see the whole picture” so to speak, as opposed to looking at your finances in isolation or in a piecemeal approach.

You must know how your insurance, investments, taxes, education funding, estate planning/wills and retirement planning and the need to create a properly funded emergency fund at the earliest time possible all correlate, so that you can leave all excuses behind–once and for all.



It is important that you look deep inside and make the decision to manage your finances at a level that is the best that is within you.

By doing so you make “your path” toward your ultimate success much more likely to come true.

All the best to your path to success as you now know what you need to do—as you pursue what you desire to come true—at a level that is the absolute best that is within you…


As added motivation in these difficult times the creator of TheWealthIncreaser.com will leave you with a poem that was inspired by hummingbirds and other birds that were seen this summer that can hopefully inspire and help you move forward in a more efficient manner:


Humming Coming at You so that You can make Your Dreams Come True

Mourning dove from up above showing you love

Hummingbird fly’s down low—showing you the way to go

Hawk coming down from up high toward the ground—to inspire you to turn your life around

Mourning dove comes to your fence to show love and recompense

Humming coming at you to ensure that you make your dreams come true

Humming coming at you to make sure you do what you need to do

Thrasher running on the ground trying to urge you to master your credit so you can win

Wren coming in to make sure you are ready to use your pen

Butterflies go high so that you can ask why and put your plan in place to exceed the sky

Wasps come to sting so that you can focus your dreams and be more than it now seems

All this and more is what is in store

Even so pursue what you desire—at a level that will take your success higher—so that you can achieve from wire to wire

Excuses no more—as you soar…


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